Montecristo Petit Edmundo

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    Montecristo Petit Edmundo

    Origin : CubaMontecristo
    Format : Short Robusto
    Size : 110 x 20.6 mm
    Ring : 52
    Weight : 11 g
    Price : ~$11 each

    When I want to treat myself, I reach for a Montecristo Petit Edmundo. Masculine, powerful and complex, this is one my favorite Cubans. In response to Karen’s review of Partagas SdC No. 2, I can say that it feels so much better to hold and smoke this fat 52-ring gauge monster, even if the flavor richness is probably on the same level.

    Appearance : [rating:5/5]
    This may very well be one of the best-looking cigars out there. The wrapper’s quite oily, not really flawless (a few discolorations) but it only adds to its charm. When I hold one in my hand, I always feel the urge to light it.

    Montecristo Petit Edmundo

    Construction : [rating:5/5]
    The construction is top notch, with a slow, self-correcting burn and an impeccable draw. The pre-draw is spicy and sweet & sour.

    Montecristo Petit Edmundo
    Flavor : [rating:5/5]
    Perhaps a bit less complex than the full-version Edmundo, I can still say that this cigar delivers. After a wave of spice in the beginning, subtle notes of dark bitter chocolate make their way in. There are loads of dry cedar flavors as well. After about 25 minutes, the cigar reaches its peak – at that moment, all these flavors are there mixed in a bitter-sweet, salty taste, pleasing your palate. In the last third, the complexity fades away and the finish is dominated by woody creaminess with a hint of black pepper. I think it’s better to smoke it after a heavy meal, and – of course – very slowly to avoid the harshness in the end and extend the pleasure.

    Montecristo Petit Edmundo

    Value : [rating:5/5]
    It’s a no-brainer for me. Great value.

    Overall Rating : [rating:5/5]
    Montecristo Petit Edmundo is one of the best from the Montecristo family and is in my top list of Cuban cigars. If it feels a little young, a few months in the humidor will make it wonders. And if you have the patience to keep it there for a few years… I don’t even know what it would feel like, since I never managed to let it rest for such a long time.

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    • maarten

      Got a box of 10 at FRA airport duty free – having read great reviews of these over the years, I could not resist. Did not disappoint – smoked a couple right out of the box the next 2 days, could not wait. Fantastic cigar – complex flavour, heaps of smoke, decently even burn (given they were right from the airport humi room and the 10-hour flight afterwards). I wonder what these will taste after a few months in my humidor, but doubt the remaining 8 will last that long in there…will definitely buy a box of 25 next time, well worth the price of 8 Euro/stick.

    • Rocket

      I use this Monte for daily smoke. perfect when short and 52 ring. a lot if smoke, mild and different taste as it going shorter all way in to the nub. self adjuste burn, Also Petit No2, now after only 3 weeks in Humi made a big different to it. Must be a knock out after 2 – 4 years!!

    • Faiz

      I had a bad experience with this cigar…. And is my 1st time smoke this cigar …. Argggggg so disappointed with the quality

    • robbo46

      I purchased 3-tubos pack of Petit Edmundo at CDG on way to Vietnam. Really enjoyable w/e evening smoke. Perfect construction and burn and medium strength. Recommended!

    • Cigar social lounge

      Easily can be my daily cigar if cheaper. Can’t get better for a cigar. Great review mate

    • DrFever

      I enjoyed one of these beauties last night while walking my dog. A fantastic 40-50 minute smoke that WILL leave you feeling the heat on your knuckles as the numb works its way down.

      Creamy cocoa, just enough salt on the palette and only some hints of pepper now and then to add some spice to it. The creamy smoke is what keeps me coming back to tis cigar and it has surely become one of my go to cigars. Buy your box this year for next year’s use. I’m smoking last year’s box and I just put a box with a date stamp of March 2012 in my aging humidor for next summer’s smoking. They do get much better with at least 6 months in the box and try to get them to the 12 month mark to really get full enjoyment out of them. The 52 ring gaugue ensures you never get a mouth full of “hot” smoke and in my view contributes to the creaminess and thick cocoa/coffee taste. It’s like sprinkling some sea salt on your cappucino.

    • oguson

      montecristo petit edmundo is perfect cigar… its my favorits…

    • Tim

      Smoked one of the last two form the NOV 09 box.

