Trinidad Vigia

Trinidad Vigia

Origin : CubaTrinidad
Format : Petit Robusto
Size : 4.3 (110 mm) x 54
Price : ~$14 each

First of all, some quick background info for those of you who are not familiar with the brand:
Trinidad is a Cuban cigar brand with an interesting history. Way back in its early days, Trinidad only manufactured exclusive cigars for visiting diplomats. It was only in 1998 that Trinidad cigars became available to the public. At that time, there was only one Trinidad cigar available, known as the “Fundadores.” The Fundadores was long and thin, quite the opposite of the short, fat Trinidad Vigia which I am reviewing today.

After its public debut in 1998, Trinidad expanded with more vitolas—for a while. In 2012, they cut back. In fact, the Vigia is the first new regular production from Trinidad since 2012’s withdrawal of the Robusto T and the Robusto Extra.

So that gives you some context on the Vigia. Let’s check it out.

Appearance : Rating: ★★★★½
The Trinidad Vigia is quite nice to look at and to touch. The wrapper is light brown with a smooth texture and the label has a very elegant design. It feels firmly packed, but there are no overly hard spots. The pigtail triple cap catches your eye right away.

Trinidad Vigia

Construction : Rating: ★★★½☆
I wish I could rate separately for the draw and burn. The burn was decent for the most part, but frequent canoeing was observed which required corrections. The draw on the other hand is as close to flawless as you are ever going to find. The resistance level is literally perfect. It is almost effortless—without being too loose.

Trinidad Vigia

Flavor : Rating: ★★★★½ (4.25)
This is a very earthy smoke. During the first third, there is of course plenty of earth, along with notes of wood, leather, eucalyptus, nuts, honey, and cloves. These same flavors dominate through the middle, with the wood coming to the foreground. Note that this is not a “dry” cigar. The flavors are moist and fresh. During the final third, the nuts take front and center stage, taking on a roasted character. Otherwise, the flavors continue along with very much the same profile. There is an ideal balance between sweetness and spice without either ever becoming overpowering.

While the flavors do not transition much through the smoke (they are quite consistent), they do not need to—nor should they necessarily. This is such a short cigar. It makes more sense to do one thing really well with just enough variation to keep things interesting than to do a lot of major transformations in the flavors. That would just be distracting.

Overall Rating : Rating: ★★★★☆
The Trinidad Vigia is a beautiful cigar that smokes almost perfectly and delivers a wonderful flavor experience. If the price were a bit lower and/or the experience lasted longer, it would fetch 4.5/5. As it is, I am glad I got a chance to try it!

6 Comments on “Trinidad Vigia”

  1. Brian Wootton says:

    I had a box of the Vigia, last year I think it was, and I enjoyed them. I share the view expressed about the smoke being too short.
    Glad to read the mostly positive review – I literally picked up a box last weekend!

  2. Michael Andolini says:

    I won´t hesitate to label these cigs as STUNNING, from my point of view, they do not miss anything (well, yes, could be a bit longer … but hey, Topes is on the horizon …).

    Not cheap, yet really great, my TOP 2 with BOLI Libertadores & the very best choice for the smoke of up to 1h 20mins (usually just over an hour …). Recommended.

    (Note: am a bit surprised by the un-even burn shown on one of the pics above – I do not remember such experience … & I have had plenty of these already.)


  3. Recently traveled to cuba & smoked everything from hand made dreams to factory classics. i can say without a shadow of a doubt this was the best cigar I smoked. Its like being hit in the face with a bunch of flowers.. in fact I’m finishing my second last one from a box of ten as i write this review… and im genuinely emotional. 5 full stars.

  4. M. Andolini says:

    hMMM, this TRini VIGÍa … – this cig simply never lets you down, so good that one wonders …

    Even though it gets more & more expensive here where I live, I do have to smoke 1 or 2 per month (next to other smokes) as it is really top cigar within my rating (still up there with Libertadores & Beli Fino of Bolivar).


  5. Perfect after lunch smoke. Here in Spain its €11.10, a veritable bargain.

  6. Martin Nordaas says:

    This is one of my absolute favourites now, and I have never had any burn issues with my boxes.
    This one, together with the smaller Reyes, will always be in my humidor.
    Fantastic cigar!

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