TexCigarsURL : http://www.texcigars.com
Sells : Non-Cuban Cigars
Based in : AZ, USA
Online Since : 2006
Rating : 27 ( : 30, : 3)
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Description (taken from the website) : TexCigars carries premium cigars, bundles and accessories at nice prices.

39 Comments on “TexCigars”

  1. Experience:

    Very accessible and professional. TexCigars were kind enough to sponsor one of the contests here at CigarInspector.com.

  2. jinelvistown says:


    I was the winner of that contest. They actually substituted a Carlos Torano Silver Edition Corona Grande that was on backorder with a Padron Serie 1926 #6. My friends, that goes WAY beyond generous.

  3. Experience:

    Best customer service of any online retailer.

  4. Experience:

    A1 customer service. Very happy with Tex Cigars.

  5. Experience:

    I have had nothing but positive results when I order with Tex. I have ordered for myself and friends several times, and they are always delivered in a timely manner. I also was impressed with their selection– they have filled all my requests. Customer Service is A+.

  6. Experience:

    I always have a wonderful experience when ordering from texcigars.com. The cigars are always very fresh and promptly delivered. I don’t buy from anywhere else!

  7. Jamielanders says:


    I’m always buying cigars online. I came across texcigars.com a few months back and their services they offered to me was beyond possible. I don’t need to order anywhere else texcigars.com is a great business with their customers as the first priority.

  8. Experience: Neutral

    I happened on Tex Cigars while looking for a specific cigar. Not only did they have the cigar but their price was the best. I’ve been an internet shopper for longer than I can remember and I heartily recommend Tex Cigars. They have a great stock, ship quickly and a fair price. I’m happy with them.

  9. LLinJackson says:


    These guys are great. They’ll treat you right every time. Great selection of cigars, too. I have recommended them to several friends who have come away very happy as well.

  10. Experience:

    Very professional and clean website. The selections and availability are always top notch. #1 website to order cigars.

  11. Experience:

    best customer service of any online seller I have dealt with. HUGE selection, easy to navigate and great prices.

  12. Experience:

    Sorry, I didn’t see the experience option when I left the previous review. I think you could tell, but it was definitely positive!

  13. Experience:

    Tex Cigars is number one when it comes to customer service! They have a fantastic selection of cigars at competitive prices. I would recommend them to anyone without reservation!

  14. Experience:

    TexCigars rocks! Awesome selection, great prices, and quick delivery. My new number one source for the best smokes.

  15. Experience:

    Best prices yet! Great service and the delivery was fantastic! Definitely ordering from here again!

  16. Experience:

    Made two orders to TexCigars and the service is great. Everything is as it should be.

  17. Experience:

    I discovered Texcigars a few months ago while hunting for a fairly rare stick. Not only did they have what I wanted but they have possibly the best selection of smokes and prices of any online tobbaconist, including a nice stash of rare smokes that you won’t find ANYWHERE else. The folks down there are super friendly and very helpful in suggesting new smokes for you to get your grubby little fingers on. A+

  18. Frank gilst says:

    Experience: Neutral

    Wow, I love these guys! Great service and comunication. I got the oliva v maduros and they arrived packed well and ready to smoke! I’m a customer for life.

  19. Frank gilst says:

    Experience: Neutral

    … Forgot to put my experience was positive.

  20. Experience:

    incredible service from these guys with a phone call and e-mail to check on my order.when a small problem came up on shipping it was dealt with instantly.over all a great experiance and will continue to shop here.5 star rating

  21. John Brooke - The Weekly Cigar says:


    Great site.

  22. Experience:

    Great guys and the customer service is awesome. I received constant e-mails communicating the status of my order and shipment was prompt. I’ll be a customer for life.


  23. Experience: Neutral

    The cigars I got were great and they got to me fast. I found the prices higher than other online cigar shops and have even gone up since my last order. I also thought it took too long for an answer to a question I had witch resulted in me ordering from another online cigar shop.

  24. Experience:

    Ordered 64 padron’s coronas. They were an excellent price, came in good shape and in a timely manner.

  25. IScottBecker says:


    Excellent selection of hard to get cigars, good packaging, and great prices. Give them a try!

