The Cigar Supercenter

The Cigar Supercenter
Sells : Non-Cuban Cigars
Based in : ???
Online Since : 2009
Rating : -9 ( : 1, : 10)
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Description : An online store without any about or contact information.

15 Comments on “The Cigar Supercenter”

  1. mtnmandrew says:


    I ordered from this site.
    Got no cigars, no email response …
    I would like to share this “wisdom” with other members of your site if possible.

  2. Experience:

    mtnmandrew – did they ever charge you? I ordered a gift for my husband a couple weeks ago and it still has yet to be sent. I emailed customer service twice and have not received a response and after reading your comment I doubt I will. Did they charge you?

  3. Experience:

    I ordered from CIGAR SUPER CENTER on 2/22/2011 and they never sent my item and they’ve never replied to any of my e-mails. Of course, they also do not have a contact phone number either, which they state on their FAQ is to keep costs down.. yeah right. It looks like they haven’t charged me yet, but I am very concerned about them having my credit card info now and I am worried about them charging me sometime in the future. I am going to have to order the item I needed somewhere else now and cross my fingers that CIGAR SUPER CENTER does not decide to randomly charge my card someday. They are obviously not a real business judging by these other reviews. They are a fraud and a scam. Buyers BEWARE.

  4. Experience:

    Same as the other reviews, I ordered something, it hasn’t shown up, they don’t reply to emails. I haven’t checked my credit card statement yet, but I’m sure I will be disputing a charge soon

  5. Litmanbob says:


    Ordered item on 3/5/2011, followed up and it was on pending as of today it still is pending. I sent three 3 emails received no responses. Canceled order and asked for confirmation since notta. They are a rip off and I would anyone stay clear of them.

  6. iwastricked says:


    THIS IS A SCAM, I ordered a $100.04 box of cigars and they never shipped it!! STAY AWAY. Also, I submitted a report to the FBI about them, and I plead with any of you that have had the same experience to do the same! Here’s the link:

  7. iwastricked says:


    Now the website says the “account was suspended” and the website is no longer up. People, if you’ve been scammed, PLEASE report this to all the authorities you can! FBI, FTC, BBB, all those good ol’ federal acronyms. Please. Let’s ask them to CATCH these guys! Oh MAN I’m so mad.

  8. Frenchy says:

    Experience: Neutral

    This is the same company as Duque Cigars. If you do an IP check it comes back tp Thomas Hunter. If you look at the reviews he is doing the same stuff on that site. Good luck in getting your money back. I would just call your credit card company and dispute the charge. This guy has got to be put out of this business, he is a thief.

  9. Experience:

    Ordered for the first time…paid for expidited shipping…looked the next day to see if my order shipped, realized they had no way to track orders (lame)..looked up reviews…OMFG all BAD…contacted them to cancel order. They charged my credit card…I disputed, they shipped about two weeks later…then claimed a POD (BS as they shipped USPS with no verification).

    The website says “we will not bill until we ship”…they billed nearly two weeks ahead of shipping

    They are crooks plain and simple AVOID!!!

  10. Experience: Neutral

    Ok so the right way to think about this site is a part-time online cigar retail store. They aren’t quick to get you your cigars (they will get to it when they have time). I thought they where a scam at first but they did get me my cigars after some pushing. They most likely won’t answer your emails and their is no other way to get in contact with them. If you want a good price and don’t care how long you have to wait then this might be a good option. They most likely won’t give you a tracking number so it will just show up again because it is just a part-time job for them that they do when they get to it. Hope this review helps.

  11. Experience: Neutral

    This isn’t a part time online store. Its just a store with no service

  12. Shueswim says:


    Stay away this guys are crooks. They charged my credit card immediately but never shipped the order. No response to several emails (they have no phone number) and then the topper – my cc# was pirated by these clowns. Chargeback in progress, but I’d like to take stronger action.

  13. Experience:

    I ordered a very expensive box of cigars for my husband for Valentines Day. I received one conformation e-mail and nothing more. I have e-mailed them and sent inquiries on their website, after almost 2 months no response. I just found this website today and wish I had done some research on this ompany before. hat a scam, I am on the phone right now charging back my card, which they charged almost immediately.DO NOT BUY FROM CIGARSUPERCENTER!!!! THEY ARE A SCAM!!!

  14. Experience: Neutral

    These guys only shipped half my order, after 3 emails I still have no response, Wtf

  15. Experience:

    Placed an order and never received it and sent 3 e-mails no response and no telephone number to reach them either! Gave CC info with order of course….concerned about that

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