Aladino Fuma Noche Cigar Review: Bold and Beautiful

Aladino Fuma Noche Cigar Review: Bold and Beautiful
Date: June 2024
Author: Usman Dawood

Aladino may be a relatively new cigar brand on the market, but the family behind it has been in the industry for a long time. Starting with Julio Eiroa, the family has built a strong reputation for producing incredible tobacco and, more recently, rich and flavorful cigars. In a recent video, we reviewed the brand new Aladino Fuma Noche cigar.

The Eiroa family has been producing cigars in Honduras for decades. They initially started with the original Camacho brand, which was later sold to Davidoff. Their latest brand, Aladino cigars by JRE Tobacco, continues this legacy. Generally, many of the cigars produced by Aladino have been relatively comfortable in terms of strength and body. Even cigars rated as full in strength have remained relatively easy on the palate. However, the latest cigar takes things to a new level.

The Aladino Fuma Noche cigar is probably one of the strongest Aladino cigars we have tried. With its double band and dark wrapper leaf, it presents itself as a premium and bold-looking cigar. The Fuma Noche has a length of 6 1/4 inches and a ring gauge of 54. Additionally, the all-black box definitely helps it stand out from the crowd.

In our latest video, we review this cigar to see how it performs in terms of both strength and flavor. Check out the full video to see what this cigar is all about.

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