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Thompson Cigar
Sells : Non-Cuban Cigars
Based in : FL, USA
Online Since : 1997
Rating : -65 ( : 31, : 96)
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Description (taken from the website) : Thompson Cigar has always been devoted to delivering a wide selection of products covering all price ranges and tastes. The various Thompson private label cigars reflect our keen desire to provide to you the finest cigars at a fraction of what a comparable national brand would cost.

170 Comments on “Thompson Cigar”

  1. Experience:

    Very pushy sales staff. They call unsolicited and try to sell you. Their many house brands are uniformly very poor dogs IMO.

  2. Experience:

    They had a good deal a couple years back, so I pulled the trigger. Next thing I know, they’re demanding proof of age. They wanted me to fax a copy of my drivers license — I told them I don’t have time for this and cancelled the order. I got on one of the boards and asked if this was common procedure — the response was unanimous: No, and stay away from Thompsons, for a variety of reasons.

  3. Merit Man says:

    Experience: Neutral

    I just recently joined Thompson’s Cigar Club. The deal is they ship you cigars based on your pre-reported preferences every month (or as far out as 7 months) and as long as the cigars are of a certain list, they will eventually earn you a large discount. Unfortunately, you can not monitor or modify your account online and not all of their variety pacs (of which I buy most often) are included towards the program. I think you are supposed to buy 250 cigars but there is no limit on how long it takes to do that.

    Thompson Cigar house brands are of good quality as they relate to the taste but are hit and miss on draw and (especially) construction.

    As soon as I joined the club, they toned down the high-pressure sales pitches.

  4. Experience:

    Terrible seller. Cigars are always underhumidified.

  5. ronhoffman2 says:

    Experience: Neutral

    i used to buy from them, like 13 years ago, and back then, it was a great experience. but from all the bad things i’ve heard over the last few years about their pushy sales staff and constant bothering of customers, i now avoid Thompson’s.

  6. Experience:

    I ordered 25 cigars , a lighter, and a humidor for 29 bucks shipping was free and no tax. The main complaints are the sales staff which is very pushy I signed up for the cigar club which is supposed to send me new cigars in 7 weeks I think they are 79 bucks, I am canceling the club the second I get my free sampler, don’t smoke enough and don’t want to be forced into something. Prices were very good and their selection including private label was vast. ( Private labels came at around 25 cigars for $9.95) not bad it fills up the humidor with cheaper stuff for guests/parties/pokernights. My only complaint is that the order updates suck they don’t give you Tracking #’s

  7. Experience: Neutral

    Wow, they could have taken the classy route for advertising…
    but they chose TRASHY. What are they selling cigars or BREAST IMPLANTS?!
    Thanks but no thanks,
    I’ll purchase my cigars from a company knowledgable in tobacco…
    NOT whores.

  8. kurt mcCullen says:


    Dont order from these folks. They shipped the wrong merchandise than I ordered and werent very efficient in resolving the issue.

  9. Experience:

    This place backordered my product, then offered an exchange charging my checking twice including shipping on the second charge (which was free in the first place). Then wouldn’t refund it, finally did refund the wrong one, and won’t reply to my emails. DON’T BUY FROM THEM!!!

  10. Cigar Dog says:


    I have ordered from Thompsons for years with good results. However, after a year of no orders they called me several times asking me to join the club. I declined each time. But a month or so after the last call I was sent a box of Rocky Patel 1992’s and the credit card I had on file with them was charged $184.50!

    I called them and apparently I had been signed up for the club without my knowledge. I sent the cigars back but then Thompsons sent me a letter from their collections department saying I owed them for the shipping costs to me and for my return shipping. I called again and this should be taken care of for good now.

  11. Experience: Neutral

    The main deterrent is price, Thompson’s is consistently high when compared to other online retailers. Their house brounds look cheap.

  12. Lee from Orlando says:


    So far so good. I’ve gotten some grand smokes at very favorable prices. I’ve only had contact via regular emails and catalogs, no pushy phone calls. I havent looked elsewhere: I’m getting good tobacco cheap that I enjoy. No complaints here. Yet.

  13. Experience: Neutral

    Some good sampler deals, but shipping can be very slow. Stay away from the house brands.

  14. Experience:

    When I first got started into cigars, I started at Thompson’s. I didn’t know any better, so I didn’t realize until later how under-humidified the cigars I received were. Further, my wife order one of their largest humidors for me for Christmas that year, from Thompson’s. It arrived broken, it took weeks of back and forth emails and phone calls for them to finally ship me a replacement – at my cost until they could verify that the original I shipped back was indeed broken – and more. I haven’t ordered from them since, do not plan to, and … I still have them sending me their catalogs (costs them $$$$$ !!!!)

  15. Experience: Neutral

    I will go with “neutral.” I have a good friend (an elderly gent) who *swears* by Thompson–even likes some of their house brands. I have avoided them only because they do, indeed, seem to SWAMP you with follow-ups.

  16. Experience:

    never a problem for me ive always ordered through the live chat seeing as i use a Canadian billing address with a US shipping address. Order processing was fast and always shipped out same day.

  17. Experience:

    they try to the high pressure sales thing, they billed me for cigars i never received, kept sending me cigars when i told them not too since i am not working. they tried to charge me for cigars i returned, after i told them numerous times not to ship me anymore cigars until i was working again. they continue to send me there catalog which goes str8 into the garbage. NEVER AGAIN with thompson’s

  18. Cigar Wife says:


    This is the worst company for ordering anything on-line that I have ever experienced. If you want anything from Thompson Cigars expect delays upon delays without them notifying you the reason. Very unprofessional and poorly run company.

  19. Danny Beis says:


    Yikes! I just got my first order from thompson’s, and I was really worried from all the reviews here… Really though–my experience was pretty good. I got the cigars 4-5 days after ordering them, the wrappers were in good shape, and upon inspection-the “underhumidifiction” everyone keeps talking about doesn’t seem too bad. Pretty much what I’d expect from cigars that have been out of a humidor for the past 4 days. I’m going to let them rest in my humidor for a few days, then try em out, but I think they’ll be fine.

    I did get one of those “pushy” sales calls the day after I ordered it, but it really wasn’t too bad. Seriously guys, just be up front and say “no, I don’t want to join your sales club.” That was all I needed to do, and haven’t been bothered since.

    Overall, perhaps Thompson’s has some questionable sales ethics, but my experience was quite positive. I think that as long as you buy from them as a “informed consumer” you’ll have a good experience as well.

  20. Experience: Neutral

    I ordered a humidor and a cigar combo today. The didn’t have the one I wanted but have another than was claimed to be a much better deal although t was fifty dollars more than want I wanted to order. Then she started with the sales club and was relentless with it. I gave in and told her to go ahead and sigh me up because I could postpone at anytime. And the shipping was free. I wished I had checked them out on a site like this one. I wonder if I can cancell my membership if there are any problems. Has anyone tried to do this before?

  21. Experience: Neutral

    I ordered a humidor and a cigar combo today. They didn’t have the one I wanted but had another than was claimed to be a much better deal although it was fifty dollars more than want I wanted to order. Then she started with the sales club and was relentless with it. I gave in and told her to go ahead and sigh me up because I could postpone at anytime. And the shipping was free. I wished I had checked them out on a site like this one. I wonder if I can cancell my membership if there are any problems. Has anyone tried to do this before?

  22. sdbrit68 says:


    I ordered a week and a day ago on a friday. On saturday it said order processing, understandable, a weekend.

    They called me on monday to say congratulations, your order shipped, now lets talk about our club. I said no thanks

    I got another sales call on tuesday, I asked for no more sales calls

    on thursday, they called again, I again said no sales calls, they said oh, we just wnated to let you know your order shipped, okay I was told that on monday.

    saturday, still no order, if it would have been dropped in a mailbox, i would have had it days ago….but all I seem to get is sales calls

  23. theflyguy says:


    Ordered one of their sample packs from a magazine I picked up. It has been a over a week and still no order. Now I get a telephone call 1-2 times a day. I know the phone number so I quite answering the phone….they keep calling even after I told them to stop.

  24. greaseyone says:


    About a month ago I ordered a bundle of cigars from Thompson. Within the month almost the entire bundle was growing mold and had spread to other cigars not ordered from their company. Went I wrote to customer service their response was it was our fault for not properly taking care of the humidor. We have had it for a few years and this was the 1st problem we had. After not hearing what we wanted to we responded with exactly how we cared for it, knowing it was done correctly. Their response was then, its too bad that the cigars became mold and again some other reason we made the cigar moldy. The following day I wrote to the live help customer service who was even WORSE! He said we were mistaken and it couldn’t be mold, they were perfectly OK to smoke, yeah sure! I told him we threw them away, and his response was it’s obviously untrue since we threw them away rather than sending them back. I asked for a refund on the 1/2 bundle we had to discard, he said they DO NOT REFUND complaints of mold. And after all the generic responses, he had the nerve to say THANK YOU for you business and feel free to call to place a new order soon. NEVER AGAIN WILL I ORDER FROM THEM, AND HIGHLY SUGGEST YOU DO THE SAME.

  25. Experience:

    I’m surprised by how many negative reviews there are. I guess I’ve been lucky and have had no problems whatever. The prices for the $4-6 range offers are very good and I enjoy the range of choices. I do all my orders by phone and have found the service, shipping and quality very good indeed. No, I don’t have any connection with the firm but I just wanted to add a happy customer’s view.

  26. cigarfan says:


    I took a chance ordering some cigars from Thompson instead of my normal JR Cigars. They didnt even package them well and they arrived smashed. Its not worth dealing with a return. It’s worth much more to never give them my business again and let people know of my experience.

  27. Experience:

    For the most part, my experience with Thompson Cigar was excellent. My orders took about a week and a half to show up, no problem, ships from the other side of the country for me here in California. I first started ordering pipe tobacco from them, wonderfully moist, they stored it well. Then I found out about their Cigar club. 30 dollars to join, and they were going to throw in a free humidor, sweet, how can I pass it up? I was told that my first shipment was going to ship on the end of May. No problem, they’ll notify me beforehand so I can make sure my finances were in order so I didn’t end up messing up my budget. Did not happen. I had a mysterious 70 dollar charge to my checking account. I got charged for the cigars, and the “free” gift. I called the company and asked about how to cancel the club,they kept offering to just delay my next shipment until September. I wanted out, and I finally got it cancelled. I sent the cigars back a month ago, and haven’t got the refund. I’m not going to push it, I really don’t care and I am trying to separate myself from the company. I even removed my credit card from my account just in case the want to send me another “gift”. Both have a better selection and lower prices on the same cigars.

