Tatuaje J21 Reserva

Tatuaje J21 Reserva

TatuajeOrigin : Miami, FL
Format : Robusto
Size : 5 x 50
Wrapper : Nicaragua
Filler : Nicaragua
Binder : Nicaragua
Price : ~$10-11 each

First of all, I am really sorry for the lack of my reviews lately. I’ve been through some important changes in my life (new job, new home, new city…) which barely allowed enough time to take care of the website. I would like to thank all the reviewers for bringing you fresh content every week. During the last months I’ve been mostly smoking cigars for pleasure, relaxing with a glass of cognac after a long day. I didn’t feel like reviewing a Petit Edmundo again, or a Party Short. Last week, however, I did some on- and off-line shopping and also received a little package from Cayman islands (more on that in one of the next reviews), so I’ve got some interesting experiences to share with you.

We’ll start with a Tatuaje J21 Reserva. This is the very first Tatuaje that I tried (can you believe that?) and I was really curious to see whether it would live up to its reputation (you can check Joe’s review for example).

Appearance : Rating: ★★★★½
Two cigars were smoked for this review and they had similar characteristics both in terms of construction and flavor. The appearance of these Nicaraguan puros is awesome. The corojo wrapper is fairly dark, with a couple of large veins running along the cigar. The triple cap is just beautiful. Firm to the touch, it feels very good in hand.

Tatuaje J21 Reserva

Construction : Rating: ★★★½☆
Although the pre-draw seemed loose to me, the draw has been fine throughout the smoking experience. J21 Reserva produced clouds of ample white smoke which looked great. My only complaint here is the burn, which required a correction every inch or so. I noticed this issue with both cigars that I smoked.

Flavor : Rating: ★★★★½
Pre-light, the wrapper had a distinct honey smell, quite surprising as I was expecting something really peppery. That’s what I was thinking as I lit the cigar with my Z-plus. Well, the pepper didn’t wait any longer and made its appearance in a strong kick, which was very similar to the way a lot of Cuban cigars behave during the first minutes. In the first third, main flavors are black pepper and wood. As expected, the pepper progressively reduced its presence and I was mostly dealing with a mix of woody and earthy flavors, completed by some bitter chocolate. The bouquet was rather complex with many notes that I couldn’t put a label on. What I definitely felt though was the fact that the cigar was slowly building power. Medium-bodied at the half mark, it became quite powerful in the last third and required more time between puffs, without being bitter. A great complex smoke overall.

Value : Rating: ★★★½☆
I paid slightly more than the average retail price (these can be found at $10-11 each). However, I wasn’t disappointed by the value it provided.

Overall Rating : Rating: ★★★★☆
Tatuaje J21 Reserva is a quality product. I was really blown away by the complexity of this cigar although I had some high expectations for this Pete Johnson’s product. It definitely has some aging potential while being perfectly enjoyable when fresh. I would have given it 4.5 if not for the burn issues. Recommended!

5 Comments on “Tatuaje J21 Reserva”

  1. Thanks for this review, I do go to buy one in “A La Civette” ;-)

  2. Yeah, I stop by everytime I’m in Paris. Lovely shop.

  3. The7thStReserve says:

    Pete puts out some fantastic sticks! I would really recommend smoking more from his line… I am yet to be dissappointed in anything from him and over 1/3 of my humi is Tatuaje’s!

    Great review

  4. Here’s wishing you success and happiness in your new situation, with thanks for this fine website.

  5. Glad to see you back her Mr. Inspector. I would also strongly recommend Pete’s other products. Some of them are not quite there but there are enough to not worry about being disappointed too often.

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