Then & Now: Avo 22 VS Avo 787

Avo 22

The AVO 22 is the second Limited Edition cigar that was made into a regular production cigar. The 787 was released in 2007 to much ballyhoo and prompted me to write another side by side review: then & now.

AVO 22

Size: 5 7/8 x 50
Vitola: Perfecto
Wrapper: Connecticut Seed, Ecuadorian Sun Grown

Well, just about all Kelner cigars age well, and this is no exception. This luscious looking cigar is teeming with oils! The veins are barely apparent and after the pre-light draw I can tell this is going to draw and hopefully burn perfectly.

This starts out fairly on the mild side. It is woody and creamy, but not dry. The finish has hints of leather coffee.

The burn starts out a little crooked, but corrects itself within the first inch and a half.

Halfway through it develops into a creamy coffee cigar with just a hint of cocoa.

This is one of those change-as-you-smoke cigars. Every puff gives me something different. I really enjoyed this cigar. I hope the 787 can live up to its predecessor.

Rating: 93 (A)

AVO 787 Perfecto

Avo 787 Perfecto

Size: 5 7/8 x 50
Vitola: Perfecto
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sun-Grown

So does the 787 live up to it’s namesake? The 787 perfecto is the same size as the AVO 22, so I thought this would offer the perfect comparison.

This cigar is just a touch darker than the 22, with just a bit more visible veins. It is also not as firm to the touch as the 22.

As I take a pre-light draw, I notice it has less filler than the 22 as well.

The cigar lights well and gives off a nice initial coffee and cream flavor with some wood thrown in for good measure. But right away I can tell this is a completely different cigar.

The burn was just fine and the flavor was okay, but the cigar was lacking in complexity of flavor and general oomph. By “oomph”, I really don’t mean strength, I am referring to the overall depth and richness of flavor.

The only extra flavors I pick up as I finish the cigar is just a touch of cocoa and leather towards the end. This was pretty disappointing as I smoked this after the 22.

Rating: 87 (B)