  28. Experience:

    I wished I had seen this webpage before I called Thompson Cigar. A couple of months back I was looking for a humidor and ran across Thompson Cigars. They had a pretty good deal on a Humidor plus a few cigars added for $99.00 I called to order this. Boy what a circus. They didn’t have the humidor I wanted and talked me into one that was $149.00 they said it was a much better deal. So I bit the hook and said Ok. Then they talked me into buying a reoccuring cigar order each month. Even after I had said no several times they kept at me. I finally caved and said ok. Then they started on a five cigar per month club that offer five of there better cigars every month such as Acid cigars and Patel and so on. This was like $27.00 a month and the first five were free. I bit on this also even after I said no to this several times. The more I thought about how I had been boonswagled the madder I became. I decided to call them this morning to cancel every thing I had ordered with them. I was put on hold after they found out what I wanted for a very long time at least 20 or 25 minutes. Finally they came back and said they could not close my account according to my comitment I had made. They said the would stop shipments for a couple of months and then would start again. I had to get loud and demand a supervisor before I had any success. Finaly after several long minutes of being a demanding ass which i don’t like to be I got my account cancelled. Please don’t deal with these cigar pirates. There are many customer orintated cigar dealers on the web. A cigar hobby is something to calm and relax one after a hard day. Buying cigars from Thompsons is one of those frustrating ordeals that cause one of those moments that a realaxing calming cigar is needed.

  29. FishingCigars says:


    Never seen Customer Service as bad as Thompson Cigar customer service. Tried to cancel their cigar club and it toke 5 months for them to quit charging my bank account after I called them 4 or 5 times telling them to take me out of the club. Each time they said it was done but give it a month and then there were charges on hold in my bank account that toke them a week to give my money back. They even hung up on me after I called in the morning to cancel and that night they called asking if I was ready for my new shipment of cigars as part of the club order. They will not let you even speak to a manager at all. No matter who you ask or how many times. They are a very shady company, so watch your bank account for unauthorized charges if you buy from them.

  30. Experience: Neutral

    I bought a $9.99 cutter. It arrived promptly, so no problem. Then out of the blue I received a phone call. I just told them it was a gift for somebody else so I did not get anymore calls. But I know I will never order anything from Thompson’s again because of that phone call.

  31. NotAProblem says:


    I’m quite surprised by all the negative reviews here. I have been ordering from Thompson for about a year now and have NEVER had a problem or a sales call. The shipping has always taken about a week, if not less, to deliver to my building. I must be damn lucky.

  32. jbarrett says:


    So far I have ordered three times from Thompson. I am very pleased. I did get two phone calls, but they were not high pressure. I order their house brand and some other Dominican Republic imports very cheaply and treat myself occaisonally to a high end sampler. They have very good prices on Rocky Patels and the Dominican cigars have been excellent. I am very very pleased with the over all value for the money. There have been a few brands that I would not repurchase, but that always happens when dealing with short filler cigars. Some are good, some not. For short filler cigars I especially like the Don Lugos and the El Artista Bambinas.

    I would and have recommended this sight to friends.

  33. Experience:

    I have just used Thompson twice and found it okay, the cigars were interesting and yes not mind blowing but enjoyable. The humidor in the sample set was impressive to say the least. I had a call from them as soon as I placed the order asking to join the club, I refused they accepted and pointed out I should have had free shipping on the order as its was an offer at that time. I e-mailed them and they refunded the shipping no problem. I just say I must have been one of the lucky ones.

  34. Experience: Neutral

    Ridiculous pricing, just check or to see what I mean. I have order from both without a single issue.

  35. Norman l says:


    STAY AWAY! when you call them you can’t differentiate their customer service or sales department! i called them because i didn’t receive my order after 13 days i ordered, the rep was offering and offering and offering so i can change my order. then i thought i had the wrong dept, when i asked to speak to customer service, to my surprise i was at the right place!!! horrible customer service! its all about taking your money! also when you want to place an order, you reach an operator in seconds, but when there is an issue it takes you a life time!

  36. Experience: Neutral

    *My experience has to be set at “Neutral” due to the fact that I have ordered several times from them & was reasonably happy w/svc. & product. Then my sister ordered from them for her husband & they got tricked-that’s right-TRICKED into that cigar club business. They got sent something they didn’t ask for, got charged over $116 or more dollars, etc. When she called customer svc. numerous times, they did say the club charges would stop. But they continued to get this bill from “Bill Me.” Thompson customer svc. then said the “Bill Me” people would have to agree to cancel the charge. They didn’t, wouldn’t, it got sent over to collections, etc. Longer story short, I had to send both email and hard copy complaint to “Bill Me” AND the agreement from Thompson that this charge should be withdrawn. Out of what my sister had to go thru – Eh, um, I’m sort of not in the mood to order from them. That MAY change with the passage of time.

  37. Experience: Neutral

    First off, I have to give them props. My friend called their customer service to ask if they would donate some cigars to my unit who is currently deployed. 3 months later I got a trashbag full of cigars. Some really good premiums in there.
    But I generally stick with CI and a lot of these reviews have convinced me to stick with em..

  38. SeanPN777 says:


    I’m very new to the cigar experience. A friend turned me on to premium cigars about 9 months ago. I’m hooked ;-). Was excited to find Thomspon Cigars, signed up for their “250 Club” and ordered my Rocky Patel Sampler immediately. That’s where the excitement stopped. High pressure sales and SLOW delivery (was told 2 to 5 business days – took 2 WEEKS!)were huge disappointments. Was promised a free humidor that has yet to make it to me (over 3 weeks now). Worst of all my cigars were BONE DRY. I humidified them for a week and they’re still dry. Cracking and unraveling while trying to smoke. As you may or may not know, once these beauties reach a high level of dehydration they will never come back to their full flavor.

    I would HIGHLY recommend staying away from them. Wish I would have read the reviews here before making a purchase. Cancelling my membership on Monday, hope it goes well. Just ordered from Hoping for a MUCH better experience.

  39. Experience:

    I’ve gotten a humidor and 4-5 shipments of cigars from Thompson and I’ve been very happy with them. Twice I have ordered something on backorder, and got a phone call the next day to confirm that I knew that it would be a week or two until they shipped it out.

    I haven’t experienced any pushy sales on their cigar club… I declined and the girl on the phone didn’t keep pushing the issue. Never had a problem with dry cigars, but I am in the South, so they get here quicker and it’s already humid.

  40. Experience:

    Hadn’t had my first order in hand for two days when the phone calls began trying to sell me more cigars and a membership to a cigar club. After telling me that he “wasn’t trying to sell me anything” and that he was just “going to send me information”, the salesman transferred me and the next thing I know, his supervisor is on the phone trying to confirm a purchase. After five calls in less than one week, I had to contact customer service to get them to stop calling me.

    I prefer Cigars International. They ship quickly, respect my privacy and have better prices.

  41. Experience: Neutral

    I have seen a lot of negative reviews here and honestly wish I had read this review site before my one order from Thompson.

    I am giving it a Neutral since I received my order in a timely manner and have not been bothered by telemarketers. I alsways use a prepaid credit card online so if I do get enrolled in some shady monthly program against my knowledge then they aren’t going to get paid. I provide that as a suggestion to anyone doing business on the internet these days. Never give someone you don’t know access to your real credit card or bank account. Its just too risky. I simply bought a prepaid thats reloadable and use that for my protection.

    I have NOT recieved any telemarketing calls from these people, but I have had a number show up on my phone repeatedly lately that I don’t recognize so I don’t answer. It could be them, it might not so I reserve judgement.

    I ordered a Fuente Hemingway 10 pack assortment that came with a 10 count travel case. Cigars were VERY dry. Came in an UNSEALED plastic bag simply held closed with a Funete sticker. No humidipack. I have a really nice humidor and I was able to put them in there and most made a decent recovery. One was damaged it was so dry but the others were intact.

    The free travel case was nice and I use it all the time.

    My experience had both positives and negatives so I give them a neutral but Most likely I will not order from them again due to their packaging, lack of humidity pack, and dryness of the smokes.

  42. Experience:

    Terrible! I was a repeat customer, but I will NEVER order from this company again. After many phone calls (on Saturday) trying to get my discount that I found online. Customer service calls me (on Monday) and tells me that they will not honor a discount that 2 previous Thompson employees had told me that they would honor. I asked them to offer me something like free shipping or another discount and they would not. I tried to canel my order and was informed that part of my order had already shipped and I would be paying full price plus additional shipping that was different from the original price on my order page. Watch out for this company they are BAD NEWS!

  43. Experience: Neutral

    Stale cigars, LOOK ON THEIR SITE TODAY AND FIND A MIXED FILLER BEING ADVERTISED AS LONG FILLER. Poor sales staff with no knowledge. Unsolicited calls.

    Enough said????????????

  44. Experience:

    How slow can they be with their shipping? I order from anywhere else, and it is in my doorstep within 4 days and no later from time of order. This place shipped my package after 4 days of order, and still waiting on the package to come. It has been 10 days since my time of order now. This is absolutely ridiculous. I am so glad I decided to cancel my membership with them.

    I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS SITE. Their deals aren’t even that great anyway, and they charge for shipping that is slower than any other while other sites give free shipping and faster shipment.

  45. Experience: Neutral

    Horrible service, constant harassment of phone calls with a great $40 deal, they were going to give me membership and have a reoccurring order of the cigars i bought and charge me 70$ instead. bullsh*. Dont ever order from them. Horrible customer service.

  46. Experience:

    I ordered a travel humidor from them because it was a good price and free shipping. They then called and wanted me to join their 250 cigar club. I said I didn’t think I smoked enough to make it worth my time. They said there was no obligations and I could cancel at any time so why not go ahead and sign up, do the math and if you don’t think it will pay off then cancel. They would also send me a free sampler for joining. I then checked my math and decided I did not consume enough cigars to warrant a regular shipment. They had not sent the ampler yet so I decided to cancel prior to receiving it. That way they were not out the cost for the sampler. I called and had to talk to three different people to get anything done. The last guy was very pushy and did not want to cancel my membership. I kept stating the fact that I was told “no obligation, cancel at any time” but he did not want to hear that. I finally had to get rather blunt before he agreed to cancel my membership. My father had a similar experience with them a couple years prior and I should have listened to him.

