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    Por Larranaga Galanes

    One of the newest Habanos S.A. portfolio cigars, and the biggest Por Larranaga as size in their regular production, class as standard robusto or in Cuban ‘vitola de salida’ – just Galanes

    Appearance: Rating: ★★★★★

    Nicely tanned wrapper might look like Connecticut, but it’s slightly darker. Slightly dry, with some oil spots. Relatively small veins. Very nice applied triple cap and perfect rolling look.

    Construction: Rating: ★★★

    Start of perfect up to the half way, then very uneven burn and need correction on a few occasions. The Draw was perfect.

    Flavour: Rating: ★★★★★

    Cold draw is very firm and not harsh, with base flavour of cereal and some accents of nice dry tobacco.

    Galanes start very mild and flavourful, mostly light wood, while tongue manages to pick a nice milkshake flavor. More forward milkshake becomes milky creaminess with less sweetness which feels also on retro hale.

    At the beginning of the second third vanilla ice cream starts picking up nicely. Black pepper appears around midpoint. Very mild as strength and nice mix of bread and vanilla ice cream continue around the rest of the middle part.

    The start of the final third continues to introduce pepper, a lot of complexity really nails at this point, popcorn, toast and pretzels.  Retrohale is deceptive cedar flavoured.

    Value: Rating:  ★★★★

    The UK price is around £24, which is not bad for very tasty Cuban robusto, compared to some other Cuban brands where the price is double and the taste might not be as good as this one.

    Overall Rating: Rating: ★★★★

    Delicate looking cigar, but no cracking issue. Very tasty mild flavours, Habanos S.A should seriously consider investing in this brand as a slightly budget alternative to the top premium ones. First half was better in construction than the last one. Impressive complexity, and reasonable cost.  

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Cigar Region Cuba
Filler Cuban
Wrapper Cuban
Binder Cuban
Length 4 3/4
Ring Gauge 52
Vitola Robustos
Construction Hand Made