Vegas Robaina 5th Aniversario

Vegas Robaina 5th Aniversario

Origin : CubaVegas Robaina
Format : Lonsdale (Clasico)
Size : 165 (6.5”) x 16.67 mm
Ring : 42
Price : ?

It’s Sunday, the sun is out and the weatherman is telling me it’s 68 degrees outside and I’m definitely feeling it. My lady and I decide to hit up Georgetown, which is one of my favorite places to go and grab some food and just enjoy the day. Of course, I bring my cigars just in case. We find this nice little spot next to a small boat and a bench to sit and I pull out the Vegas Robaina 5th Anivesario.

The Vegas Robaina 5th Anivesario can only be found in a limited release humidor. The humidor comes with 100 cigars in 5 different vitolas. The vitolas are Lonsdales, Torpedos, Double Coronas, Coronas and Robustos, 20 of each. The limited amount of humidors is only 500 and each humidor runs around $1,800.

Vegas Robaina cigars have one of the best looking bands when it comes to Cubans. With this cigar it’s no different, it has the same color scheme, but with a little twist to acknowledge the 5th Anivesario. The size of the cigar automatically makes me think “8-9-8”, which is one of my favorite vitolas; a lonsdale. The gorgeous caramel wrapper smells like vanilla and Spanish cedar and I cant wait to get this cigar lit.

YUM-O!! The flavors in this cigar are amazing! Lots of lemon-citrus (tang), tea, floral and sweet vanilla notes, followed by a soft finish. The aftertaste is long and comes with mix of caramel and tea. Fantastic! It honestly tastes like a cup of tea full of honey and roses (happy Valentine’s day!). I can’t describe how good this cigar is. The first puffs were just amazing and it continued on for the rest of the cigar. It ends with a sweet and floral flavor profile and just leaves you wanting more.

The vitola is perfect for this cigar and I really think it enhances the flavors. There was absolutely no problem with the draw or burn throughout the entire cigar. The ash held up pretty long and the quality of this cigar was excellent. There was a slight breeze and the aroma filled up my little bench area and it smelled fantastic. Honestly, you can get that aroma from all Vegas Robaina cigars, it doesn’t matter which vitola. Did i mention I love all Vegas Robaina cigars? If I didn’t, now you know.

Sadly, this was my one and only 5th. It’s definitely my favorite Vegas Robaina cigar to date (I still haven’t had a Jub though, I can only dream lol). Even though these are hard to find and a little pricey, get them! Especially if you enjoy a medium-bodied cigar that is packed with an enormous amount of sweet flavors. And definitely if you are a Vegas Robaina fan. For the afternoon, I couldn’t have picked a better cigar. This is exactly the flavors and body I go for in a cigar. One amazing cigar!

Rating: 98