Punch Serie d'Oro No. 2 (2013 Limited Edition)

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    Punch Serie d'Oro No. 2 (2013 Limited Edition)

    Origin : CubaPunch
    Format : Pyramid
    Size : 140 x 20 mm (5.5 x 52)
    Ring : 52
    Release : 2013
    Price : 14 EUR each

    The Punch Serie d’Oro 2013 Edicion Limitada was a highly anticipated release from Habanos S.A. As usual, the wrappers for this limited edition come from tapado (shade-grown) leaves, which is the reason why they have such a dark and oily appearance. The tobacco used in these cigars was aged for two years. Again, no surprises here. What’s quite surprising on the other hand is that this is the first ever Edicion Limitada from Punch (the Serie d’Oro No. 1 was a regional edition for the UK that we reviewed… five years ago! this makes me feel old) — and as with any Edicion Limitada, my expectations are high.

    Appearance : [rating:4.5/5]
    The Tapado wrapper leaf is a medium brown with a dark brown mottled appearance, quite unique to look at. There are some prominent veins running through it, and the gold Edicion Limitada band is right under the Punch band. There is a very nice triple seam torpedo cap, and the oily sheen is very prominent, especially up near the cap. The pre-light aroma is sweet.

    Punch Serie d'Oro No. 2 (2013 Edicion Limitada) - Band

    Construction : [rating:3.75/5] (3.75)
    I’m surprised that construction is not as flawless as I would expect from an Edicion Limitada. The softness is evident when I squeeze the cigar, which does turn out to affect the draw—it is a bit looser than I would like. The burn seems relatively even despite all this, but the problems with the draw are troubling, especially given the price of the cigar.

    Punch Serie d'Oro No. 2 (2013 Edicion Limitada) - Ash

    Flavor : [rating:4/5]
    The flavors deliver on the sweet promise of the pre-light aroma. They are nutty, slightly earthy, and have a hint of hay. There is something sugary here, but it is not overwhelming. During the middle third, the flavors move even deeper into earthy terrain, with the hay becoming more prominent—maybe the hay really is the main source of the sweetness. There is also a little spice, but it is very faint. In the final third, most of these flavors fall back, and I get a bakery flavor that reminds me of cake or maybe a cinnamon roll. While these flavors are all great, there is a kind of sharp or bitter aftertaste that is noticeable during the first two thirds and which kind of disrupts my enjoyment of the smoke. The last third, on the other hand, is perfectly complex. I guess this cigar needs some more humidor time, I guess I’ll revisit it in 6 months.

    Punch Serie d'Oro No. 2 (2013 Edicion Limitada) - Nub

    Overall Rating : [rating:4/5]
    If the Punch Serie d’Oro No. 2 were lower in cost—maybe about two thirds of what I paid, my rating would probably be closer to a 4.5/5, but I can’t justify it with price being what it is. At this time it simply does not live up to my expectations for Edicion Limitada and I’d pick a H. Upmann No. 2 over this Punch. As usual, your mileage may vary – and we shouldn’t forget that ageing does wonders to these limited editions.

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    • R***

      Follow-up report: Just received from COH my 2nd box of Punch Serie d’Oro 2013; factory code LAR SEP 13. The cigars in this box were a shade darker than the previous box (almost a Maduro color). One of the cigars had a cluster of plume on the cap, so I chose that one to sample… OMG! It was a fabulous smoke! Not sorry I ponied up the $ for a 2nd box, these beauties will be savored.

    • R***

      I recently ordered a box of Punch Serie d’Oro 2013 Edicion Limitada and it arrived with factory code LAR, dated OCT 13. When I opened the box I was pleased to see several sticks had a delicate dusting of plume and I couldn’t wait to try one. I experienced no draw or burn issues as noted in the review. It had a rich earthy flavor; the spice factor was enjoyably moderate (not faint). I detected NO sharp or bitter aftertaste. Improvements may be due to my box of cigars having an extra 16 months aging since the above review was published. Nevertheless, I was impressed and immediately ordered another box of these bad boys to sock away for a couple years, as I doubt my first box will last much beyond 2016.

    • R*****

      tbh because the price I didn’t try it. but after I try it!!! become on my top 5cigars. its great cigar flavor amazing its complete cigar

    • B**** W******

      My first few have not disappointed, from the gorgeous aroma on opening the box (and humidor subsequently) to the smoking; so far, no complaint on the draw, which suits me

    • P*******

      I have a fiver of these resting…after reading this I’m glad I got them!

    • B****

      I agree the price point is high but I went deep on this one. Really enjoyed the few I have had so far. Going to be an amazing cigar in a few years.

    • M******

      Great review! I did not know the term “tapado”, so it’s nice to learn something new 🙂

      I’m not a big fan of the Punch marca, and I imagine that an underfilled, young Punch would bring top the forefront the taste elements I like least.

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Cigar Region Cuba
Filler Cuban
Wrapper Cuba
Binder Cuba
Length 5 1/2
Ring Gauge 52
Vitola Campana
Construction Hand Made