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Swiss Cigar Bank
Sells : Cuban Cigars
Based in : Switzerland
Online Since : 2011
Rating : 42 ( : 47, : 5)
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Description (from the website) : After almost a decade in the Cuban Cigar trading business, a team of highly experienced cigar smokers we decided to create the first Cuban cigars shop based on the Swiss private banks standards. readers get a 5% discount using the following code: cigarinspector.

60 Comments on “Swiss Cigar Bank”

  1. Experience:

    Getting what you want nowadays isn’t such an easy thing. Yet, my first order from Swiss Cigar Bank makes me reconsider that. A wide selection of Cubanos, in amazing prices – as a La GLoria fan, the 225 USD I gave for my #1 Medaille D’ Or was an excellent early Christmas present – and without the tiring sometimes “Join as member” procedure. Deserves a definite bookmark from any genuine aficionado!

  2. Experience:

    First order received today.Epicure n2.The best robusto.
    Cigars look great and customer support was excellent.
    Will use them again in the near future.

  3. Experience:

    I am very skeptical about trying new online cigar merchants but my experience with John at Swiss cigar bank was exceptional. The original cigars that I had ordered ended up being out of stock and instead of endless emails/emails not being returned etc. john settled my issue in 24 hours and even gave me a deal on the replacement cigars. The cigars arrived in less than a week and in excellent condition. Thanks for the great customer service John.

  4. pajero says:


    the customer support was perfect. I will repeat the procedure soon and I will suggest the site to some friends. Thanks for the cooperation John

  5. Experience:

    Amazing service. Shipped to me in less than a week. Thanks, and will be ordering again.

  6. Experience:

    Excellent service from this company in Geneva. They despatched my first order, box of Cohiba Siglo IV, on Monday, arrived Wednesday.Cigars were vacuum packed and were in absolutely top condition in every respect. Most definitely authentic and having that rich deep Cohiba smell. Highly recommended. Thanks John.

  7. Experience:

    Ordered a SLB of Boliviar Belicoso Finos a couple weeks ago. The customer service was impeccable. They took a little longer then expected. They got caught up for nine days in NYC. I have had this happen before with other company’s, can’t blame swisscigarbank for the post office being slow. What impressed me though, was how fast they responded to me email inquiry. With in hours John responded. Apologizing for the delay, he said they are in NY and assured me that the cigars are guaranteed. Afterwards he emailed me every time there was any movement. Yesterday the cigars came and where in beautiful condition. They where completely on top of my premature concern. Two weeks for an international order isn’t bad. I think the true sign of customer service is how things are handled when something goes wrong. Competitive prices, free shipping, beautiful product, and wonderful customer service. I will definably order again.

  8. Experience:

    Not wanting to let the secret out but SwissCigarBank is the best company I’ve dealt with. Impeccable packaging, excellent customer service and prompt return times. I deal with Local companies but trust me when I say I will Always order here and I have a new trusted retailer in the area. Order arrived after 7 days long trip and was packaged so safely I was impressed enough to say I have a NEW home here. I know my order will be handled efficiently and promptly with Swiss Cigar Bank and they turned me away from other places in the area that I have a LONG business relationship with. Will be doing more business Very soon with these guys and returning customers know why.

  9. Experience: Neutral

    I placed an order here for an item that was out of stock at the other top Swiss merchants. Turns out this vendor was also out of stock but the website didn’t provide any indication the order would be backlogged. The email response from the vendor was a bit slow (and they claimed to have sent replies that didn’t get through, who knows), but I was eventually able to cancel the order and purchase from elsewhere where the item was in-stock. I would probably be willing to try again with this merchant, but would recommend emailing before ordering for anything rare to verify the item is actually in stock.

  10. Experience: Neutral

    After placing an order for more than 48 hours, my order still has not been processed yet. I have contacted them via email, but have yet to receive a reply.

    If this how they normally operate?

