Partagas Serie D No. 4

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  1. Amadeo

    Partagas Serie D No. 4

    Origin : CubaPartagas
    Factory Name : Robusto
    Size : 124 x 19.84 mm
    Ring : 50
    Weight : 11.66 g
    Price : 11.60€/piece

    The Partagas Serie D No. 4 is known as one of the best (if not the best) Robustos in the world. I have smoked quite a few of these, but decided to put up a review just now. Let me tell you why this is the best-selling cigar in France.

    Appearance : [rating:5/5]
    Oily maduro wrapper is smooth and silky. Each one is a pleasure to look at.

    Construction : [rating:5/5]
    I have not observed any glitches. Flawless construction, this Partagas is very well rolled, burns evenly and gives as much smoke as I need. The draw was fairly easy.

    Flavor : [rating:4.5/5]
    In the very beginning the stogie is quite spicy, then calms down a little bit and offers flavors of precious wood and cinnamon. Medium power. The second third brings notes of humus and green pepper; the flavors are very powerful and balanced. The beginning of the last third is the peak of smoke complexity and must be the favourite part of a real aficionado. However, this does not last long and the power slowly decreases. The finish is smooth and soothing.

    Value : [rating:4.5/5]
    Never felt I wasted my money with this one.

    Overall Rating : [rating:overall/5]
    A Robusto legend, the Serie D No. 4 has always been one of the most famous cigars of its kind. Fortunately, it keeps on making us cigar lovers happy.

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    • kkh369

      Still one of my favorite Cubans. Flavorful as hell, good construction, lots of smoke, reasonable price. Waiting on a box right now!

    • Adam

      One note: strongest cigar I’ve ever had. Not for the feint of heart.

    • Mark J

      I also enjoy the Partagas D4 in my rotation. I bought 6 singles along with many other brands & Sizes to help me decide on a box purchase. I will be buying a box eventually to let age. I first bought a box of the Hoyo De Monterrey Epicure de Luxe LCDH. It is a very good contender if you like the D4. Both are great Cuban masterpieces. Just my take on it!

    • Michael Rusling

      Get a good box of D4, give it 3 years & there’s still no classier an act within the entire Habanos lineup. Earthy, herbaceous & floral with lots of cedar & aromatic spice. White pepper that subtly drifts in & out & an occasional hint of dark chocolate appearing in a supporting role. The only thing I’d have changed about this most recent example (2013) would have been to give it a little extra strength, it was straight down the middle medium all the way through. All in all though, a thoroughly satisfying smoke & a great aid to unwinding for an hour or so at the end of the day.

    • Baduch

      Love these cigars. I just picked up 5 D4s in the domonican for 20.00 USD each. They were asking 32.00 USD but i worked him down. I still think I overpaid for them, it was in the hotel so they need to cover rent costs. Im sure i coumd get them for half that on the streets of Punta Cana. It was well worth it, I couldnt put it down.

    • Woodman

      A friend gave me a box of the D4 Robustos in Havana this week. I was thrilled! Tried one for the first time and found it a wonderful smoke, although slightly uneven. Probably my fault as I was too eager to try one and the moisture level may have been low. I’ve been stuck on the Cohiba Robusto as my favorite for nearly 15 years and I’m delighted to have the D4 in my humidor.

    • JB

      I’ve managed to pick up a few.of these sticks for 25 turkish lira. Which is about £7… Helps my other half being turkish.. Even managed to pick up a box of 5 for Just 50 (approx £15). I’d advise being careful in Turkey though… Wouldn’t want to run into some fakes!

    • Andres Castro

      Just nice!!!

    • Marco

      The best Robusto, no doubt. I would rate 95 this cigar easily. I cannot understand why it’s not in top 25 Cigar Aficionado list. I bought 2 sticks to try, amazing, now I got 2 boxes to age them.
      Btw, this week I smoked the Juan Lopez 2, as good as PD4!
      Robustos: PD4 is the one, rated 95 in my opinion, Juan Lopes 2 right behind with a 93 rating.

    • Aldo Mombello

      Bolivar has a robustos better than D4 in my opinion after 5 years in humidor is one of the best robustos.

