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    Oliva Connecticut Reserve

    Oliva CigarsOrigin : Nicaragua
    Format : Toro
    Size : 6 x 50
    Wrapper : Ecuadorian Connecticut
    Filler : Nicaraguan
    Binder : Nicaraguan
    Price : ~$4.50 each

    Here is another cigar review from Richard Bui, enjoy the read!

    When I usually reach for a cigar from my humidor, it is almost always a Cuban. It’s not that I’m snob or anything, but I find, more often than not, I like the Cuban taste over Dominicans, Nicaraguans, and so on. But that doesn’t mean that I haven’t found some wonderful non-Cuban cigars that I equally like, one being the Oliva Connecticut Reserve that I’ll be reviewing today.

    Oliva is generally better known for their full-bodied cigars such as the Serie G, Serie O, and Serie V. The Connecticut Reserve is a special line of Oliva that is meant to appeal to mild-bodied cigar smokers who aren’t looking for an over-powering cigar. The Connecticut Reserve comes in five sizes: Churchill, Lonsdale, Robusto, Torpedo, and Toro. This review will cover the Toro vitola.

    Also an interesting tidbit is that you will not find anything about the Connecticut Reserve on Oliva’s website except on their ratings page, not sure why that is.


    For the price, these cigars are absolutely gorgeous! Solidly constructed and firm when squeezed, the Oliva’s Connecticut wrapper has a nice caramel color with no visible discoloration or blemishes.

    Oliva Connecticut Reserve

    Inspecting the foot, it looks well rolled with a good amount of tobacco. The Oliva Connecticut Reserve has, what looks like, a double-cap on the head. There are very small veins throughout the wrapper and for the value, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better looking cigar. I think this is probably one of the best looking cigars I’ve had.

    This cigar in the Toro format certainly feels long in my hands, given my general preference for Robusto sized cigars. The burn is decent, requiring the occasional minor touch-ups to keep the burn even, and stayed lit when I had to put it down for restroom breaks. The salt-and-pepper ash stays planted to the cigar anywhere from 1-to-2 inches before breaking off.

    One thing I’ve found is that the wrapper leaf is extremely thin and can easily tear or rip if you’re not gentle with it, so take care when removing the cigar band.

    Flavor & Taste

    The best part of this cigar are the flavors and taste. Prelight taste is muted with just a bit of sweetness one would expect from the Connecticut wrapper and once lit, the predominant flavors of toasted almonds and creamy butter explode on your palate for a wonderful experience. The first time I had the Connecticut Reserve, I was blown away at how flavorful it is. Originally penned as a light-bodied cigar, I’ve found the Oliva Connecticut Reserve is more of a light-to-medium-bodied cigar, that is hardly overpowering. My buddy, who I gave two to try, has said: “This is the cigar I would give to someone who is new to smoking cigars.”

    Oliva Connecticut Reserve

    The flavors don’t really change much as the cigar progresses, but the taste does get smoother with a hint of bitterness starts developing at about the 2/3rd mark which I think helps balance the sweetness of the Connecticut wrapper.


    The Oliva Connecticut Reserve is definitely worth a box purchase. You can find these guys for like $5 or less online. I got lucky and scored a 10-pack from JoeCigar.com for $2.99 a cigar! Well worth it.


    I can’t really find anything bad to say about this cigar. For the price, the taste, and the looks, this cigar is a winner in my book. This is a great morning or lunch cigar, something light that won’t make you sick and works just as well as an after dinner cigar. A number of times if I’m enjoying a cigar with my buddy and I finish before him, I’ll light up a Oliva Connecticut Reserve and it works out perfectly.

    If you haven’t tried an Oliva, definitely try one! If you’re looking for a cigar that has a lots of flavor but not over-powering, try the Connecticut Reserve and even if you’re accustomed to stronger bodied cigars, try one of these anyways as you might find it compliments your taste.

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    • r******

      Have tried the robustos a couple of times and love them for a mild and flavoursome smoke. Well recommended.

    • A******

      I am glad that you mention that the Oliva CT Reserve is not simply another mild cigar. I too thought the flavors–you mention butter and almond–were quite engaging. I encountered a near-perfect burn and beautiful appearance. There is some strength that sneaks up on you. A rather similar cigar is the E.P. Carrillo New Wave.

    • c**********

      Very Good cigar! Recently purchased a Connecticut a few weeks ago and was pleasantly surprised with the mild flavor. I usually don’t smoke very many large cigars(as I prefer cigarillos), but this was a nice change. If you frequent cigar shops, make sure and pick one up. I assure you will be pleased.

    • C**** G*****

      As with everything the Oliva family gives the Cigar smoking public the Conneticut Reserve is a superb smoke! I usually grab one 1st thing when I wake to start the Cigar smoking day (I smoke 9to11 sticks daily)& often the last one before bed.I like full bodied smokes best so I smoke Cain F series & Nubs daily as well as many other brands…
      But if I could only smoke one CIGAR it would be an OLIVA!This CIGAR is a winner! Everytime!
      Disagree?Call me 24/7 @(513)374_7744
      CIGARS…by George!

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Cigar Region Nicaragua
Filler Nicaragua
Wrapper Ecuador
Binder Nicaragua
Length 50
Ring Gauge 6
Construction Hand Made