      I’m a fan of PE “out of the box”, but aged ones are just little gems! Velvety smoke with cream and spice! Not one molecule of harshness. Just a great experience!

    • Math

      Just discovered this site. Very nice reviews ! Great job !
      So I smoked 1 of these this past week-end, after a big good meal and I gave a standart Emdundo to my grandfather which celebrated its 70th birthday. Whe also drank a great red burgundy and it was just perfect (tropical nights these days here in switzerland :). I love this format. the 52 ring gauge gives them a nice look as well.
      I even removed the band to smoke it until the very end and it was not a bit harsh at all.
      My grandpa realy enjoyed his Edmundo as well.

      It rested about 1 year in my humi. And I think it improoved well. If I remember right when I tasted one at first I wasn’t this much delighted. 🙂
      Could not resist yesterday when I saw that I still had 5 more in my humidor so I smoked one while drinking a glass of rhum. ^^

      I can only recomend this vitola and his big brother. One of my favorites 5 without any doubt.

    • Alexandre Mello

      Welllllll… So yesterday I smoked one of the Petit Edmundos from the box that I had been given two years ago. OMG. What an impeccable cigar! No harshness to speak of. Smoked it til it was just a nub! One of my all-time favs for sure.

    • Hdownunder

      Sorry guys Edmundo not Eumundo only had two glasses of 15yo Dalwinnie Cheers,H.

    • Hdownunder

      Cheers Denis thanks for the headsup on this one and just received and smoked my first petit eumundo tubos although would have been happy just to look and just take is that incredible aroma! Box was dated Dec 2007 and the cigar lit up beautifully and burned evenly throughout. The first third was really powerful expresso and wood smoke but developed into a lovely strong creamy latte in the second third which I really enjoyed and hoped would never end. The Slight bitterness in the last third in no way spoilt my complete satisfaction and looking forward to releasing another from it tubos. thanks again for your advice. All the best, Harry.

    • phathungarian

      8Euro? That’s a good deal for this smoke.

      this one reminds me of Joe Pesci… A whole lot of character in one little package. Excellent smoke, a must try for the experienced smoker. Will not disappoint as the review reveals. Now available in Tubos, which helps with aging. I will get it again for sure.

    • Tashaz

      Just smoked another that has rested for 6 months. WOW! Reminds me why I love Monte’s. Even burn, good aroma, medium finish and all the monte flavours. Yummmmmmm! It’s big brother will be alight at midnight!

    • tashaz

      Expected a lot from this one. I can say I was only reasonably rewarded. Nice smoke, nice flavours but it had to be relit once & adjusted three times. Must admit, even through all that, enjoyed this little robusto. Ageing a few more in the hope they settle. Any Humi time on these seems to reward your patience.

    • Alexandre

      I recently got a box of 10 Petit Edmundos as a (superb) b-day gift. Opening it and looking at these cigars wonderfully lined in the box was an aesthetical experience that I’ll never forget. I felt like a child who had just opened a chocolate box. And the smell that came out of the box… gee… 🙂

    • NKM

      Anyone know how long a petit edmundo should be aged? Has anyone found this cigars peak age? I have had a box resting for over 2 years. I would love to know when I should smoke them.

    • Paul D

      I’d happily pay 8 euro for one!!! They currently retail at 15 here in Ireland 🙁 Still, a very nice cigar, lovely mix of flavours – sweet and sour describes it very well.

    • k0mmissar

      Yeah, definatly a price hit. And tends to whip by a little too quickly! I wish all Robustos came with a 52″ ring gauge!

      I enjoyed it at a restaraunt with an spanish-style hot chocolate. Good way to smoke at 25-30 mins, so you’re not sitting in an empty eating establishment, trying to puff away at a churchill while the waitstaff tap their feet and look at you impatiently from across the room… 😉

    • Messerjocke

      One of my favorite cuban cigars.
      too bad its rather expensive here (8EUR)

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      Just sent you an e-mail, thanks 🙂

    • lucky7

      Tried to contact you using the site “contact form” but got an error. Shoot me an email so I can return a reply with a cigar review proposition for you.

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Cigar Region Cuba
Filler Cuban
Wrapper Cuba
Binder Cuba
Length 4 3/8
Ring Gauge 52
Vitola Petit Edmundo
Construction Hand Made