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Sells : Non-Cuban Cigars
Based in : FL, USA
Online Since : 1999
Rating : -3 ( : 2, : 5)
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Description (taken from the website) : Some of the finest cigars at some of the finest prices delivered worldwide since 1999.

8 Comments on “The Cigar Hut”

  1. Lee Savage says:


    Great Cigar Website! This is the first cigar site I have seen that displays the origins of the filler, binder and wrapper origins as well as other useful information (i.e. dimensions, flavor, etc.) for all decent cigars on the market today. This is very useful information and some of the cigar prices are the cheapest I’ve seen anywhere.

  2. Joyful Judi says:


    Bummed out! Spent over an hour ordering almost $100 of product, just to be shut down at check out because they don’t take MasterCard. Say WHAT?!?! Wrote to them. Not sure WHAT to think, though. Bummer. Looked like a great company but that really burns me up (pun intended) to be shut down without notice at the end there after all my time spent, excitedly ordering nearly $100 worth of their products…… I need a nice warm vanilla cigar. NOW. Anyone ELSE take MasterCard?!

  3. Tony Aubrey says:


    Difficult to phone number,no email.I was checking out and was unable to to submit credit cards for some reason.

  4. Sky Walker says:


    I got plugged an extra charge on my credit card for a foreign transaction which the site failed to mention on my invoice or on their site. I believe that is a deceptive business practice, shame on you guys!

  5. Experience:

    2 HR on getting an order together, 562.97 worth and you dont take Mastercard.

  6. jgruloos says:


    VERY BAD EXPERIENCE! I have order on April 6 (today April 25). Still nothing. The company say that UPS send my cigars to a wrong destination and that this is not their responsability. I have asked for a money back…no news. NERVER AGAIN!

  7. Experience:

    Dated reviews so thought I would add my 1st experience with these guys. Initially it seemed iffy, site looks old & multiple sites that appears out of the US.

    They do take Mastercard and though I expected the previously mentioned “foreign rate” charge (3% I was told by Mastercard) but I did not have it tacked on which was a pleasant surprise.

    I ordered 25 each Camacho 10th Anniversary cigars as they were on a great sale of just over $4 each (cigars long since out of production)!

    I had emailed prior to this asking if it was possible that the 1st 21 of each size be sent in a sealed box as my humidors were packed and they would store better. I was prepared for all loose, that was the deal after all.

    No response to me email but I ordered anyway.

    Order was not only shipped quickly (ordered late on the 6th, in hand on the 10th) but they did send me the boxed 21s along with the 4 loose of each. This despite the boxes themselves weren’t on sale. Even if it is easier for them I really appreciated getting them boxed.

    Cigars were in well kept condition and already smoked one that was super and despite not resting in my humidor.

    Yeah the site is old school but works fine and that’s all I care about, I don’t need bells and whistles, just the cigars.

    I have added them to my regular list of stores to check out.

  8. Experience: Neutral

    Order placed two days ago – not shipped yet (processing it states.) I live less than two hours from shipping site (East Stroudsburg PA.)

    This is only my second order with this site. I couldn’t remember why I didn’t order more often – now I remember – very slow “processing” time and delivery time to my nearby location.

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