Cigar Review – Romeo Y Julieta Churchill

Origin : CubaRomeo y Julieta
Format : Julieta No.2
Size : 178 X 47
Brand strength : Medium
Price : £17
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Draw : ★★★★★☆
Burn : ★★★★☆☆
Flavour : ★★★★★☆
Aroma : ★★★★★☆
Strength : ★★★☆☆☆

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Cigar Review – Vegas Robaina Clasico 1999

Origin : CubaVegas Robaina
Format : Lonsdale
Size : 165 x 16.67 mm
Ring : 42
Weight : 10.8 g
Price : ~$13 each
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Vegas Robaina was created in 1997 after the famous Robaina family known for growing the finest wrapper in the San Luis area in Pinar del Region, in Cuba. At the origin of the creation of the Marca, Don Alejandro, the old man and true legend in the world of cigar was looking after the family plantation. This year Vegas robin celebrates its 20th anniversary.

Draw : ★★★½☆☆
Burn : ★★★★½☆
Flavour : ★★★★☆☆
Aroma : ★★★½☆☆
Strength : ★★☆☆☆☆

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Cigar Review – El Rey Del Mundo Lonsdale (Vintage 2000)

Origin : CubaEl Rey del Mundo
Format : Cervantes
Size : 163 mm x 42
Ring : 42
Brand Strength : Medium
Price :€14-
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Draw : ★★★☆☆☆
Flavour : ★★★★★☆
Aroma : ★★★★★☆
burn : ★★★★☆☆
strength : ★★★☆☆☆

Overall Quality : ★★★★☆☆

El Rey Del Mundo , translated the king of the world, was created in 1882 with a very modest vision. Since then, the marca has produced some of the finest habanos on the market.
Easily recognisable by its creamy texture, El Rey Del Mundo tends to develop very elegant blend with a massive ageing potential.
As stated on Instagram (don't forget to follow Cigar Inspector on the social medias), I was craving for an aged El Rey Del Mundo. This one isn't very old, but I believe after 17 years one can mention it is an aged cigar! Should I mention the incredible price? €14 from La Casa Del Habanos Knokke!!!

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Cigar Review – Por Larranaga Picadores

Origin : CubaPor Larranaga
Format : Hermosos 4
Size : 127 x 48
Price : ~$15
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Note from the Inspector :
Por Larranaga is the oldest brand still in production. It was created in 1834 and since then the marca develops light to medium blends, very elegant and soft. In the 1950s For Larranaga factory was the producing the finest cigars In Cuba. The Pro Larranaga factory was for many years the "student factory", training the rollers.
At present, the brand comprises 3 current production cigars, the petit corona being one of my all time favourite short smoke and now the Picadores adding a larger format to the range.

Draw : ★★★★★☆
Burn : ★★★★★★
Flavour : ★★★★☆☆
Aroma : ★★★★☆☆
Strength : ★★★½☆☆

Overall : ★★★★☆☆

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El Rey Del Mundo – Choix Suprême

Origin : CubaEl Rey del Mundo
Factory Name : Hermoso No. 4 (Robusto)
Size : 127 x 19.05 mm (5 x 48)
Weight : 14.26 g
Box year : OCT 2016
Factory Box Code : OMS
Price : $13-£19 each
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Founded in 1882, by the already existing factory Antonio Allones, who decided to launch a new brand for fine cigars.
Without modesty, the brand was named “El Rey del Mundo” which literally means “The King of the World”, specialized in Tripla Larga, Totalmente a mano production (long filler completely handmade), sourcing tobacco grown in the premium Vuelta Abajo zone in the western part of Cuba.

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Jas Sum Kral Red Knight Lancero

Jas Sum Kral Red Knight Lancero

Origin : Nicaragua
Jas Sum Kral CigarsFormat : Lancero
Size : 7 x 38
Wrapper : Ecuadorian Habano Light Claro
Filler : Undisclosed
Binder : Half Mexican San Andres/Half Jalapa Seco Leaf
Hand-Made (factory: New Order of the Ages (NOA))
Body : Medium to Medium-Full
Price : $9.50 each

From JSK’s website:

The idea came from one man, Riste Risteski, who was disappointed with most cigars currently available on the market. Smoking mainly Cuban cigars, he wanted to create a profile which maintained Cuban standards, while adding an interesting yet elegant twist. He wanted to add value to what is already a saturated boutique market. Being Macedonian and both large in stature AND personality, the name for this cigar came easily, JAS SUM KRAL, I AM KING in English.

He noticed many of those calling themselves boutique cigar makers, weren’t involved in the actual blending process. He decided the only way to properly create JAS SUM KRAL, was to set out to find the right factory. After speaking with several trusted individuals in the industry, he decided on New Order of the Ages, owned by master blender, Noel Rojas.

Upon arriving in Esteli, Noel suggested getting right to work. Having discussed with Noel prior to arriving Noel already had a profile in mind. Riste and Noel sampled leaf after leaf of the finest tobacco. Finally assembling what is sure to change the boutique cigar market. We are extremely proud and excited to release JAS SUM KRAL. We hope that you will join Riste on this journey.

Riste is a hard-working guy who is very present on social media. It’s been fun to watch his boutique brand take off, and great reviews have come flooding in over and over. Let’s take a look at the JSK Red Knight Lancero.

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Crowned Heads Le Careme

Crowned Heads Le Careme

Origin : Dominican Republic
Crowned Heads CigarsFormat : Canonazo
Size : 5 7/8 x 52
Wrapper : Connecticut Broadleaf Grade A Dark
Filler : Nicaraguan
Binder : Ecuadorian Sumatra
Hand-Made (factory: Tabacalera La Alianza S.A.)
Price : $8.95 each
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Crowned Heads Le Careme is a new release for 2016. They went with a culinary theme for this cigar, as the name pays tribute to Marie-Antoine Careme. He was a famous French chef who is well known for pioneering culinary arts like mother sauces and popularizing the soufflé in the 1800s.

Jon Huber blended the cigar, and the owner of the factory where this cigar is made, Ernesto Perez-Carillo, Jr., said, “This cigar tastes like chocolate soufflé blended this cigar.”

Personally, the blend profile is basically my dream combination. If I were to blend my own cigar, this would be one of my first ideas. So, that sounds AMAZING and let’s see what we get from Le Careme.

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Warped La Hacienda

Warped La Hacienda

Origin : Nicaragua
Format : Corona
Warped CigarsSize : 5.6 x 46
Wrapper : Nicaraguan Corojo
Filler : Nicaragua
Binder : Nicaragua
Factory : Casa Fernandez
Body : Medium
Price : $10.50 MSRP
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Warped is a rising star boutique brand (as far as I’m concerned, they have arrived) founded by Kyle Gellis. In recent years, they’ve received accolades for their unique blends, and if you haven’t delved into the Warped brand yet, now is the time. A great place to start is with La Hacienda (“The Estate”). Warped brought back an old Cuban brand for this blend, and this Nicaraguan puro has been a home run, and it’s a staple in my humidor. I’m amazed at the consistency in performance and flavor profile.

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