Tobacco General

Tobacco General
Sells : Non-Cuban cigars
Based in : IL
Online Since : 2009
Rating : -7 ( : 1, : 8)
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Description (provided by the retailer) : Online retailer of tobacco related products, including pipe tobacco, premium cigars and tobacco accessories.

10 Comments on “Tobacco General”

  1. Experience:

    very pleased and satisfied. Actually, my order arrived a day earlier than expected. I have book-marked the web site.

  2. Experience: Neutral

    Placed my order 4 days ago. Paid for the 3-5 day shipping. Haven’t received and tracking number or anything. They will not respond to my calls or emails. I feel like I just got ripped off 50$.

  3. Experience:

    I placed an order on October 21st 2016
    4 days later I received an email stating one of the items I ordered was not in stock. I went online to find a substitute and the original item showed in stock. I picked a different item and received an email back that that was out of stock also so they replaced it with a 3rd product.
    Here is what my order was for:

    Ordered: 3 Kentucky Select Gold Pipe Tobacco 5 Lb. Pack $53.49
    Ordered: 3 Shargio Filter Tubes King Size Red (Full Flavor) 5 Cartons of 200 $7.49
    Ordered: 3 Shargio Filter Tubes King Size Blue (Light) 5 Cartons of 200 $7.49

    Here is what i received:

    1.) 6 cartons of SMASHED Red tubes. I ordered 15
    2.) 15 cartons of SMASHED Blue tubes.
    3.) 1 Can light surround!!! What the Hell? when did you all even start selling lighting products.
    4.) 0 of the 3 5lb bags of tobacco ordered.

    I started to call them to try to explain and this is what i got:
    You press either 1 for Sales or 2 for Customer Service “It Don’t Matter”
    You will go into a queue that states you are now first in line. This will happen 3 times then you will go to voicemail if you’re lucky

    Thru email i was able to get a response but it is more disappointing then the original transaction.

    This has not been and more than likely won’t be corrected. They know damn good and well they got your money and there isn’t a thing you can do about it.

  4. Experience:

    Same as Bryan. My tubes were smashed. The shipping box was not smashed but the merchandise inside it was. So I am led to believe they were smashed before they shipped out. Then I go round trying to get a hold of customer service. First I emailed. Got a mailer Daemon. Then I called and they asked me to send pics to the same e mail that wouldn’t go through the day before. They said they had problems that day and shut it off and it was back on now. So I sent an e mail with pics. Then they asked me for another pic with everything in one pic. Basically they act like they don’t believe me even after I sent pics. They are doing nothing about it. They sent crap their customer service is horrible and I will NEVER buy from them again. Oh…also same tobacco I get from other places was more dried out when I got it from these ppl. I wish I’d gone searching for these reviews before I purchased. Lesson learned.

  5. Experience:

    Order on 03/07/18, cc charged on on 03/08/18, get nothing, 1800 number not answer, email-no answer, 11 days can’t rich them..Going to report them to cc, they not willing to do refund, I think…

  6. Experience:

    Better prices at,

  7. kathy morgan says:


    My 3 boxes of tubes were received smashed badly.ive been trying for over a month to get them to replace them and all i get is bs from the extremely rude customer service.This company is horrible and i will NEVER order ANYHING from this SHADY business again!

  8. Experience:

    Don’t use this seller, there are cheaper and better customer service sellers on line

  9. Experience:

    Total RIPOFF!
    They take your order and your money but never actually ship items. Plan on filing a mail/wire fraud complaint against this disgraceful “company”. I am.
    I wish I had read reviews BEFORE placing an order. Live and learn

  10. Experience:

    I have ordered from Tobacco General several times. While they have good prices and somewhat reasonable shipping costs, Tobacco General usually takes several days before they even process an order. This increases the shipping wait. I have waited up to two weeks for a delivery.

    For my last order, they waited over a week to contact me about some items being out of stock. They contacted me via email rather than by phone. They would not ship out the rest of my order and let me wait until the other items came in unless I wanted to pay double shipping. The out-of-stock tubes I wanted are still out of stock now, about two months later. I had to go with a different brand, not realizing until I received them that there were far fewer in the package compared to what I initially ordered.

    I ended up calling them rather than trying to fix my order via email. The customer service was awful. I am guessing it is a one or two-man operation out of someone’s home. I decided to go with another company a few days ago. They cost a couple dollars more total for what I usually buy plus shipping, but they had my package to me in three days via the cheapest postage they offer. I won’t be using Tobacco General anymore.

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