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  1. The Tollaficionados

    CAO Columbia

    Origin : HondurasCAO Cigars
    Format : Robusto
    Size : 5 x 50
    Wrapper : Columbia
    Binder : Columbia
    Filler : Columbia
    Price : $7.95 each

    Hello fellow cigar enthusiasts, and welcome to another review by the Father & Son cigar review team known as The Tollaficionados. Today I would like to bestow on you the merits of a fine, exclusive stick – The CAO Colombia.

    This fine cigar is a private label for the incredibly popular cigar retailer Serious Cigars. They can be purchased online at With their company being located in Houston, Texas, and my abode with deep roots in Westchester, New York, they still manage to get my sticks to me in only 2 days. (Priority Mail) Always freshly wrapped with a moisture packet and in a box that keeps them in pristine condition. Definitely one of the better online cigar superstores that I have found!

    Now, on to the cigar. We both had the Robusto (5” x 50), though you can get this edition of CAOs country line in a Belicoso, Churchill and Corona Gorda as well. The Robusto sells for $7.95. Not bad at all for the quality of this smoke.

    The CAO Colombia is a puro. Columbian wrapper, binder and filler. When is the last time you heard of that composition? But I will tell you, we found the aroma and taste to be very pleasant and satisfying.

    Construction – flawless. As smooth as an early morning and well fibered turd. (That is a compliment people. Do I have any fellow fiber-con users reading this?) Honestly, the wrapper was beautiful and silky. When toasting the foot, immediately the fantastic bouquet made itself known. The anticipation was building and we lit up. The start was good, a little slow but good, and as soon as it got itself rolling it became great. A medium bodied, full flavored gem. We both agreed that it was a perfect brother to the Brazilia, Italia and America. The long finish, solid and sweet at times, just rounded out the experience of enjoying this great cigar.

    Do yourself a favor and give this baby a try. You won’t regret it.

    Here’s wishing you a long ash!
    The Tollaficionados

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    • Andre Thegiant

      Great review, though its time to update since CAO has issued a new wide-release CAO Colombia to its countries line.

      The tobaccos are different this time though, its no longer a puro, it now has a Honduran jamastran wrapper with a Cameroon binder to the Colombian filler.

    • Fredy

      Great review on a pefrowul and complex smoke. You scored this one perfectly. One thing that I have noted about every CAO I have smoked is that they have the highest quality of construction that rarely requires a touch up or relight. Great site. I am going to need to dedicate a few hours to poking around!

    • Bacciagalupe

      Love the humor in these interviews. It is about time the hot air has been let out and the fun and camraderie has been put back in. The turd comment – priceless!

    • Bageland2000

      Can’t believe you compared the construction to a turd. Geezus

    • Jodie

      I have never had a columbian puro. Gotta get my hands on one of these! Sounds tasty.

    • javiblel

      Great cigar, worth a try!

    • eyebsmyles

      I love the Brazilia, so I will have to check one of these out.

    • TimD

      I was gifted one of these by a friend from Houston a few months ago and smoked it over the weekend. I thought it was was a great smoke and would definitely pick up more of these.

    • TriMarkC

      I tried these CAO Columbia’s, and while I am a huge CAO fan, this one I didn’t care for. Maybe I had a bad one, so I should give it a second chance.

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Cigar Region Honduras
Filler Columbia
Wrapper Columbia
Binder Columbia
Length 5
Ring Gauge 50
Vitola Robusto
Construction Hand Made
Price Paid $7.95