Buena Vista Edicion Limitada 2008 Prominentes

Buena Vista Edicion Limitada 2008 Prominentes

Origin : EcuadorBuena Vista cigars
Format : Prominentes
Size : 7 x 49
Wrapper : Ecuador
Filler : Ecuador
Binder : Ecuador
Price : ~$15-16

Gary Heathcott, the sales director at Buena Vista, contacted me in August to allow me to sample and review two vitolas from the new Buena Vista brand of cigars. He sent over a nice package of sticks that contained a Cuban music CD along with a bevy of other publication material. In one of the largest releases of new cigars in recent pasts at IPCPR, this cigar was the one that spoke out the most to me. The sheer extent of detail orientation it took to make this cigar was quite amazing.

We start with 100% Cuban seeds and raise our tobacco in what we consider the only place on earth that literally replicates the famous Pinar del Rio tobacco-growing region of Cuba. Our research resulted in a small valley located in Ecuador, where the soil content, the daily temperatures, and the atmospheric conditions all combine to deliver a tobacco leaf that we feel mirrors identically (to Cuban tobacco). Additionally, our entire production process is being overseen and managed by highly skilled Cuban tobacco professionals. Even our rollers are Cubans, who are on special visas from Cuba, working in our own factory located only an hour-long plane ride from Cuba. Each has been trained in the great tobacco factories of Havana, to be the finest torcedores in the industry, and now they roll cigars exclusively for us.

These cigars are packaged in beautiful boxes that rival no other on the market. The bright red boxes are felt bottomed and produced by the same box makers that make the Behike boxes for Cohiba. So far there are two different blends of Buena Vista cigars: the Edicion Limitada 2008 (Ecuadorian puro), and Reserva (Ecuadorian and Dominican blend). I’ve heard the Reserva is the lighter of the two blends. There are 9 different vitolas for the different blends. That is unheard of for a new cigar company. I received the Short Churchill and Prominentes vitolas in my package coming from Gary. I smoked the Short Churchill one day off the delivery truck, then the other about a week afterwards. I smoked the Prominentes approximately a month later for this review. I want to say thank you to Gary for providing these beautiful cigars for us to review.

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