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    Davtian Primus Robusto. We met David Davtian briefly at the Intertabac trade show. It was a brand we heard mentioned before but we never saw or smoked any of their cigars. To my surprise, they only have two sizes for each blend. And each size is blended differently, for the optimal taste with the specific size. Recently Davtian found distributors in The Netherlands and Asia.

    This 5×54 round Davtian Primus is made from an Ecuadorian wrapper. It has a Dominican Olor binder. The wrapper contains Viso and Seco from San Vicente in the Dominican Republic. And both Seco and Ligero from a Criollo 98 kind. That tobacco also comes from the Dominican Republic

    Name: Davtian Primus
    Country: Dominican Republic
    Factory: Undisclosed
    Size: 5×54
    Vitola: Gran Robusto
    Wrapper: Ecuador
    Binder: Dominican Republic
    Filler: Dominican Republic
    Price: € unknown
    Cutter: Xikar X2
    Lighter: single flame
    Smoke conditions: indoors with ventilator
    Smoke time: one hour twenty minutes

    The review

    The cigar has a beautiful Colorado wrapper. It is mild oily with some veins. The head is beautifully rounded. But the reason why the cigar doesn’t speak to me is the ring. It is silver with black, but the logo and the overall feel of the ring are too bland for me. We get an ‘I’ve seen this before’ feeling, it reminds a lot of a Zino ring. The quality is great, yet it doesn’t stand out. The aroma is mild and smells a bit like a mild ammonia smell. Add some barnyard and that’s your Davtian Primus aroma.


The cold draw is great. The taste is raw tobacco. After lighting, the flavors are pepper, coffee, earth, penny bun mushroom, and softwood. There is a little cream. The cigar is mellow, typically a classic smooth Dominican cigar. Not very interesting. Cedar, a bit of cream, some leather. This cigar could be mistaken for a Connecticut Shade cigar. That’s because of the smoothness and the mild mustiness that comes with Connecticut Shade. The mustiness disappears. The main flavors are wood, mushroom, and pepper. Yet it is all smooth and mild. After a third, the cigar gets more sweetness with the mushrooms and the pepper. The cigar loses the mushroom and turns more to oak and pepper. There is a little bit of hay in the flavor too.

    The draw is great. The burn is good. The smoke is quite alright. The ash is light colored and pretty dense. This is a mild to medium bodied cigar, medium flavored. The smoke time is an hour and twenty minutes.

    Strength: mild to medium
    Flavor: medium

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Cigar Region Dominican Republic
Filler Dominican
Wrapper Dominican Republic
Binder Dominican Republic
Length 5
Ring Gauge 45
Vitola Robusto
Construction Hand Made