  47. PainNsuffering says:

    Experience: Neutral

    Years ago…1997, I became a TCC member. They offered “points” per purchase. After I accumulated over 1,000 points I called to cash them in. The female from Thompsons told me I had a whopping 250 points built up. After I complained she offered to up the points to 350. I told them to cancel my “membership” & that took 3 calls before they finally did and stopped sending me “cigars of the month”. NOW…today, years later, I decided to take a chance with them again and, after just ONE order they called me twice trying to get me to join as a member. So much for giving them my private phone number…..14 years and nothing has changed. These people, this company is nothing less than a WASTE.

  48. Suckerpunchedbysalesstaff says:


    5-6 years ago I tried to buy a gift for my dad from Thompson Cigar Company and they tagged it with a recuring Dinners Club Charge good only for Restaurants in the South Florida Area.

    Last week I wanted to buy a box of Garcia Vega Elegants Cigars for my dad and some nice Churchills for myself. I wanted a 100 pack of Augusto Reyes Churchills in either Maduro or Sumatra wrapper. When they said they were out of both I asked if they had Palma Real Churchills in Candela or Maduro. Then They said they were out of all Churchill sized cigars and that they best they could do was a box of 20 Navarro Presidentes from Nicaragua or the Early bird special (125 hand made cigars they pick the size shape and wrapper for $139)as they were all out of Churchills. I ordered my dads smokes and the Early bird special. Then they tried to hard sell to me for a half hour, while I was on my lunch break, to enter their damn cigar club. I held my ground and said no. (They will probably slam my credit card anyway against my wishes.) Then when the Early Bird special arrived it was filled 2/5th’s of the way with Churchills. Order is going back tomorrow.

  49. Experience:

    I was hesitant to buy from this company based off this message board. However, I proceeded with buying 3 90 rated samplers as I could not find another shop with such an offer, newbie. I’ve received no phone calls or emails harassing me. They sent an email with my receipt and tracking info. They promptly sent my package. The cigars were all perfectly packaged, probably could have smoked them right away but I will let them rest. They were not dried out and this was all the way from FL to WA. Only 2 out of the 40 were not rated 90 or above, although CA’s site is hard to follow since there are no pics. Overall it was a great experience. Just remember, they must be doing something right if they’ve been around since 1915.

  50. Experience:

    Horrible experience. Sales staff pushy, customer service terrible, no warning of credit card charge, and a couple dry cigars. They would rather save $15 than satisfy a customer. I’m taking my business elsewhere and recommend others do the same.

  51. Ironstate says:


    I never used this company before but decided to try a new cigar that they carry. I placed my order 04/01/11…….just leaving the facility for shipping today (04/07/11). The UPS site claims a delivery date of 04/12/11. I have no clue what thompson did the last 6 days but I do know they charged my card without delay. I’m already fed up with this company over their shipping. I will stick with a competitor. They have my product fresh to my door in 2 days. TIT, “Thompson is Terrible”

  52. M. Hamby says:


    I have been buying and enjoying many of the Thompson Cigar Company’s selections. I am very pleased with the quality of the cigars and the fine service that the company provides. I encourage others to give this company a try and see for yourself.

  53. Cletus J. "Bubba" Huckabee Jr. says:


    Buyer Beware!

    I was looking for some cheap cigars to announce the birth of a child. At Thompson Cigars I found lots of cheap, mid to low quality cigars – just what I needed. I ordered one of their bags of 30 assorted cigars and within a few days it was delivered as promised. I was pleased! I put the order on my credit card, but I didn’t spend a great deal of money and I my modest expectations were met. I thought I would pass out the cigars and never need to think about the folks in Florida again. Stupid me.
    A few days later a duplicate box of cigars arrived. I called their phone jockey to inform them that I had received the box and needed to return it. The gormless phone jockey put me on hold, then came back, then put me on hold again, then came back and said he would send a pre-paid shipping label I could use to send the box back to Florida. I thought I had done my good deed for the day and was finished. Stupid me.
    Thompson stared dunning me. First it was simple reminders from their sales department telling me that I had not paid for the second box, then the letters started getting nasty, then the letters threatened legal action. All this because Thompson has sloppy bookkeeping and because they screwed up – they threatened me with legal action. I thought I would call and clear the situation. Stupid me.
    The next phone jockey was more gormless than the first. I explained to him what had happened and he informed me that the payment for the first order (the cigars that had been paid for, distriubuted, smoked, and forgotten) had been refunded. Why? He couldn’t tell me. I asked if he understood that I had paid for what I wanted and then Thompson dumped an extra order on me without my request…he sheepishly indicated that he could see that on his computer screen. I told him that I had wanted to do the right thing and return to Thompson what I had not paid for, but wondered if I had just kept my mouth shut and not returned the extra 30 cigars if none of this problem would have occurred, if none of the threatening letter would have been sent, if I would have been left alone. He sheepishly said, “yes.” Stupid me.

    Don’t be stupid like me – avoid this company. They have a bunch of low-end cigars that are just what they advertise and if that was that, it would be OK, but it isn’t. I should have looked around on the internet at all the other complaints about their bookkeeping and accounting and I should have then taken my money elsewhere. Stupid me.
    To make matters worse, I have now called and asked three times to be taken off their mailing list. The junk mail keeps on coming and they have sold my name and address to other mass marketers. Buyer beware – stay away from Thompson Cigars.

  54. Experience:

    Ordered cigars, they arrived in a zip lock bag and they are as stale as a dried tree limb! Will no longer do business with them. Contacted customer service, no response!

  55. Jennifer & Ken says:



  56. Experience:

    Bought from here a few times. Cigars were terrible and dry, pushy sales staff, lots of spam, and the prices aren’t even that good for mainstream stuff. Their house brands appear to be an OK deal at first, but when I got them, both times I disposed of them in the trash. they smelled and tasted like urine.

  57. leanderdsilva says:


    Hi. I had orderd a humidor from Thompson cigar a few weeks back to be sent to my uncle in Calif…(since they ship to the US only) so he could ship it to me in Canada. From the moment I confirmed my payment, all these guys did was give me trouble. In a couple of days one of their customer service reps called me, pestering me to join their 250 club or some rubbish like that. So I did after they told me i’d receive some free stuff and a pack of 5 cigars of my choice absolutely free. Turns out they charged my credit card for it without letting me know. Secondly, I had paid for UPS two day shipping- it took about a week for my uncle in California to receive the humidor and then he had it shipped to me. When I opened the package I was disappointed to find a wrong humidor( a much cheaper and smaller one)and the “wrong humidor” has a dent on it!! I called customer service to talk to them about this but they were extremely rude and unapologetic. They acted like I was the one who made a mistake! Now to return this thing it’ll cost me about $100, which is not worth it. Don’t rely on the Thompson cigar’s “95 year old return policy”. Its crap. The customer service it terrible and they’ll keep calling you till you join thier silly club.

  58. BillStein says:


    I bought a starter with a selection of cigars and a humidor.
    Since they accepted ebay, and I keep a balance there, I used ebay to pay for my order. Upon reviewing my PP account a few days later, I noticed 2 transactions pending. I went to the Thompson site, and noticed that since I live in Louisiana, I had to provide proof of age.
    After I did that, a third charge appeared on my Paypal account, and my order was shipped. The other 2 charges still showed as Pending.
    Now, over a month later, they are still holding twice the amount of my order (in addition to the actual cost) despite daily emails back and forth with them. I’ve supplied paypal transaction numbers, screenshots of my paypal account showing all three transactions, etc… and they are still acting like they can’t see where I was charged 3 times.
    STAY AWAY AT ALL COSTS! They are either swindlers or imbeciles… Either way, is it worth risking your money?

  59. KingoftheCove says:

    Experience: Neutral

    OK – time for a brief reality check here.
    As noted, Thompson has been in business long time. If 75% of their customers were unhappy, they would have been OUT of business years ago, and certainly would not have survived the “cigar boom” or the growth of the modern Internet and online ordering starting around 2000. So what gives?

    I used to order from Thompsons back in the 80s and into the mid 90s using the catalog, and NEVER had one issue. Note that I was (and am now) and light smoker and probably purchased less about 150 cigars per year. But I also bought a humidor and numerous accessories, good prices, good product, good delivery.
    Then I quit smoking cigars from 1995 until about 3 months ago (my kids are all grown up – they understand the risks – I feel like I can enjoy a smoke now and again without the guilt that maybe I’m influencing them in some way or another, blah, blah.)
    So I went back to Thompson, bought a humidor and some smokes (bundle deal) – and have since ordered more stogies.
    Here’s my numbers – 45 cigars ordered (all between $2.00 and $3.50/stick – yeah I know – I’m a cheap ass – but that’s all I can afford)
    10 – I thought were outstanding
    30 or so – quite good considering the price, etc.
    a few not so good, and one reject (had a hole in it – I couldn’t fix it)

    So why the 75% Negative feed back here?
    Here’s my 2 cents, (after spending a career in Market Research, marketing, statistics, web development and data systems, information architecture, end user systems analytics, etc. etc.)

    Most of you already know this, but people are MUCH more likely to take the time to go online and use the web to complain and hammer a company, than they will to offer praise. That’s just the nature of things – plain and simple, and is a well understood and much researched phenomena.
    I’m not discounting all the people on this site who compain about Thompson – I’m absolutely convinced they got screwed, short changed, cheated, and ripped off. It is not cool. Maybe I have been lucky thus far. Maybe Thompson needs to be more responsive to customer complaints, etc.

    Thus far my experience with Thompson has revealed the one glaring weakness, and is why I gave them a neutral rating:
    Shipping Issues – wow!! Thompson is SLOW – and it took me a while to figure out that they do NOT send you confirmation emails – you have to use their phone system, enter you phone number, etc. – what is this 1985? I don’t want to have to call you damn it! I want an email sent to me within 24 hours letting me know you are processing my order, and then another email the moment you have a tracking number – I don’t want to have to call – I’m busy man!

    I ordered some sticks from a competitor, and boom – instant email notification that my order was received, then another that it’s processed, then another that it shipped with a tracking number. Thompson should learn how to do that – it’s not rocket science – I know.

