The Party Source

The Party SourceURL :
Sells : Non-Cuban Cigars
Based in : KY, USA
Online Since : 1998
Rating : 3 ( : 3, : 0)
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Description : The Party Source does a lot of nice online deals. They do phone and Internet orders. If you give them a call, ask for Eric.

3 Comments on “The Party Source”

  1. Experience:

    The Party Source is my go-to shop for non-Cuban cigars. You can’t beat the prices and service anywhere.

  2. charmingkarl says:


    Eric B and Micah at the Party Source are great. I ordered a box of RP Summer Collection 08 from them over the phone. Eric was great to talk to. First of all, they gave me a killer low price. Then, the cigars came quicker than I expected. Finally, they gave me a complimentary Don Pepin Blue which I loved. Definitely one of the bright spots out there!

  3. Saint Jimbob says:


    I’ve recently started doing business with TPS, as Micah and Eric have been offering some great deals. They’re also top-shelf BOTLS and associates on mine at Social Cigar.

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