Best Soft Flame Lighters for Cigars 2024

Best Soft Flame Lighters for Cigars 2024
Date: May 2024
Author: Usman Dawood

When choosing the right soft flame lighter for your cigars, it’s all about finding something reliable that won’t overpower the delicate wrapper of a fine cigar. In this guide, we’ll walk through the top five soft flame lighters that offer a perfect balance between style and functionality.

Zippo Lighters

Price: Starting from £20.00 up to £200.00

Starting off with a controversial opinion, Zippo lighters are fantastic options for cigars. I’m aware that many people firmly believe that using Zippo lighters with the original insert to light cigars is a mistake. However, this is probably due to the old fuel Zippo used for its lighters. In the past, Zippo fuel was quite pungent and may have affected the aroma of the cigar. In recent years, the official fuel for Zippo lighters has been far less saturated in smell and simply does not affect cigars in any way. We’ve tested this extensively and in every case, the current fuel that Zippo lighters use does not affect the flavor, aroma, or profile of the cigars in any way.

There are several reasons why Zippo lighters are great. First of all, the build and design make for a wonderful tactile experience when using the lighter. The clink sounds, the weighty feel of the brass armor shell, along with the way the wheel strikes the flint to spark the flame, make it such a joy to use. Not to mention the fact that they are incredibly durable, have replaceable inserts meaning Zippo lighters can last generations, and many of them are genuine works of art. It’s a shame that so many aficionados are still afraid to use Zippo lighters because they are missing out on probably one of the greatest, most iconic lighters ever produced.

Here’s a link to a video where we test Zippo lighters on cigars to see what impact they actually have.

Xikar Forte Soft Flame Lighter

Price: £95.00

Starting off with a practical view, XIKAR lighters, particularly the Forte model, offer a solid option for cigar enthusiasts. Known for their reliability, XIKAR lighters like the Forte are appreciated for their straightforward and functional design. This single soft flame lighter is not only built to last but also includes thoughtful features tailored for cigar smokers.

The Forte’s all-metal body is robust, with a built-in 7mm cigar punch that adds a layer of convenience, allowing you to prepare your cigar wherever you are. This feature is particularly useful for those who value efficiency and preparedness in their smoking accessories.

Overall, the Forte by XIKAR stands out for its durability and the integration of useful features, making it a practical choice for daily use without necessarily overshadowing other options in the market.

Colibri Julius Lighter

Price: £105.00

Over the last decade, Colibri has been working to produce some of the most interesting lighters and cutters for cigar enthusiasts. The Quasar series is a particular favorite of mine, notable for being one of the few accessory manufacturers that focus extensively on producing soft flame lighters.

The Colibri Julius is an intriguing lighter because it offers a budget-friendly option for those who want a premium lighter without the luxury price tag. The Julius draws significant influence from S.T. Dupont, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. However, it might leave you yearning for an actual Dupont lighter. That said, the Julius is a fantastic choice for those seeking a flint-operated soft flame. The dual flame feature makes it an effective tool for lighting cigars, even those with a heavier ring gauge. For more information on the lighter, check out our detailed review in the video linked below.

Dunhill Rollagas Lighter

Price: Starting from £825.00

For the fourth option on this list, we have the Dunhill Rollagas soft flame lighter. This is where we enter the realm of luxury with eye-watering price tags. With a current starting price of £825, it’s sure to deter most people from purchasing one of these lighters. However, for those of you who wish to make a statement every time you light your cigar, the Dunhill Rollagas lighter is an excellent choice. Made with high-end materials such as palladium, along with its tactile feel and flint-operated flame, the Rollagas is probably a must-have lighter for some. Not to mention, its iconic design and long history in the industry.

The Rollagas was first introduced in 1953 as a limited piece and was launched in 1956 after its patent was granted. To this day, the Rollagas lighter remains one of the longest-running series of lighters, making it not only a piece of luxury but a culturally significant one too.


S.T. Dupont Le Grand Cling

Price: Starting from £1245.00

Finally, we have the most expensive option on this list: the S.T. Dupont Le Grand Cling lighter. This is the second version from the Le Grand series of lighters, and its special feature is that it not only offers a soft flame but also a jet flame option. Rotating the wheel on the lighter will strike the flint to ignite the soft flame; however, if you push up the same wheel, the lighter will switch to a jet flame. This obviously offers a great deal of flexibility and essentially makes it the best option for many cigar smokers.

S.T. Dupont has been producing luxury products for over 150 years, initially establishing its name within the leatherworking industry. Eventually, the company started producing lighters and cigar accessories, and now it is one of the premiere luxury brands within the cigar industry. To see our review of the original Le Grand lighter, click this link here. Otherwise, check out the short demonstration video from Kirby Allison linked below.

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