  60. mickey shea says:


    I live in NYC, where the money grubbing nanny politicians have taxed tobacco to the edge of extermination, so I refuse to spend one nickel on cigars here.
    My experience with Thompson has been good.
    I’m in the cigar club and after 250 points get a voucher for 10% of what I spent. Never received an erroneous shipment. Delivery time has always been five days. If I don’t like a product, I’ve sent it back and got immediate credit. Never been scammed. Yes, the sales staff can be pushy, and I’ve told them a number of times to just shut up and take my order.
    Twice they’ve sent me a free sample pack of 10
    great cigars for being a good client.
    I’m saving a fortune buying from them instead of
    NYC vendors. Some of their house brands are quite good, and I’ve never received stale cigars.

  61. Experience:

    Pushy salespeople. They almost tricked me into an automatic replenishment system where they automatically send me cigars by disguising it as a 10% savings. I only want cigars when I order them, thanks.

  62. Experience:

    I have gotten excellent service from Thompsons. I live in Jacksonville so I usually get orders within two days of order placement. I am very firm with the staff about what I want and just say no to other offers. Don’t be a wuss and the staff won’t be a problem. Try the VSOP cigars, they are a bargain.

  63. Samuel M says:

    Experience: Neutral

    I haven’t received my order yet, but they’ve tried phoning me twice since then. When I finally figured out who it was I called them back. The woman who answered the phone told me my order was shipped (which was backed up by the fact that they had charged me for the order), and they proceeded to push some sort of club on me. I was all for it, including the free gift, until she said she was going to put me on a MONTHLY shipping schedule of my order. I asked her if there was a way to join the club and NOT get on a monthly shipping schedule but she didn’t answer and simply pushed the “benefits” of joining the club. When I tried to decline she pushed it three more times. In fact, that’s the easiest way to describe the customer service: pushy. I told her I didn’t want to join the club, she told me I’d lose my “five points for ordering five cigars” and I said, “that’s fine.” She wished me a good day and hung up. The only reason I purchased that order from them was because they had the cheapest price I’ve seen for the La Flor Coronado Corona Gorda. However, if I have to deal with that kind of customer service and weekly phone interruption, I’ll pass on ordering from them again.

  64. Experience:

    Some of their name brand cigars are real turds and the customer service needs help.

  65. Samuel M says:


    I finally got that La Flor Coronada Corona Gorda order I wrote about above on June 12th. They sent the wrong size. I called them today to tell them about it and noticed three things. First, I DEFINITELY ordered a cigar by La Flor called the Coronado: Corona Gorda. Second, the listing did give the shape as Corona Gorda. Third, the measurements for the listing were given as the Especial. The third point is what they put all their weight on. “You ordered what you got!” they insisted, even when I told them that I was staring at the La Flor Dominicana website and was able to read off the actual size and the Corona Gorda was a 7 inch by 60 gauge cigar. Her only response was that she couldn’t go to that site – her computer wouldn’t let her. To make a long story short, they did NOT make up for their own ignorance, but insisted on being right and now I have to return these cigars to get a refund. How frustrating! I will never order from these guys again. Bad manners, pushy customer service and errors they make the customers pay for? BS. No thanks.

  66. Experience:

    Two words: NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2 weeks from order, still no cigars, customer service non-responsive…..

  67. Experience: Neutral

    I am currently in Afghanistan. I think Thompson is pretty good. delivery is 7-10 days (veries on the mail guys out here). cigars are inn pretty good condition never recieved a dried out or moldy cigar. They always have a wide variety to choose from.

  68. OLD SQUID says:


    Joined their “club”, carged my card 1 1/2 months later, a day after that my order came. 2 days after that they charged my card again. I called and they told me that I would recieve another order since the first ones where backordered. I told the phone robot that as much as I love my Punch cigars I don’t need 100 maduros!!! I asked them to take the charge off my card and they said they would as soon as I send back the the cigars they sent. It’s been 2 weeks now and no cigars.

  69. Experience:

    Ordered a humidor for my husband as an anniversary gift. What a horrid experience! Paid extra money for overnight shipping, now almost a week later it has finally shipped! Contacted customer Serv. And it took 3 days to recieve a reponse back saying that my order was shipped today. So much for arriving in time for our anniversary. I notified them today that I will be returning my order and taking my business somwhere else. I am also planning to contact the BBB. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!

  70. Experience:

    High prices, their high-pressure salesmen WILL call you and try to sell you more cigars and club memberships, and they DO sell your name, address, and phone number to third-party marketers. AVOID AVOID!

  71. Experience:

    Ok I started a few bad comments on Thompson Cigars here and elsewhere after receiving stale cigars poor service (I asked if a cigar had long filler and the girl on the phone said it was 7″ and 50 ring and I told her I knew that I was talking about the leaf–after being told 3 times it is this xxx long I asked to speak to someone who knew about cigars–she told me where to go and hung up) On another effort one of the few cheapy cigars I like their house Jag I received the cigar fall apart stale and a repeat after getting stale cigars I talked to a manager who got back to me saying they all were stale after he checked—they did nothing for my efforts. Just said return them. Customer service at it’s best!

    The final straw was advertising a Pepin cigar as long filler only after ordering I found it was short and sent back after they fell apart after clipping–explained the $2.50 each price–Said they would change the advertisements—they didn’t

    OK 2-3 yrs after last week I could no longer buy G.A.R. Vanguard at Holts and like the cigar I bought some for the hell of it I order Nestor Miranda cigars they had on special—STALE —what a surprise—NEVER AGAIN!!!

  72. Experience: Neutral

    Got a 16 cigar sampler for ~$20. I knew ordering it that it had some Thompson house brands in it. After getting it realized they are all Thompson cigars- just most of the bands have different names on them. After smoking 3 of them I believe they are exactly the same cigar just different bands. Arrived 5 days after order, however, on the dry side and burn fast and unevenly. Don’t think I’ll order from them again.

  73. Experience:

    I was sucked in by a friends recommendation and a promise of cigars at a reasonable price. I predominantly order cigars/cigarillos in the .50-$1 a stick range when they are on sale so I am not to picky.

    I started receiving calls about joining their 250 club over a year ago and decided to sign up in order to try different cigars. The first set the person recommended was great, however the next time my shipment came up I got a call telling me that they were out of stock and they recommended a different kind. Ok, those weren’t half bad (it was a Thompson label), I put off my next shipment because I moved back by my folks, and when the next order come to ship, I got a call again telling me that they did not have those is stock, instead recommended Good Days. Worst stuff ever, so I returned them and was out the cost of shipping. I put off my next club order for a while trying to find another cigar that I would like to try, but everything they offered was at $3+ a stick other than the crappy good days. Well that was fine until they ship me a case 3 weeks early, thankfully they were thompsons which are ok, but I was a little pissed. That they shipped early.

    Then I looked because I figered I had hit 250 eligable cigars and realised that all this time I apparently had 250 club credits expiring because I didnt know I had them. You have to call and ask for them. Ok well that’s a pain, but she said I could apply it to my online order by calling them afer I placed the order. That was once again annoying but ok. Well today I was told that the code can only be used on phone orders and not internet orders, which the person explained means I cannot use Paypal (which is what I use to pay my club orders) and is not good for “Internet only specials” meaning no free shipping deals.

    Is there anything that this company actualy offers customers other than a hard time? I plan on canceling my membership in the 250 club and not buying from them ever again.

  74. Experience: Neutral

    Smoked my first cigar in 1959. After all these years, my cigars come exclusively from Cigars International, and J.R. Thompson prices on the premiums I buy run $30.00 to $35.00 more. I won’t run them down, and I won’t praise them either. I just won’t buy there.

  75. Experience: Neutral

    i like the cigars but whenever i order from them my credit card is hack and up to 1500 dollars have been stolen. it is ridiculous dont order from thompsons!!!

  76. Experience:

    Salesperson lied to me and later charged my credit card for $100 without my knowledge or permission. BE CAREFUL THESE PEOPLE WILL TRY TO SCAM YOU!!!

    If these guys have sent you cigars you don’t want or charged you without permission, please file complaints with consumer protection agencies. Give these guys the same headache they gave you. Some good ones are the Better Business Bureau, Federal Trade Administration, Tampa Area Consumer Protection Agency and Florida Dept. of Business & Professional Regulation.

  77. Experience:

    These people are horrendous! I ordered cigars as a gift to be delivered over two weeks ago. We never got a call from the client saying they received it so we called Thompson up to confirm. Apparently they were missing some information on the delivery address and instead of calling me to confirm and get the needed information they just had the cigars sent back to them! Of course they charged our credit card. When I called to find out what was happening, the CS rep would not put on her manager at ALL and then she had the nerve to keep putting me on hold and then refused to have the product shipped over night to correct THEIR error. They suck, DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM unless you wnt a huge headache. I went to Davidoff and they were good to me.

  78. Experience: Neutral

    Have been having some fraudulent credit card activity that seems to correspond with a Thompson Cigar purchase.

  79. Experience: Neutral

    I just cancelled my order with this guys, I placed my order a few days ago, almost immediately their sales people called to get me into their “cigar club” told me my order was on its way when it wasn’t, it was backordered with no ETA and nobody bothered to tell me. Ive dealt with a lot of cigar retailers, this guys are very sketchy, stay away!!!!

  80. Experience: Neutral

    W-e-e-e-l-l-l! I had said previously it may be awhile b4 my ordering from them again. There was an email advertisement for an incredible deal for $19.99, free shipping…and the company said “Best Cigars”(?) or something like that. I clicked on for more info, and Lo – “This sure looks like Thompson’s website!” and turned out it was. I held off for 2 months, then decided to try it (as was mentioned, it was an incredible deal) and this was 2 weeks before Xmas. Dec. 30th I emailed them on the status of the arrival of my order. Then I got an email tracking no. where it showed it was only shipped after my email inquiry – a full 3&1/2 weeks after placing the order. Three days ago I get a phone call from Thompsons asking how I liked my order. I told them very matter-of-factly that the order apparently didn’t decide to ship until I asked where the order was. They sort of toned down their enthusiasm and asked if I wanted anything else. I said, “Nope,” rather forcefully, they said “Goodbye,” without anymore pressure. Maybe these statements here have had an effect!? I’ve always gotten my merchandise when I ordered from them, and I guess in the past I was just never annoyed by all their phone calls!

  81. Experience: Neutral

    Humidor arrived *slightly* damaged, but only cosmetically so I decided to just save myself the headache of dealing with the return and accept it as-is… which I don’t feel I should have to do but it’s what I get for not being more careful who I buy from.

    Cigar sampler was DRY, rock hard smokes, split wrappers and so on. I’m glad I only ordered the one sampler and I hope the majority of smokes will re-humidify in my humidor.