    • Aldo Mombello

      I think that Partagas D4 is one of best robustos. But to smoke a D4 is necessary to wait almost 3 years in humidor to affine this cigar. A limited ediction of D4 was produced in 2001 this e.l. Is better of standard D4 for the selected capa and the perfection of all the cigars in the classic box. If you smoke a D4 e.l. you take the essence of Partagas brand as a well affined Lusitania. Nevertheless there are others robustos of others brand different for flavour, intensity, taste than D4 but very good.

    • Geoff

      I have been smoking No-4’s now for 6 years and go through at least 4 boxes of 25 per year. I just love this cigar. I have read a lot of reviews and really everything has been said. It is a strong cigar but at the same time comes through as quite mild. I think that you get different flavours when you partake in different drinks whether it be alcohol, coffee or other soft drinks. I have tried many other Robusto’s but the No-4 is still the top of my list

    • Steve

      Son-in-Law sent me a box of the Series-D No. 4 for Fathers Day. They were from a Geneva cigar shop. Myself and two work buddies enjoyed 3 of them this past weekend with several bottles of Single-Malt Scotch. This has always been my “Go to” Cuban cigar for the price. It is a great smoke and the Pre-light aroma…as good as it gets. The construction is very solid and feels tight, but draws very nicely. I still believe the Romeo and Julieta “Short Churchill” has more spice then this Cuban. For the money, the Partagas Series D N0.4 rewards the smoker with loads of flavorful Cubanesquesmoke and a is a very smoke that is a pleasure to smoke. Keep the torch handy, it does tend to run just a little.

    • Newbiesmoker

      Have had half a dozen of these over the past two years. Still don’t get it. I prefer the RASS anyday.

    • stevesauce

      never understood the popularity of this stick, solid but overall boring cigar, its not doing much for me flavorwise – solid cuban earthiesque but nothing that really grabs me. i have smoked robustos as good for half the price, probably the quality has declined with increase in production. also burns down very quickly, smoked it in 40mins while i get usually about 60mins out of a robusto.

    • Tommy ohear

      Just in the middel of smoking a partagas habana no4 watching the football what a great smoke! Great burn great cigar going to get a box of 25 tomoro! Com on the celts!

    • DrFever

      I always make sure I have these in my Humidor. I just had a box come back with a friend who was in Cuba. It was one of the 6 boxes of Cigars that were on my list. I had run down to only 1 left from a batch I bought 6 years ago.

      This evening I smoked that 6 year old one. I must say that age did this cigar wonders (not that it needs mu help). It was so balanced and flavourful. The draw was flawless as was the burn. The cigar gave me a steady dose of saltiness throughout. The beginning was peppery with some saltiness. I didn’t pick up any cinnamon but I had some very pleasing nuttiness. The second third was less peppery with some hints of cocoa with very pleasing, less intense saltiness. The last third was, well, “juicy”. Sweet and salty with hints of cedar and leather. My mouth watered with every smokey puff. I enjoyed this tonight with some sweet iced tea. The sweetness balanced the saltiness. I don’t remember these being so salty on the palate but I figure the aging contributed to it. My new batch arrived right on time although the box code is only May of this year indicating how popular these cigars still are. They are young, glossy with gorgeous wrappers and will need some time in the humidor to stabilize.

      If you are ever stuck on what to smoke and have access to these then give it a try. Rarely have I met a cigar smoker who doesn’t enjoy these. My favourite size is a Robusto. These are by far one of the best in this size.

    • garageguy

      My number 4 tonight had effortless draw and clouds of satifying smoke. It made me want to smoke another.

    • dutchman1

      Tee: I have never heard of the brand partinas. can you pls give me some info. so that i can try this cigar ?

    • Tee

      Dutchman: I paid $10/stick in the Bahrain airport. I think the patinas series d is better than the Cohiba robusto and costs considerably less. But the taste is a personal preference; I like the Partagas Mille de fleurs as well.

    • YJ

      This is a cigar that I can enjoy on daily bases. It gives a full of all the Cubans got to offer even in less than one hour. Vary stable all the way from start to finish.
      When its fresh the taste is a bit weak, so you may want to let it sit for a month in a humidor before lighting one up.

    • dutchman1

      What are the prices of the D4 in the various countries (tax-free in the airports/)
      In my country the normal price is eur 9.80 echt. In the amsterdam airport, if you fly outside the EU the price is only eur 8 each. I bought the same cigar in Selfriges in London for pounds 17.50. What a difference. What do yo pay for this cigar?

