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    Jas Sum Kral Tyrannical Buc Generosos Connecticut. This is one of the Tyrannical Buc blends that Jas Sum Kral released in 2019. The first announcement was just the name and the logo. More details surfaced later. And the cigar is slowly making it’s way to the international markets. The Jas Sum Kral distributors in Sweden and Malaysia have ordered and received the Tyrannical Buc. The cigar got a lot of praise from people within the Habanos scene. The Cuban cigars oriented Friends of Habanos called this one of the best cigars smoked in 2019.

    The Jas Sum Kral Tyrannical Buc is available in four vitolas. And with two different wrappers. Either a Connecticut Shade wrapper from Ecuador or a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. The binder and fillers are the same for both blends. A Nicaraguan binder from Jalapa, with fillers from Nicaragua and Pennsylvania USA. The sizes available are a 4×48 Magnum 48, a 6½x50 Dobles, a 5½x60 Golum and this 5½x40 Generosos. For this review, we selected the Connecticut Shade blend. The cigars are made at Tabacalera Aragon, the factory in which Jas Sum Kral has a stake.

    Name: Jas Sum Kral Tyrannical Buc Generosos
    Country: Nicaragua
    Factory: Tabacalera Aragon
    Size: 5½x40
    Vitola: Corona
    Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut
    Binder: Nicaragua
    Filler: Nicaragua, Pennsylvania
    Price: $ 8
    Cutter: Xikar X2
    Lighter: single flame
    Smoke conditions: indoors with ventilator
    Smoke time: two hours fifteen minutes

    The review

    The cigar looks alright. The wrapper is quite dark for a Connecticut Shade. The ring is simple, a little too simple to our taste. Just a white ring with a drawing of a T-Rex. Now the detail is nice. Jas Sum Kral means I am king, and the t-rex is wearing a crown. But the other Jas Sum Kral rings are so detailed and gorgeous, that this ring seems bare. Maybe a different color would help. The cigar feels well constructed, not underfilled nor hard. The mild aroma has a reminiscence of hay and grass.

    The cold draw is a little tight. The aroma in the cold draw is slightly sweet, yet spicy, tobacco. After lighting there’s coffee, honey sweetness, and a little spice. The flavors lack the classic Connecticut Shade mustiness, which is positive. Slowly some leather shows up. The honey keeps lingering around, with a grassy and dried leaves flavor. There’s also a little salt while slowly some oak shows up as well. The mild pepper is a constant in this cigar’s flavor profile. The final third is more of the same. Pepper, wood, a little grass, and herbs.

    The draw is a bit tight. But the light-colored ash is amazing. Dense, firm, and beautiful. Even with the tight draw, the smoke is decent. Enough in thickness and volume, but with a better draw the smoke would have been better too. The burn is razor-sharp. The cigar is medium-full flavored and bodied. The smoke time is two hours and fifteen minutes.

    Strength: medium-full
    Flavor: medium-full

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    • Mike Lindsey

      I believe that Rob Ayala said this was one of the best non-Cuban cigars he has smoked, nowhere mentioned the members voted it the best cigar of 2019. The FOH survey actually called the Hoyo de Monterrey – Le Hoyo de Rio Seco the best new cigar smoked in 2019.

      Regardless I did also enjoy this cigar.


      • kkh369

        “The Cuban cigars oriented Friends of Habanos called this one of the best cigars smoked in 2019.”

        Not really.

        • Ministry of Cigars

          Rob confirmed it on the forums, best NC of 2019

      • Ministry of Cigars

        changed the text a little to clarify.

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Cigar Region Nicaragua
Filler Nicaragua and Pennsylvania
Wrapper Ecuadorian Connecticut
Binder Nicaragua
Length 5 1/2
Ring Gauge 40
Vitola Corona
Construction Hand Made