    Don’t bother with these guys, just buy from your local tobacconist, trust me, it will pay off with better service and quality.

  82. Experience:

    I ordered my cigars 10 days ago from within Florida state and I still haven’t gotten them and the only response I get from the customer service department is that they were shipped US Mail and they can’t track them. I asked for a refund and they said they don’t give refunds on shipped packages, I can order a return package slip and ship the package back when I receive it. The problem is that I haven’t received it. Crappy customer service, crappy sales department, one customer service agent actually laughed at me. Really not the place to go for cigars.

  83. Experience: Neutral

    Could anyone please provide me with an email for them their email bounced back and their phone nr does not work what is going on ? 800216 7170 is this their phone nr ? I could use their email address I can not believe there is no email address on line ?

  84. BillStein2 says:

    Experience: Neutral

    Try [email protected]. That’s where the emails where sent from when they were giving me the run-around.

  85. Experience:

    Horrible customer service that keeps calling you to push products. Got a complaint? They’ll try ot sell you something else. I’m sorry they have my contact information and credit card number. They also shipped me cigars that could have been sand, and I would not have known the difference. $40 down the drain.

  86. Experience: Neutral

    They’re are a Florida company. I don’t see how their cigars can be “under humidified”. Sometimes I have over 80% in my humidor without a sponge or anything and occasionally I need to leave the lid open. Florida is the tropics.

  87. CigarSmokingMainer says:


    I have been dealing with Thompson for several months now, and overall, I am extremely pleased!

    I started out with them by ordering their “Powerhouse Toro” deal for $19.99, which included 12 premium cigars, a small humidor, a lighter and cutter, and I also ordered a box of their “Thompson Explorer Lonsdale Habano” for $15.99, which I thought would be good for a basic cigar to share, etc.

    I ended up very fond of the Thompson Explorer. Not overly complex, but a good, basic smoke and easy on the wallet. Good, consistent flavor, burn nicely, well constructed, really nothing to complain about, especially at under a buck a stick!
    I have since ordered 5 more boxes of these so as to assure I got them at the $15 a box price.

    As for the sampler and humidor, I was also happy with that. They arrived safe and sound and well packed.

    The humidor is about what one would expect for $20. Nothing special, but it is cedar lined and included a humidifier. I now use it as a desktop piece in my home office so to keep from opening my large humidor frequently for grabbing my smokes.

    Customer service has been very good. Never pushy, always friendly and helpful, and I’ve always had my questions answered with knowledgeable replies, though I have been transferred to a more knowledgeable associate on a few occasions to assure I got the proper help.

    The lack of a tracking number for shipping is my only complaint, though a small issue. It would be nice to be provided a way of knowing where my package is though.

  88. Dmitriy A says:


    They made mistake on the shipping address. Their contract with UPS allows only one delivery attempt so I couldn’t even fix it – UPS proposed me to pick it up by myself. Thomson Cigars representative couldn’t fix it either and proposed me to make another order (mean pay again and wait again) and wait until original package will be returned by UPS in few weeks for a refund.

    Any reputable company would send another package with overnight shipping on their own expense without putting pressure on customers. Many would even give some credit as an apology. But these guys didn’t even make an effort.

    After such a “nice” proposal for making another order I just requested cancellation and it took me some time and insistence, because they wanted to wait until undelivered package arrives back to them in few weeks.

    I requested an immediate refund and just got a message about partial refund – they decided to not refund shipping cost – what the impudence!!!

    Avoid them.

  89. skojis says:


    Had a order shipped girl told me no problem you can change address, items were delivered no product was recieved. Called back and waited for 2 hours customer service was a joke canceled everything and 2 days later charged again! Thanks for nothing and for taking my money oh but I can return them in 10 days to get my money back! thanks for messing up my accounts and eveything.

  90. Experience:

    Brute-force-marketing dept can go %#^@ themselves. They actually signed me up for their “club” after “no thank you” was repeated a dozen times. Never again.

  91. tio2x13 says:


    They suck. I stayed away for 2 years because they always advertise what they don’t have on great deals and then push some THompson crap on you. This time, not only did they not have what was in their “deal of the Day” but they preauthorized the cost of it onto my credit card; asked me to take some other crap, and then preauthorized again!!!!!!

  92. wwhwang says:


    If you’re looking for a good place to buy cigars, Thompson’s is not for you.

    If you’re looking to become a target of credit card fraud, tons of spam in your mailbox and email, harassing phone calls at all hours of the day, a marketing department so dishonest that they steal videos and pictures from cigar review sites, and a business owner so clueless that he thinks mold on your cigars is a good thing, Thompson’s is the perfect fit for you.

  93. Jay Smith says:

    Experience: Neutral

    They will lie about special offers. Will send the wrong cigars if they are out of your cigars. Will call you later regarding their membership. Said I would get free shipping if I ordered six bundles,then charged $16.00 for shipping. Spent twenty minutes on phone hearing about membership which I said I did not want several times. The only reason I have called back is a cigar I could not find elsewhere. Will never deal with them again. I’m now tring to return my last order. I have little hope of that.

  94. Experience:

    Got excellent cigars at a great price in a reasonable time with no cost for shipping.

    I’ve never signed up for anything; never been contacted. I feel bad for the folks who had a rotten experience — but after 3 orders I am completely satisfied.

  95. Experience:

    been dealin’ with Thompson for many years and I have never had any problem or any phone calls. I do screen my calls but everything has always been on time, fresh and accurate. Maybe I’ve been lucky?!

  96. sammy-jo says:

    Experience: Neutral

    I remember when I was 13, back in 1975. I sent away for the free cigars and intercepted them after school. What a bonus, I was a cigarette smoker at the time and stole all my ciggies from the parents of friends. What a joy to smoke something real. Those were the good ole days, piles of junk mail came to my step father for about 5 years. No skin off my back! Thanks for the info on this post, I’ll stick with a good seller now and pass on the pushy dried out crap and the hard sell!

  97. francodiamond says:


    Second time I purchased cigars through Thompson. First; cigars came in stale….not even smokeable. Second and last experiance…they sent my order to the wrong address. They charged my Paypal here we are 3 months later and i still don’t have a refund. Had to open claim with Paypal. Called them 5 times and cost me 30 minutes each call. They are the worst online “anything” i have ever did business with.

  98. Dandorthewarlord says:


    Prices/Value- C (meh)

    Customer Service- D (meh)

    Shipping- B-

    Cigar Freshness- D (meh)

    Bottom Line- I have orderd 6 times from them in the past and each time it was a mess.
    If you like terrible houseblends, stale cigars and just a bad service , this is your place. Seriously. No. No. No. Again. No.

    Overall Rating- D+

  99. Laffingravy says:


    Avoid them. The cigars are mediocre at best. I ordered a sampler online @ $29 and used Paypal. No problem. Out of the blue 2 months later, I had a $57 charge from Thompson Cigars on my Paypal account. It seems that Thompson unilaterally decided to sign me up for recurring shipments every month. I have seen their 250 b.s. offer and never signed up for it. Bad business.

  100. Experience: Neutral

    I did place a order ten days ago. but I have not seen any cigar from customer service is automatic but never use a order # . I am waiting..

  101. Experience:

    I got my cigar, it is perfect! I like it. nice cigar and box.

  102. Experience:

    Got one of their bundles, the price was good so I tried. Delivery was prompt but the cigars were dry….I couldn’t smoke them and I got them to enjoy with a friend we tried the macanudos ( that I smoke before from a local store and loved them) they were horrible ruined my smoke experience. Next time will get my cigars from my local store.

  103. Experience:

    Holy crap these guys get bad reviews. I am a Tampa Fl native where Thompson is headquartered. I order mail order but usually go directly to their location which is a HUGE building with impressive cigar selection. The salespeople which are usually the same 3-4 guys are knowledgeable and even able to come down on internet price depending on what you buy. Thats the good part…Primarily, Thompson is a entry-level customer service/high pressure sales business. They have huge banners along the street they are located showing they are constantly hiring cust svc reps. I’ll assume the turn over rate is through the roof.
    I am actually (and almost embarrassedly ) a member of their 250 club. Everytime you reach 250 cigars, they send me a voucher for 10% of my total purchases. that combined with the discount they give @ counter sales beats most internet prices i have found. If Im stocked up on smokes, I call them or tell the counter sales guys to hold my next months automatic order. So yeah I fell for the sales pitch, but being local It seems much easier to get results and good service when you are face to face with their employees. Also being local my mail order items arrive usually next day even though i only pay for ground freight, so i cant complain about delivery times.
    im sure if I wasnt local I would be singing a different tune based on the negative reviews pasted all over on Thompsons

  104. Experience:

    First purchase went just fine
    Second purchase is all foobar.

    Can’t track order.
    I have no idea when or if it will be delivered.
    Online tracking points to Phone ##
    Phone tracking is useless, rattles off UPS # to fast and all slurred together.

    I ordered on line.
    I want to track on line !!!

    Will go else were next time.


  105. Experience:

    Where do I begin? I made an order on August 30th because I was stupid enough to try the “Shameless Bribe”. They said it shipped the 31st but I didn’t get them until Sepotember 11! They were stale and the water pillow they assured me was in there wasn’t. They lied. They ALSO WANTED $7 to return them stale cigars to them! Then they resent me the wrong sampler pack, some cheap knockoff crap cigars. 20 days later after fighting with them on the phone they finally shipped the sampler pack again but it was the shameless bribe II pack which again, is different. I still haven’t got it so maybe by mid October I’ll see them, if I’m lucky. Sales staff is rude and pushy, they tried to send me a box of Prensados ($200!!!) a month as if anyone can smoke more than a box of cigars a month. What are these people, drug dealers? We’d all have mouth cancer if we smoked what they wanted us too! I hope this company closes down, we don’t need people like this in our country, they are not the proud American company they claim to be, they are more like wall street thugs than anything.

  106. Experience:

    Made a horrible mistake of ordering some cigars from Thompson and joining their “club”. After the first order I realized their 92+ are really not close to that. Then the phone calls started coming in after I cancelled, and in spite of my asking them to put me in their “no call” list they keep on calling. Realizing they still had my credit card number I cancelled that too and got a new one. Yesterday they called me again, tomorrow I am changing the phone number. It’s insane, folks, DON’T MAKE THE MISTAKE OF ORDERING FROM THIS COMPANY! Their sales techniques comes straight from the USED CAR arena!

  107. Experience:

    Husband bought cigars from Afghanastan. They never arrived. They recharched our credit card and sent another package..Still not receiverd almost 3 weeks and I only live 2 hours from Tampa. They suck!!