    • Panoulis

      To me, the No4 is the best cuban cigar. I must have smoked more than 10 boxes over the past decade and I remain always amazed by the excellent balance that this cigar achieves. Solid contruction, nice looks, full but not heavy flavor, overall a joy to smoke. And at a price that makes it a steal, relatively speaking.
      Over the years, I tried many times to find a cigar that I like more: I tried edition limitadas, cohibas, trinidad, hoyos and many other cubans and non-cubans, most of times more expensive than the No4. It was a futile effort… No4 still remains the perfect cigar to me!

    • phathungarian

      just a heads-up here, this smoke is widely available in tubes now, so if you are planning to age some… there are paper boxes with 5 packages of 3 tubos in each. Not much more money than in the wooden box. I live in a very dry climate so I prefer tubos, they age better.

    • Newb

      I found this one to be underwhelming, though perhaps I got a bum stick. Hard to light, and required a few touchups to keep it even. More importantly, the flavor just wasn’t there until nearly halfway through. First third was flavorless; second and last thirds, the flavor built steadily, starting cedary and ending leathery. Ended a little bitter, but not unpleasantly so. Perhaps it was a low-moisture issue? Or “individual results may vary”.

    • Peter

      The best Cuban robusto on the market and for 1/3 of the price of a cohiba robusto. Just amazing! You can never go wrong with this superb cigar!

    • Cigary

      Have smoked these from time to time and each one is a little different than the last which isn’t a bad thing. I have had those that were really great and others than were so-so and for that kind of rating I don’t get all lathered up to get more.

    • christian

      Un peu moins complexe que d’habitude.Je l’ai trouvé agressif et linéaire peut-être trop jeune?Le D no 5 m’a apporté plus de satisfaction

    • phathungarian

      I got a box of 25 of these while in Cuba. An excellent cigar with a lot of character. A very complex smoke with mostly spicey tones and a lot of strenght to it. Not for the beginners. Works well after chicken or pasta with Shiraz and doesn’t take too long to smoke, yet satisfying but not tiring, at least for me. I can understand why this is such a popular stogie.

    • igrip287

      scored two from my father in law….. havent tried them yet. i know the info above say its cuban mad but, is it really…

    • hightower24

      I had a Number 4 today, and i have to say thats it one of the best cigars that ive had in about two years

    • k0mmissar

      I’m so upset! I just can’t enjoy the taste of this cigar! I’ve had 6 trying to crack it, but the aftertaste just puts me off each time… Not a bad taste, just a matter of my personal taste.

    • Jason T

      I smoked one of these last night. It was very good, although I like the petite coronas a little better.

    • JZ

      Okay, I’m not going to be much different from other reviewers but here it is – Partagas D 4 is really a top-notch cigar. Unbelievable consistency, enjoyable medium-to-full flavor and a feeling of complete satisfaction afterwards.

    • Rob Oosto

      The Partagas SD4 should be considered as the model of a Cuban cigar. Full-bodied, packed with strength and complexity, this is one of my favorite smokes.

    • AudioFileZ

      I am a third of the way through my first box of Series D and I am impressed that this isn’t a “me too” cigar. I feel it is unique in it having one of the strongest “aged wood” taste profiles I’ve encountered. The spicey peppery notes weave in and out breaking up the strong wood keeping it from being too dry. I’ve found I particularly like a ice cold Starbucks “Double Shot” with a copious double shot of Jim Beam to compliment this cigar. The sweetness of this drink compliment the somewhat strong profile of the Partagas. Very enjoyable…Recommended.

    • Handyman

      I just received a box of these and tried one after only 2 days of rest. What an AMAZING cigar! Such strength and complexity, smooth and subtle and still powerful, I was blown away! I didn’t want to put it down even when it was only 3/4 inch of it left. It was still a joy to smoke! A great cigar for sure.

    • Cubana Jack

      Ahh yes, this is truly one of the finest cigars I have had the honor of smoking. I have always been a robusto fan, but didn’t try one of these until recently. My only regret is all the time wasted. I have three in my humidor now.

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Cigar Region Cuba
Filler Cuban
Wrapper Cuba
Binder Cuba
Length 4 7/8
Ring Gauge 50
Vitola Robusto
Construction Hand Made