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  1. Lorenzo
    January 13, 2015

    This is one of my favourite cigars in the relatively new lines :-)
    Just one small correction. The cardboard boxes contain 4 cigars, not 3.


  2. Marty
    January 13, 2015

    Always willing to try a new cigar. I agree with you that the construction was good. The initial flavour impressed me. I got the creaminess and sweetness right off the bat, though I too tasted a slight ammonia to it. Unfortunately for me, it soon came down to just a tobacco taste after the first third and got bitter near the end. It did have quite a kick though and I would rate it on the higher end of medium in strength . Would I try it again? A nice short smoke for these cold canadian days.. If my B&M is out of UHC! May give it another shot when the weather wams a bit.. All cigars deserve a fair shot in more ideal circumstances!


  3. Charlie H.
    January 14, 2015

    Out of all three sizes of the newly blended Vegueros I thought the Mananitas was the best. The Edmundo size was very young/green tasting. I found the Mananitas to get a little harsh and brash in the final 1/3 as well but over all a good release that should age well.


  4. Atone’
    January 25, 2016

    Pretty decent cigar.Didn’t like my first,but after sitting in the humidor for a while it became a bit more interesting. I’d recommend .


  5. Beneluxor
    February 5, 2018

    The Vegueros Mañanita is a great cigar! Much good flavour – often noticeably fruity and sweet for me, as well as the woodiness and hay – and packs quite a punch, intensified by the pyramid shape. Top value for a Cuban given the modest price, a superb under-4-inch Habano, I find it a ‘must-have’. Plus the pyramid head makes the thicker ring gauge easier on the lips for us panetela-liking types.

    Cute aspect re the name: Of course ‘mañana’ is the well-known word for ‘tomorrow’ or ‘morning’; and ‘mañanita’ can have several senses, but the meaning here is I think the ‘little morning item’, a woman’s short dressing-gown, from shoulders to hips babydoll-style, that a Latina might wear sitting up in bed – charming playful name for a short attention-grabbing cigar.

    Note re basic data – Official size seems to be 100mm x 46rg, with actual length as usual often 2mm or so shorter.


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