El Septimo Amarillo Precioso (5 years aged tobacco)

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    El SeptimoOrigin : Costa Rica
    Size : 110mm x 38
    Hand-Made : 5 Years old tobacco
    Price : ~$18

    Cigar Rating

    Draw : [rating:5/6]
    Burn : [rating:4/6]
    Flavour : [rating:5.5/6]
    Aroma : [rating:4.5/6]
    Strength : [rating:5/6]

    Cigar Tasting

    The stick is of a small size and looks compact and elegant, very comfortable to handle, with a shiny yellow and silver band, suitable for people who prefer small ring gauges, it can be also very attractive for the Ladies Aficionada. The cigar wears a dark, milk chocolate kind of colour, wrapper,soft and silky gives pleasure just by touching it.

    The stick is extremely easy to light, it almost does it by itself and you feel the combustion will be phenomenal for the entire smoke, no need to worry about adjusting the burn at any time, just enjoy the smoke.

    At the very beginning an explosion of spices will meet your palate, as the wrapper closes the El Septimo Amarillo on both sides. After few puffs a great complexity of flavours appear: roasted coffee, nuts, milk chocolate, hay and cedar wood, spices, it also has a mineral sort of characteristic reminding of rocks, and a small hint of candid orange zest and raisin that gives a small perception of sweetness (more of a feeling rather than aproper flavour).

    The draw is great and not efforts at all is required. The acidity is quite present and
    is well compensated by a mild bitterness which is very enjoyable overall. As the cigar burns more it gains even more complexity, with some incredible picks, that will give unique experience

    The second part of the cigar picks up in strength and delivers hearty and spicy flavours, salty and mineral notes, everything wrapped up by a creamy and mellow texture.

    Flavours are very persistent even several hours after having enjoyed the El Septimo Amarillo smoked.

    The hash is dark grey with blue hue and sometimes even the smoke gets the most desired
    colour, due to the long aging of the leaves that made this masterpiece.

    When to smoke it: Being a med to full cigar this cigar is great after lunch or dinner, but it can be smoked at any time really, even at coffee break.

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Cigar Region Costa Rica
Filler Costa Rica
Wrapper Costa Rica
Binder Costa Rica
Length 4 1/3
Ring Gauge 38
Construction Hand Made