  26. pacman357 says:


    I’ve purchased from Tex Cigars a few times now, and I’ve always gotten good service. Good communication if something is on backorder, and no high pressure operators trying to sell me junk cigars I don’t want (unlike another site did, before screwing up my address and never getting another dime from me). Cigars have always arrived in good condition, and I have yet to see a screwed-up order or have to send anything back. Enjoying the 2009 ICPR sampler, too…great idea, and I haven’t seen another deal like it elsewhere.

  27. luvtogolf says:


    I just ordered two boxes of cigars from Tex’s. I normally use CI or Famour Cigars but by chance tried Tex’s. What a pleasant surprise! They were extremely attentive to my order ensuring that I was completely happy with the shipping and cigar condition. Their prices were lower than the other two sites and I feel like a real person who happens to order using a webpage. I will continue to use Tex’s for my cigar orders. Thanks again!

  28. jmarti42 says:


    I’ve ordered several times from TexCigars and both experiences have been positive. The customer service was great. I enjoying the sampler option on their website to get a good mixture to smoke up. The only input I would give is to have more open boxes available for the ‘build your sampler’ option as they were out of several of the cigars each time I ordered a SAMPLER. Otherwise, great job.

  29. Experience: Neutral

    I ordered the cigars they arrived in good condition with no hassel. Just the way I like to have things done. I will certainly order from them again as they had the best price on the web for the cigars I wanted

  30. Experience:

    I have consistently found great prices and hard to find stock with Tex Cigars. With safe shipping, competetive pricing and good communication, I would recommend this seller!

  31. Experience:

    Recently ordered the 20 cigar sampler, first time order which had a shipping error in which they very quickly corrected and made good on what I had ordered. Will definately use them in the future.

  32. Experience:

    I bought a box of Don Pepin El Centurion Emperadores last week. I sent an email that night to ask that my order be shipped via UPS 2-Day. I then called early the next morning to confirm. I talked with someone who set the order up for 2-day shipping. I explained that it was important to me that the cigars NOT be sitting in UPS trucks for a week before getting to me.

    Well, they shipped them regular ground anyway. I received the package and realized that not only had Tex shipped them ground against my request, but they package the goods poorly and the cigar box rattled around inside the larger cardboard shipping box. The seal was broken on the box of cigars, as well. Why? Checking for bugs? Don’t break the seal on a box of cigars unless the customer asks for an inspection before shipping.

    Only thing Tex did right was send the correct cigars to the correct address. I’ll see how they smoke tomorrow. If they are dried out or otherwise harmed, I’ll be asking for a refund.

    Given that most of the other comments here are positive, I will assume this is negative experience is a very rare occurence.

  33. CigarSmokah says:



    Your assumptions may be wrong.

    Had simlar experiences. I ordered a couple of times, and twice on separate occasions I received boxes with the seal cut. I agree that the seal should NEVER be broken on a box of cigars. This is the first vendor that I have some across that did this.

    I also agree that the shipping box was not packed right and had the box of cigars had the potential rattle. I inspected the cigars and found them to be okay so I did not return them. However, I am reluctant to order from this vendor again.

  34. Experience:

    Very surprised at the 2 previous comments. I’ve ordered from Tex Cigars several times and never had a box arrive with the seal broken. My boxes have always arrived quickly, packaged well and with good communication from the Tex Cigars.

    I’ve ordered from a few other websites in the past and none of them compared to Tex in price, selection or customer service.

  35. Nodding2003 says:

    Experience: Neutral

    Just want to thank Joe and give props to Tex Cigars for the great customer svc. Recieved a shimpment and UPS had left them on a truck during a couple of days of rain and the cigars were to wet to smoke. Put them in my humidor for two weeks and still could not smoke them. They promptly sent out a new box and the cigars were great. Thanks again Tex Cigars.

  36. Experience:

    Ordered the Camacho Liberty LE 2011’s from Tex Cigars. Price was good (not the absolute lowest but close enough). Had a small one day delay in delivery because they put the wrong address on the shipping label but they corrected it quickly. The cigars came nicely packaged. While I guess they could have reduced the shipping cost (I paid for 2-day and their error made it 3-day) I am still pleased and would definitely use them again.

  37. johnnash says:


    I ordered 2 boxes of cigars 2nd day air. Waited 2 day and no shippment.Called to see what happened and no one could find the order. To late for another shippment. Won’t be send any friends to tex for cigars anymore.

  38. obviousadams says:


    I’ve ordered from them before and all went well.

  39. Experience:

    Ordered many times, never a problem. Prices seem to be going up however!

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