  108. Experience:

    I have ordered from Thompson’s for a year now. I originally signed up for the Cigar Club, then lost my job. It was canceled without any problems. I don’t get phone calls and get an e-mail every other day or two, but thats okay because it keeps me up to date on sales. Yes, they do have a lot of low quality cigars (the Thompson brand) for people who can not afford premimum cigars, but they also have a lot of high quality cigars.

  109. Peter Simmons says:

    Experience: Neutral

    I live in the UK and don’t smoke tobacco. These lowlife retards are spamming me several times a day, all from different fake email addresses, their address at the bottom is even fake and the unsubscribe doesn’t work, just there for effect. They are criminals and should be locked up, or preferably blown away. Stories here indicate they are doing it to American customers even, why doesn’t someone take action against them? Are you used to being ripped off? Do Americans just put up with it, or are there any men around?

  110. Experience: Neutral

    Do not buy from this company. I received a phone call in February that I only needed to place 2 more orders and my bonus would kick in. Placed an order for March and April. Was sent a 3rd order in May- free bonus- and then the phone calls began asking for payment for May. I explained it was the free bonus, the rep said he would check on it and call me back. Called me back in a day or two, said I was right and he had taken care of the charge. Today I received a letter from a collection agency. Called Thompson and they denied there was ever an offer of a bonus and I had to pay up. Asked to speak to a supervisor and received the same info from her. Said they would check in to it for “training purposes” but I have to pay the $79.00. Stay away from this company!

  111. Experience:

    Ordered a few single cigars from them and one of the cigars was wrong. Although they asked me to ship it back for an exchange, 5 days to Florida and 5 days back isn’t worth it. Read all the reviews here, it will happen to you also. Plus they do not provide tracking numbers and make you call for the tracking number so they can try to sign you up for the club.

  112. Experience: Neutral

    My friend order my xmas gift from them and they never sent it, oh and this is the second year in the row. So I told him to cancel it or do a charge back

  113. crazydiver says:


    I have bought cigars for months from them , then i get a call to be part of a club , i asked if I was going to be charged a fee of any sort they said no its just a club for points , A month later I have $125 dollars withdrawn from my bank account . i called costumer service I don’t get a call back till 4 days later and get called a liar by the supervisor ,I asked her if she heard the recorded phone call se said “no” . she said she has notes from some department (probably the same person that lied to me) THOMPSON CIGAR COMPANY IS RUNNING A SCAM . I asked for my money to be returned immediately . I was told NO .UNPROFESSIONAL ,MISLEADING ,COSTUMER SERVICE IS NONE EXISTING AND DISAPPOINTING ..these are not the best of times to loose customers , my recommendation is DO NO USE THIS COMPANY . SAD WAY TO RUN A BUSINESS .

  114. Experience:

    Our account was suspended. We requested it be placed under suspension because we did not want to continue the monthly club at the time.

    During that call we were advised that we would be notified before it became active again and before we would be charged.

    This was incorrect. We were charged for a shipment and not notified ahead of time. The shipment was sent to an address we no longer reside at.

    We requested they reship the cigars to our new address or refund us, they refused either option. I escalated to a manager who stated they would return my call later that day. When the call was returned they advised that it was our fault that we did not notify them that we moved 4 months ago, and that we will not get the cigars, nor would they refund us for merchandise we did not receive. I advised this answer would result in me contacting my bank to start the dispute process.

    Our bank attempted to contact them today, to which Thompson Cigars immediately hung up on our banking representative as soon as he mentioned he was with Bank Of America. We called back again, this time I answered the representative. We spoke with an extremely rude representative that once again, advised it was our fault for not notifying a company we have no contact with in at least 6 or 7 months that we had moved. We do have a forwarding address on file with the USPS, however, as of today, nothing has been forwarded to us. It is not fair that we are being charged for a shipment we have not received, and that the company, Thompsons Cigars, refuses to refund. It is unethical and a scam.

  115. Experience:

    Horrible place to order from – after one order, my phone and email have been constantly assailed by “offers” from Thompson Cigar – I have spoken with customer representatives numerous times and asked to not be called by them, that I would call them if I wanted to order anything – yet they continue to call. Today, I called them once again to note that I was considering it harassment to continue to be called by them and to once again ask to not receive calls from them. The customer rep was extremely rude and said “so you want to be placed on our do not call list? fine!” and hung up. My email has been constantly filled with spam since ordering from them. I recommend staying far away from this company.

  116. Experience:

    Made an order for my hubby at Christmas. Then Thomson called and asked my husband if he wanted to join thier club with his cigars. Christmas spoiled and the answer was NO, but they charged our card any.

  117. Marsgabriel says:


    It took them a small while to ship my products, but once they arrived they were in mint condition considering they are shipping from across the nation. I am happy ordering from them.

  118. Experience:

    Thompson regularly buggers up orders and does not follow instructions. First dealing with them was a November order for xmas presents that arrived in January. Twice items arrived damaged with no refund. Canceled “regular orders” were billed for anyways. thier guarantee of 100% satisfaction is only a representation that THEY are 100% satisfied with having gotten my money. I just cancelled everything with them 10 minutes ago after finding my card was charged a different amount than I had ordered Friday, I expect they did not actually cancel everything as asked and I will get billed yet again for something…

  119. JohnnyCocktails says:


    Awful, after my elderly father said he DIDN’T want to join their VIP Cigar Club, they enrolled him anyway and were set to charge his card after the 1 st month…

    I see several other reviews where this happened, they should be closely looked at by the Better Business Bureau for their unscrupulous business practices!

  120. Kidd Karibe says:


    I’ve been buying from them for years – both online and at the store in Tampa. 100% positive experience – yes they do send out a lot of emails
    but it’s not a big deal to delete the ones I don’t want to read. Very suprised to see so many thumbs down.

  121. Experience:

    very pushy sales staff. Cigars are dry and under humidified. They will have 3 sales reps call in a 15 minute time, in which they are scamming you to commit to more purchases. Also, stay away from the 250 program, that’s the line they use to trick you… before you know it, your credit card or Paypal account is being charged big $$ from them without you knowing. Stay far away from Thompson cigars.

  122. Alex Lancaster says:

    Experience: Neutral

    Mixed review .I got a few good deals on cheap samplers for events when good sticks don’t really matter. Prices on premium smokes are generally a little higher and they have their non discounted brands which are the ones I smoke. Living in south Fl you would think shipping across the state would be no big deal since some of the brands I smoke are based a stones throw from the Thompson headquarters. I can get my favorite brands much cheaper with usually 10-20 % off and free shipping with freebies (sometimes). Don’t understand the non discounted brands. The phone calls stink just say no. Don’t trust their catalog ratings on cigars they are not always right.( they need a better proof reader.). Overall just OK.

  123. Experience:

    I paid for 3 day shipping on the nov. 23rd. It is now Decembber 2. Im still waiting for my package.

  124. Experience:

    I have been ordering from Thompson’s for about 2 years now and have had nothing but a positive experience. My orders routinely make it from Florida to Texas in 3 or 4 business days and the sticks have always been in good shape. I once called and complained about a couple of the cigars in a sampler I had ordered being different than the ones in the ad, and a week later I received 2 high quality freebies! In the 2 years I have done business with them, I don’t recall any phone communications from them ever…..but I do receive e-mails and catalogs regularly.

  125. Michael says:


    Thompson Cigars is by far the worst retail cigar outlet I have ever experienced. Poor customer service and overall bad business philosophy will eventually close them down or severely dent their bottom line. I have had 3 bad experiences with them but kept going back since I now reside in Florida. So recently I ordered over $50 in cigars to get their “free shipping” offer only to find that their shippers lost my order within 4 days. The reasons (excuses) are to numerous to list here but basically they choose the least expensive method for shipping; they wanted the cheapest deal and ended up with a system riddled with problems that were known going into the deal; specifically, using DHL coupled with USPS. After 8 conversations with DHL, USPS and Thompson Cigars Customer Service, I was told nothing could be done and I’d have to wait 10 days to get a replacement order.

    I will go back to Cigars International. I always got my order within 4 days even though they are 1200 miles away from me. Goodbye Thompson!

  126. Experience:

    Since I started this hatefest of Thompson Cigars—I couldn’t help but notice a good review here and there–OK sent me stale cigars 4 times—they had a good deal on a George Rico/Grand Habano cigar I liked or never would I have bought again as they also sell mixed fillers as long filler leaf cigars. AKA they lie

    Customer Service I asked was it LF or mixed and she said 6 1/2″–I said—“ I know how long it is and the gauge”. I want to know if it long or mixed filler—she again told me 6 1/2″ –I asked for someone who knew about cigars and she hung-up on me. Typical Thompson—Now they do have the occasion deal and not all cigars come dried out and brittle but as a whole their house brands are beyond bad, services sucks, and Holts, Mikes, CI, JR are better and cheaper. No reason to go back again. Limited cigars but another stop is Cigar Place–all but CI have great service and CI will send them fresh.

    Might note the last good review here the person had a number of spelling mistakes and didn’t capitalize —I have Word and use it so shouldn’t be too pompous but it also suggests his Pro Thompson stance might fit the author as even this site shows red when you make a mistake.

  127. Experience:

    I made a semi ignorant first purchase from Thompson cigar a week and a half ago. I had never bought from thompson, nor had I researched them and read this negativity. I wouldn’t have purchased from them if I did my normal process and read first and bought later. I really wanted some AF Hemingway short story maduros because I only had one left in my humidor and it didn’t look like any of the shops in my town were going to get any in the future. My local shops have a hard enough time keeping the normal short story cigars in stock, even when they charge $8-9 a cigar. I found thompson because it was the first thing to pop up on google and one of the only places that had maduros in stock. I risked it and bought 10 along with some cheaper cigars.

    They shipped about 3 days later, and arrived on a Monday, about 4 business days after shipping. So about 8-10 days after the initial order with the weekend causing longer shipping time. I didn’t think that was too long, especially because they didn’t arrive dry or in bad shape. I’d rather have that 3 day delay in shipping and faster actual shipping than have them send it the next day after ordering, but take 8 business days to get in. So they did decent enough in my book.

    The wrappers were a little lighter than the one maduro I had left(over a year old), but from looking at others online, they seem to be close enough to the normal color… the one I had left at home seems to be abnormally dark compared to photos from reviews. Overall the cigars seem to be in decent enough shape, and they were a very low price. I can’t complain.

