Cigar Review – Bespoke Cigars Basilica C No.1

Origin : Dominican Rep & Nicaragua
Format : Cañonazo
Size : 52 x 6″
Price : ~17€ (20$)

Bought at Mellgrens Fine Tobacco, in Sweden.
Aged in my humidor for 3 years, so this cigar have the old style bands.


Location: This review was made indoor in a cigar lounge.

Wrapper: Milk chocolate, oily smooth with tiny veins.

Construction: Firm even feel.

Cold draw: Light dry hay note with a touch of citrus.

1st third:
Starts of with a light cedar note, a touch of medium roasted coffee and a finisher of milk chocolate of the creamy variety.
There is also a smooth creamy nougat taste.

2nd third:
Keeps the same creamy notes but with a citrus under tone which is quite subtle but perfect contribution to give an interesting twist.

The burn: Burns sharp, amazing white stable and firm ash.

Smoke: Smooth creamy voluminous smoke, white and cool.

3rd third:
The coffee notes emerge and are more promoted now than in the beginning. Still very enjoyable and smooth. Keeps the wonderful flavors from previous parts, all the way till the very end.

Such a wonderful cigar, very rare to come across a cigar this well balanced between parts. Medium in bodied and power wise.

Result: In my book this is a 96 point cigar.

/Cigarmaster André