5 Reasons to Smoke a Cigar

Smoking isn’t healthy, we all know that. And I won’t claim that smoking cigars isn’t unhealthy. I will say that smoking cigars is less unhealthy than smoking cigarettes, and there are many scientific studies that support that claim. Even a study by the FDA, an organisation threatening the cigar industry with all kinds of bogus legislation. But if we know it’s not healthy, why would you smoke a cigar? We listed five reasons to light up a premium cigar and enjoy.


Why do we eat fast food, even though we know it’s not healthy? Because we like the taste. Why do we drink alcohol or sugary soft drinks, even though we know it’s not healthy? Because we like the taste. Why do people smoke premium cigars, even though we know it’s not healthy? Because we like the taste. A well-blended premium cigar, made with properly cured, fermented and aged tobacco is delicious. There is simply no substitute for the pleasure a good cigar can give. There are many enjoyable things in life, and smoking a cigar is one of them. But instead of a hamburger you can order pizza, and still have a nice meal. Instead of a nice Old Fashioned you can have a White Russian and still get the buzz from the alcohol. I have yet to find something similar to a cigar, something that can replace a cigar when it comes to satisfaction. Smoking a pipe doesn’t come close in my humble opinion. Smoking cigars is bliss.

Smoking cigars is good for the brain

Even though cigar smoking comes with risks, there are also medical advances to smoking cigars. For example, nicotine boosts your cognition. Nicotine increases levels of the neurotransmitters glutamate and acetylcholine itself — chemicals that play a role in learning, memory, and concentration. Several studies have proven that nicotine has a positive effect on the brain. I write my best articles while smoking a cigar, or right after smoking a cigar.

And then there is a stress reducing factor that comes in play. A cigar forces you to slow down, to sit down, calm down. The whole ritual of cutting a cigar, lighting it, slowly puffing away while the world passes you by. Of course, this is not the scenario for all cigars as many people light up a cheap bundle cigar while doing yard work, but all cigar smokers that I know, will take the time for a premium cigar. By slowing down, forced by the cigar, you actually reduce stress and stress is the biggest cause of all kinds of illnesses. Many years ago I read a study where all kinds of illnesses were compared between different styles of smokers and a control group of non-smokers. When it came to heart diseases, moderate cigar smokers (less that 2 premium cigars a day) had a slightly lower percentage of heart disease. And I strongly believe it’s due to the stress reducing properties of a good premium cigar.

Social contacts

There are no pipe-smokers lounges, there are no cigarette lounges but there are plenty of cigar lounges, all over the world. In some countries, these lounges have to be speak-easy and underground but it says a lot that even in these countries, cigar lounges to exists. Cigar smoking is a social thing. Sure, you can smoke alone, but often cigars are enjoyed in company. Either in a cigar lounge, in a bar, at special cigar events such as the Big Smoke or Drew Estate’s Barn Smokers but smoking cigars is good for your social contacts. I know so many great people that I love spending time with just because of cigars.

It’s sophisticated

You just look cool when you fish a cigar out of your pocket, line up your accessories, cut the cigar and light it with style. When you do that in public, people will look at you. The ritual of preparing your cigar, the lingering smoke coming from your mouth, it is all so sophisticated, so classy. And who doesn’t want to be a bit more sophisticated and classier?

It just smells damn good

Do I need to say more? Unlike stinky cigarettes, cigars smell nice. Well-aged tobacco, burning slowly, it gives an aroma that can’t be replaced with anything else. When you buy an aftershave with tobacco aroma, it’s never a cigarette aroma but always more towards a cigar aroma. Cigars are just heavenly to smell.

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