    Yes, they do send a lot of emails. Maybe one every two days, but nothing an unsubscribe button or a filter can’t fix. I haven’t yet received a phone call from them about joining their club. I’m going to wait it out and let my cigars rest and smoke them before I decide to use thompson again. But so far, they don’t seem as terrible as the online forums led me to believe.

  128. Experience:

    I’ve bought from Thompson for several years. I get a call every 6-8 weeks. The calls are polite, and brief. I’m in the 250 club and have redeemed once, working on the second time.

    I usually check, CI, Mike’s, JR, and Thompsons. They are generally all in the same ballpark pricewise – not every time, but generally.

  129. Experience:

    The club deal is horrible, they send you mid grade cigar and charge you premium cigar price. Customer service has no knowledge about cigar – suggest me to smoke them once I received when it’s FRESH, do not HOLD ON to them, after 1 month the cigars are NO GOOD anymore. So now they won’t accept returns. I will take my lost with their final shipment but NO MORE and sure will spread the word to my cigar buddies.

  130. Henry Carlile says:


    Years ago, I use to buy from Thompson& Co., and they gave good service then. But no more. Their prices are high, it takes too long for orders to be delivered, and without my consent they signed me up for a discount service that deducted money from my account. I cancelled and will longer do business with Thompson. Gotham Cigars gives excellent service with lower prices and quicker delivery.

  131. Experience:

    I was new to the cigar world so this was the first company online I tried, which I ordered from 3 times. Sales rep calls me twice in a month trying aggressively to make sales and make me a member. Then shortly after they made an unauthorized charge of about $120 to my credit card. I then did some research to verify that I didn’t make any accidental online transactions then disputed the charge with my credit card company and received my credit in full. So I lost trust in them and now I am trying out a few other online companies

  132. Experience: Neutral

    To Brad W:

    E-yep…we warned you. That’s why all the comments of that nature here. Although I’d ordered from them with not much problem, the same thing happened to my sister that happened to you with this company. They probably use any hesitation on a decision for their “club” as an invitation to go ahead and sign people up. I know when they try that they ALWAYS say, “You can cancel if you want” but they don’t prepare you for the fact that it practically takes an Act of Congress to get that cancellation accomplished.

  133. Experience:

    Was a loyal Thompson customer since 2008. bought my humidor from them too. they used to be the kind of company that cared about their customers and showed it. since 2013 I’ve received stale cigars and had several problems with their club services and every time they seem to have no record of any of it. After receiving a shipment that I did not order recently I cancelled all my services and ended my club account. I was told by their customer service that I would be issued a refund and given a prepaid shipping label and all the catalogs would stop. Low and behold 6 weeks later and I’m still getting blasted with catalogs, spam, and a nice bill for shipping and return shipping. I called up customer service and asked if they were really going to do this and make me go out of my way to fight a 15 dollar charge and the guy politely ( I would say smugly) told me “yes sir, that’s exactly the way this works.” asked to speak to a supervisor, was told they would call me back… so far no return call and no help. 15 dollars is not that much but it’s still wrong and it’s clear the Thompson cigar of today is not the Thompson cigar I started with so many years ago, hard to find a company that will treat you good and have all the selection I want.

  134. Experience:

    I was a long time customer until I moved and changed address. I called Thompson to make the changes and place an order. The Service Rep screwed up my address. I also joined the VIP club. Two shipments later to the wrong address and several calls to Thompson… They are completely incompetent. The last shipment was refused and returned to them. I called to cancel my subscriptions and was met with a very rude response and I have not received any refund for the shipment or the club.

  135. Henry Carlile says:


    I’ve posted before about my bad experience with Thompson’s. In contrast, here’s a recent experience I had with Gotham Cigars. The post office badly damaged a box of Cohibas that Gotham shipped me. I phoned Gotham, understanding that it was the Post Office’s fault, not Gotham’s. Despite the damaged shipping carton only one cigar in the shipment was broken. But guess what! Gotham sent me a whole box of cigars. They’re a class act, and about as opposite of Thompson’s as you can find. I highly recommend them. They’ve always shipped faster than Thompson’s and their prices are lower.

  136. Experience:

    I had purchased with Thompson Cigars back 2 years ago on the promotion letter sent to me. My purchase was about $60.
    The year after, suddenly my credit card was billed again with another amount of about $60 from Thompson cigar, in which I didn’t make any purchase since my first order.
    They said it was a sampler being sent to me and a subscription fee. Once again, I did not made an order nor agree to any subscription and they did not sent a confirmation purchase before they made the charges.
    So it is a way of a online company which can just bill a non purchased item? They are not trusty for purchase.
    They also sent me a debt letter that I owed the amount.
    Since they keep on trying to bill my card which I have closed it after they made a fault billing.
    I’m living outside US, so I can’t process the debt collection problem and I hope someone is willing to help me on this.

  137. Experience:

    I have purchased a couple of times without any problems, but I paid using Paypal because of everything else I have read about them. I would never give them my credit card info.

  138. Experience:

    I have been purchasing from them for several months now.
    I received one phone call requesting that I join the club.
    I politely explained I have no interest and they have never called again.
    My best advice is know what you want. I do all of my business with them online. I do not purchase any of their private label cigars. The cigars I do purchase (mostly Padron’) have always arrived fresh and in excellent condition. I have been able to save money by purchasing some items from their auction site.
    My experience has been totally hassle-free.

  139. Experience:

    Sent wrong order, customer service could have cared less, spent 30 plus minutes trying to correct their mistake, acted like they were doing me a favor. When placing the order the representative was only interested in what else she could sell me, no wonder she got order wrong. Like the cigars, service sucks.

  140. Experience:

    I started with Thompson as a newbie back around 2008 or so, maybe even earlier. I haven’t smoked cigars for some time now, probably 2013 or so. Well, I ordered *all* of my cigars from Thompson; mostly the “house brands”, but some name brands. The cigars were okay, they arrived mostly fresh. But processing is sure slow! Several days to process, then of course, with their “free shipping,” it took about 7 days almost cross country from FL to NM.

    I did get the Humidor, and I still have it, even though it is empty. Being a “member” Thompson would often throw in freebies with my orders, such things like lighters and cutters.

    But boy oh boy! They are pushy! I know it’s been said here before, but that is only because it’s true! Even after being an Cigar club member and a Cigar-of-the-month club member, they still would try to sell things.

    I was able to cancel the cigar of the month club, without too much hassle. But when I wanted to cancel the regular club, they would only offer to put it on hold. So, near the end of the hold period, I would call and have it extended again. Finally, I just told them “No more!” I actually had to send a certified letter telling them to not send any more club shipments and no more catalogs.

    As I said, most of the cigars were okay, but nothing particularly great… even the famous name brands tasted “off” to me, but it was probably just my unattuned palate.

    I gave a negative rating only because of the pushiness and the manner in which they didn’t want to cancel the Cigar Club, even though they canceled the Cigar-of-the-Month without problems.

  141. Ming on Mongo says:


    Maybe Thompson has cleaned up their act a bit since many of the older comments, but I’ve encountered no problems at all in the past couple years of ordering from them. Even just the cheap-to-no cost shipping usually arrives within a week (and I live out on the other coast). I find ’em useful for ‘samplers’ and deals on cheap ‘everyday’ kinda cigars, with pretty competitive prices and selections in that particular “arena”. And if I’m looking for my ‘favs’ or the ‘high end’, then will shop the online auctions instead.
    Though agreed, the few times I’ve ordered over the phone, the staff is obviously pretty ‘aggressive’, and I still void any of those sorta “Club” offers like the plague! But otherwise, no complaints.

  142. Experience:

    !00 % satisfaction guarantee! NOT!! I bought two boxes of Avanti cigars at $47.95 each and on the same day I received a flyer from another tobacco store and the same smokes where $38.99. That’s a difference of $17.92. So I called Thompson and explained the price difference and they where not helpful at all. They told me such things as all sales are final, we don’t price match, and even went so far as to say that the cigars I received where not the ones in the other flyer…WHAT? I had the receipt and the cigars in hand and they where the same ones! So now I’m trying to return the order and found out that is not easy to do. Ten days, they said, for a return label to be sent to me AFTER the return has been approved. Really? If the return label is not to me in ten or so days the customer service rep. said to call back and I can “appeal”. NEVER AGIAN FOR THOMPSON’S!!

  143. Dry as Crackers says:


    Ordered a 10 Gurkha Brown Bag sample. Only 1 of the 10 are current production and 1 wasn’t a Gurkha and they crackle like crackers. No answer when calling their customer service.

  144. Coosawattee says:


    As a longtime cigar smoker, compulsive cigar ager and shopper who utilizes different cigar sites, I’m amazed at the volume of negative comments regarding Thompson since I have had no such experience after five years of doing business with them.

    Other cigar houses offer exceptional customer service and same day shipping but just like everything else in life we pay for it. Aside from free shipping, the value that Thompson offers by far offsets the anxiety of the few additional days spent waiting for my stogies.

    Just recently, I snagged the likes of RP Decade, Decade Cameroon, 15th Anniversary plus Espinosa Larange and Camacho TM, all for 4 bucks a stick. That’s well worth the wait and frankly, delivery was a lot worse when stationed in AK.

    Since I always buy with Thompson as a Guest rather than register, I have also received many of the same phone calls from Thompson soliciting membership in some club or purchasing plan. I have always politely declined by saying “I like to do my own cigar thing”. I have never experienced the pushy salesman syndrome, been pressured, treated rudely or encountered any other negative aspect.

    The day that Thompson sends me dried out cigars, doesn’t deliver an order or anything else that irks my cigar psyche, there are many other options. Thompson knows it and so does their competition. There are obviously unhappy experiences with Thompson but after five years I have had none.

    Thompson sells a lot of what I consider crap but selective and persistent hunting has always borne fruit since I take special enjoyment in “getting my monies worth”. For finer stogies I use other houses, both domestic and European.

    Sorry to hear about the problems but that will not change my mind about saving some coin and buying from Thompson until they do something unacceptable.

    Puff on!

  145. Matthew Mitchell says:

    Experience: Neutral

    I have been ordering from Thompsons for about a year I have had some problems with freshness and been lied to by there sales staff, but they have made it right each time. I’m not saying that thompson is my best place to buy my cigars because it’s not, there are better places but I do order from them and then pray that the cigars come to me fresh and on time but I’m tired of doing that you shouldn’t have to pray for an order that you spend a $100 on. So now I order only when they have good deals on top shelf cigars and wonder how old they are for the good price it’s like rolling the dice with thompson what can I say.

