Tatuaje Havana VI Victorias


TatuajeOrigin : Nicaragua
Format : Corona Especial
Size : 6 x 38
Wrapper : Habano Ecuador
Filler : Nicaragua
Binder : Nicaragua
Price : $7 each

The Tatuaje Havana VI line is another solid production from Pete Johnson and Pepin Garcia. Said to be more mellow and medium bodied than the brown label, the Havana VI line is comprised of eight different vitolas: Hermosos – 5 5/8 x 46, Angeles – 4 5/8 x 42, Victorias 6 x 38, Artistas – 6 1/8 x 52 (reviewed here), Nobles – 5 x 50 (reviewed here), Almirantes – 7 x 47, Gorditos – 5 ½ x 56, Verocu No.5 – 4 x 40.

Out of the entire Havana VI line, the only other sizes I’ve tried are the Almirantes (Churchill), which I thoroughly enjoyed. I was certainly excited to have the chance to sample a smaller vitola (Corona Especial), so let’s see how it went.

The pre-light ritual for the Tatuaje Havana VI Victorias proved to be mediocre. The cigar had a wonderful milk chocolate wrapper, containing very few veins, and no blemishes/soft spots. The cap was a very rough, triple seam, pigtail that was by no means impressive.


The band contained little detail and was applied sloppily, with the overlap attachment not lining up. The pre-light smell showed heavy hints of manure/barnyard and the cold draw had a great resistance that gave way to hints of wood and hay.

Tatuaje Havana VI Victorias

Pre-light score: 8 pts.

The Tatuaje Havana VI Victorias opened with loads of black coffee and earthy flavors. The absolutely perfect draw gave way to a thick, creamy, white smoke. The aroma was also quite enjoyable, and reminded me of sweet cookie dough. The cigar’s profile showed signs of great aged tobacco throughout the entire first third. Wonderful start!

Halfway through the second third of my Havana VI Victorias the profile changed into chocolaty, espresso flavors with the earthy undertone still present. The cigar continued to draw and burn great, while also keeping my palate moist and wanting more.

With just the final third remaining, the only thing I could think of was how great this cigar had been thus far. Don’t worry; it didn’t let me down in the final third. Immediately beginning the final third the cigar turned spicy showing hints of black pepper accompanied by a woodsy, cedar sweetness. This was most interesting and very enjoyable. The draw did get a little tighter on the final stretch along with a mild “flint” like taste on the finish, however not enough to upset my overall experience with the cigar.

Smoking score: 9 pts.

Tatuaje Havana VI Victorias

Let me sum things up by saying… WOW! I was truly blown away by how great of a cigar this is. I will most definitely be adding these to my normal rotation, as they are box worthy. The entire time the cigar had an amazing draw, burn, and flavor profile, leaving me wanting more. I highly suggest any and all cigar aficionados try the Tatuaje Havana VI Victorias as you won’t be disappointed. Way to go Pete and Pepin!

Overall Experience score: 9 pts.

Tatuaje Havana VI Victorias Rating:

Pre-Light: 8 pts.
Smoking: 9 pts.
Overall Experience: 9 pts.

TOTAL: 26 pts.