TinderboxURL : http://www.tinderbox.com
Sells : Non-Cuban Cigars
Based in : PA, USA
Online Since : 1996
Rating : 2 ( : 3, : 1)
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Description (taken from the website) : Tinder Box. The name itself conjures up premium cigars, pipes and tobacco at unbeatable prices. This is a tradition that started in 1928 and continues to the present day.

6 Comments on “Tinderbox”

  1. Experience:

    Being in the Great Northwest, its pretty hard to find a good brick and mortar shop to call home – we have draconian smoking laws and high taxes, so online tobacco shops have been my way of shopping for cigars. Tinderbox has speedy delivery, tracking numbers for the orders right away, a wide selection of cigars, and great weekly sampler specials.

  2. Experience:

    Tinderbox.com is my go-to online source. So far, it’s a small-time operation with a great attitude, but I know these guys will grow the business because they love it. Of course, its great selection and low prices are fantastic too. Personal service, fast shipping, great samplers… They’ve got everything you could ask for.

  3. Experience: Neutral

    But they take away business from the Tinder Box franchise retail stores by not charging the tobacco taxes the retail stores have to charge. Very unfair. Many stores have gone out of business due to this. Its a malaise that affects all retail tobacco shops by all cigar internet sites.

  4. Experience:

    I’ve found some good in store deals and the staff has always been helpful.

  5. ronhoffman2 says:

    Experience: Neutral

    i live close to the bethlehem, pa store. i’ve never ordered online from them. my uncle does frequent that shop when he needs smokes. their selection at the store is small compared to CI, but they do have some cigars that CI or famous don’t carry.

  6. Experience:

    doesn’t carry my fav premium’s

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