  146. R. Everett says:


    When I took advantage of their promotional offer from a magazine ad, and after I placed the order online I was told that the order was out of stock. At this point, I figured that my credit card information and the promotional order was canceled. When I checked my credit card statement, I find that Thompson had credited my account according to the promotion (that was out of stock and on back order), that I thought was canceled.

    Now, and lately I find that my credit card again has been credited for an order (of their discretion) and without my choosing of the cigars in the order. One of the reasons that really gave me a negative attitude regarding Thompson Cigar Co. is, when checking to see what cigars I am eligible to receive a club discount for, I find that none of my preferred cigars are listed. Subsequently, I have canceled my subscription and removed my credit card and contact information from my account.

  147. Nathan Hughes says:


    I had one of there”Cigar club shipment” sent to me after telling them I did not want be be in there cigar club any more, they sent the shipment to an old address that I do not live at anymore. Well to top it off the cigars got stolen at the old address, so I can’t ship them back. Thompson is refusing to help or do anything to compensate since I still have to pay for the cigars. I had purchased a lot of cigars from them in the past, but NEVER again. I suggest you don’t either, I am telling all my friends and family to AVOID them at all cost. If you even make just one purchase they will call and harass you until you join there club.

  148. Experience: Neutral

    Been buying cigars from Thompson for about 10 years, Probably around 1500 cigars total…Romeo, La Aurora, Gran Habano Alec Bradley, Ghurka, you name it…

    Recently I have purchased some ‘new’ cigars from Romeo and Montecristo, unfortunately the cigars were among the worst quality I have ever purchased, which of course is not Thompsons fault.

    HOWEVER: After attempting 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 times to post a honest negative review about these cigars the reviews were NEVER posted. I even emailed and called them…didnt want my money back, didnt complain about the service, just wanted an honest review posted. Its been 4 months and countless attempts and not once have they posted a negative review. Yet, positive reviews go live in 3 days.

    If you know exactly what you are looking for their prices are great, if not, DO NOT trust their ‘positive’ reviews for your buying confidence…Their reviews are all fluffed.

  149. Experience:

    The worst experience in my 46 years of living. They sent me cigars for cigar of club of the month which I never agreed too. They said they would send me a packet in the mail and if I wanted to join send it back which I never did. They sent me 2 different cigar of the month orders the fifty dollar one, who would order 2 separate things instead of getting one bigger one. They never once admitted they were at fault. Buyer beware!!!!

  150. Experience:

    Haven’t bought all that much from Thompson’s in the last 10-12-15 years ( or More ! ) but recall the cigars I received to be of adequate value for price given. I’ve ordered the Victor Sinclair ‘ PowerHouse ‘ bundle several times and it’s been consistently Nice ! ! ! As with ANY InterNet seller, , , , ,Read and Understand their RETURN Policy thoroughly prior to hitting the BUY button !! !! !!

  151. Experience:

    total dysfunctional! they provide usps tracking # that does not exist in usps tracking database, and when you call cust svc, all they tell you is “it’s in transit”–where is it at the time I called?? cigars overpriced

  152. Experience:

    i ordered a cigar from them 8 days ago and i haven’t recieved it yet and 4 days ago i ordered the similar cigar from other online store similar price just to compare the two companies regarding shipping, how fast will reach its distination and guess what i recieved the cigar from other online store already and enjoying it.please do not order from cigars from them.

  153. Brian Smith says:


    I made my first order a few months ago (Liga Privada Flying Pigs) – they were back ordered and kept getting pushed back – totally understandable with FDA and a product that isn’t mass produced… HOWEVER – Thompson signs me up for some BS ‘club’ thing that I never agreed to and start sending me cigars and charging my credit card without my approval.

    All correspondents with Thompson go unanswered – I’ve disputed all chargers with my credit card, and have begin the complaint process with the Better Business Bureau.


  154. Calvin Smithers says:


    I believe the product is quality; however, they continue to ship me cigars even when I call and ask them not to ship any. They credit my account each time, but I always have to call to have the purchase reversed. I do not smoke enough to be a club member because they ship to often.

  155. Carlos Rivas says:


    I purchased cigars in November and since that purchase I was enrolled in ALL of their cigar clubs without my authorization. On a monthly basis I have had purchases charged to my credit card without my authorization and the inconvenience of calling, getting return labels and then going to UPS to return them. BUYER BEWARE of this shading act of business. My credit card company explained that the fine print may have enrolled me or these companies have many merchant # and even when you cancel they will use another merchant # to authorize. Will NEVER buy from this company again.

  156. William Hudson says:

    Experience: Neutral

    They sent me a 20 dollar off coupon and everything was fine even at paypal when I hit place order the, 20 dollar off was replaced by 10% off coupon and my order was 12 dollars more, Customer service not open on Saturday even though it says they are I called Pay Pal explained this and to cancel auth, I emailed Thompson to cancel order. I’m done with them. I have bought from them for over 5 years but this is the third time I have had an issue, Famous Cigar has been perfect for 7 years I’m sticking with them

  157. Dan Doyon says:


    Have been a customer since 1980s. Always pleased with cigar quality and service. Wish they would resume their e-invoice practice, I miss it much. Overall a great cigar retailer!!!

  158. Mike Harlow says:


    I have not had any problems with shipping, ordering, credit card mistakes or service. I typically purchase Monte Cristo, Macanudo, Romeo, LeFore Dominicono double legaro, and have tried other. Seems some are perfect, some are a bit dried. But, for the price, can’t complain. These sticks are much more expensive at the cigar store. I get a lot of emails with offers but I simply delete them, no phone calls.

  159. Mark Larcey says:


    Cigars arrived with wrappers peeling and crumbling. When ordering 5 packs and specials be prepared to receive old stale cigars.

  160. Gary Acquaviva says:


    I ordered cigars sent to old address .I swore I put new one in. Carl who I dealt with didn’t care a rats ass. “Sorry you put wrong address in “. With that said , never again with Thompson low end customer service !

  161. Experience:

    After ordering a 5 pack everything seemed fine. I received my cigars, they were packed as expected and had no obious defects. A typical mail order experience. Then a few days later I received a call from a very difficult to hear/understand call center rambling on an and on. These people used very shady sales tactics on the phone. They used “okay” baiting. Saying okay over and over and over again to get your voice recorded saying okay. The rep would not answer any of my questions with a simple yes or no. Every questing I asked was met with a repeat of some part of their script. Eventually I was transferred to another rep who was going to verify my information so that FREE documentation could be sent to my house for review. At the very end of the confirmation he slid in any future club charges will be billed to your paypal account and hung up. After investigation I discovered this was all about this 250 club which is a monthly cigar club NOT a FREE typical shoppers rewards club (like your local grocery store) which it was semi explained as. Thompson should be absolutely ashamed to resort to such shady practices. I will never do business with them again. The cigar industry a whole should black ball that place. They are truly a blight on the cigar community.

  162. charles Abbate says:


    i ordered 149.00 worth of cigars. after Thompson placed a pending hold on my checking account, I discovered 3/4 of the cigars I ordered were backed 3 to 4 weeks and Thompson failed to inform me of the back order. I immediately canceled
    the order, however the billing was still on my checking account.
    Never again….I spent thousands of dollars over the past two
    2 years….what’s going on with Thompson ?????

  163. William Beckforx says:


    Recently called customer service for assistance with an online order. On the phone for 20 minutes and they were no help whatsoever. Just high pressure sales and no problem resolution. Sad

  164. Experience:

    I’ve bought a lot of cigars from this company until now. They sent an email advertisement for cigars with free shipping on a certain date, I ordered these cigars and it didn’t give me the sale price or free shipping, I called customer service and she said sale went off, I said it’s advertised for today, she would do nothing. The next week I called customer service they
    Said make another’s order and they would adjust the price accordingly, just email them back with a code they gave me. After several emails I still have heard nothing back from them and no money back. I have photos of all the transactions. The company has false advertised and done me wrong, I am through with this company.

  165. Experience: Neutral

    Apparently STG have/are taking over Thompson!!

  166. Experience:

    Thompson cigar offers three day. When they do not deliver it to the shipper for 2 to 3 days. Therefore taking 6 to 7 days to receive the package. This is not three day service at a premium price. Poor service

  167. Experience: Neutral

    The most frustrating experience ever,still unresolved the call waiting time it’s something out of this world,then checking the order,then telling me it was delivered which I have not received and then the call drops,that is to say after trying to reach someone to talk to for the third time in one day and being told by robot that due to high call volume the wait time is 20-30 min,who could do that?
    So I spent more then an hour before I got to talk to some Lady that dropped my call and never called back,I will cancel and send back all that I’ve ordered the minute I get it, if I do and never ever look back it is simply unprofessional.

  168. Experience:

    Thompson Cigar could careless about customers, it’s all about them and their money. They had my money for over a month stating every couple weeks it was backordered. Final after they lied 3 time on delivery date, I finally canceled and reordered. Next thing I notice is they changed me for the re-order instantly and never credited my return so I am cancelling Thompson Cigar…..bye, bye money hungry grubbing jerks and …….Hello Cigar International.

  169. Experience: Neutral

    Worst place to buy cigars last order was shipped to a previous address they did nothing to correct it. My order before that cigars sampler were all dried out.the worst ever customer service and product.plenty if better online sources Thompson Cigars are a total ripoff.

  170. Experience:

    I bought my dad cigars for Christmas online on 12/3/18. It was expected to ship on the 13th. That’s fine, I thought. I used Thompson because it had free 3-day shipping; so I was pretty sure it would get there on time. It has now been delayed 5 times within 20 days. Cigars that should’ve showed up to my dad’s home on the 15th are now expected to show up on 1/23/2019.

    I don’t know what sort of scam this place is running; but I’m either getting a refund or filing fraud against this piece of crap company. Christmas is effectively ruined. Thanks to my dad’s wife hating me, I never get to talk to him any more. All I wanted to show was that I still cared and get him something nice, and instead, now he gets to think that I’m too thoughtless to get a present for him. Thanks Thompson Cigar, for making a crappy time of the year even crappier for me. To anyone who actually got their cigars after making an ill-informed purchase from these conmen, consider yourselves as lucky as winning a lottery.

    After calling customer service and waiting for 20 minutes, I don’t even know if I got a refund and the manager hung up on me once I got someone.


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