  11. Experience: Neutral

    Replying to MOBC: I have dealt with them twice and found there service good if a bit slow. I don’t think 48 hours is too long, perhaps they are sourcing the cigars for you. I suggest you phone them and speak to John.Tel: +41 225180681

  12. Experience: Neutral

    GFK : Yes, compared to others I have used, they are abit on the slower side in terms of response, and letting me know that my order was out of stock.

    It’s dissapointing in this day and age that stock levels are not properly reflected on online stores.

    I have called them, and they have cancelled my order without fuss. Perhaps I will give them a try at a later date.

  13. Experience:

    maybe the worst online store …
    never respond at the emails .
    very very slow shipping .

  14. Experience:

    I got a box of Belicosos Finos in perfect condition. Service was okay, even though I got my order a day later than my previous one… Thanks!

  15. Kenneth Thompson says:


    My cigars arrived in perfect condition. I was able to track the shipment so I knew when to expect my order. One of the best cigar merchants on the web! I highly recommend this company!

  16. Experience:

    A box of beautiful MonteChristo Edmundo’s showed up at my door in beautiful condition. Now I’m gonna light one up and enjoy!
    Thanks, Peter and Swiss Cigar Bank!

  17. Experience:

    Despite the fact of an unexpected delay in delivery, the received quality and overall condition of the cigars was very good. Also the customer service was fast and reliable.
    I propose for the future the option that will allow the customer to see in real time the status of his order or to track it.

  18. Experience:

    Swiss cigar. Bank is great. I received the human 2 in great condition. I will order again and again. Mike

  19. Experience:

    Nestor was a pleasure to deal with. Great communication. Great cigars!

  20. Experience:

    Just received my Cohiba 1966 edition limitada. Very pleased. Authentic Habanos S.A.’s. Great quality. Fast shipping and great customer care! Will definitely repeat :-)

  21. bigharpoon says:


    Ordered a couple of boxes through Nestor and they showed up quickly and very well packaged. Authentic no doubt and he provided tracking as well. Great experience so far and I’ll definitely use him again.

  22. James Robert says:


    Couple boxes ordered, shipped fast, and well packaged. Ca’t really ask for much better. The cigars are somewhat young, so I’ll have to wait a bit for a smoke test :-D

  23. Experience:

    Ordered a couple of boxes Cuban cigars. Delivered after about a week, well packed and in superb condition. Highly recommended. Thanks John.

  24. Experience:

    Another satisfied order from Swiss Cigar Bank! This is my second time ordering and surely will not be my last. Highly recommended!

  25. Experience:

    I have been smoking cigars for 26 years and I will tell you this is one of the easiest cigar retailers to order from. I read some of the reviews above complaining about the time it took for delivery and I laugh. Like they can control that. These people are jokes. Relax this company has always come through. If you don’t get a response today they will get to you tomorrow. The cigars are always in good condition and if they don’t have something they always find something they could substitute that I would love. Trust this vendor always.

    Update (Feb 25 2014) I just received two boxes of HDM epicure especiales and they are beautiful. Fast shipping and received them in less than a week. I love the multiple payment options. They are excited about cigars and they communicate that. I love these guys.

  26. Experience:

    Received my first order from Swiss Cigar Bank last week and will definitely use them again. Cigars were vacuum sealed and well packed, but most importantly the communication was great and emails were responded to promptly.

  27. Experience:

    Friendly & helpful, cigars were well packed & promptly shipped. Reliable.

  28. Experience:

    Ordered a couple of boxes from Swiss Cigar Bank. Could not be more pleased with my order. If you know me, and seen the pictures I’ve posted on a couple different forums of the product I received, you would know what I am talking about. this company takes the right approach t sending your package perfectly. No problems. They are my 2nd go to Vendor after you know who. LOL!

  29. misterblue says:

    Experience: Neutral

    Received my first box from SCB. Tried a couple previous orders over the last 16 months but their website was not reflecting their current stock so the orders never were processed. Not a bad thing, just unnecessary from my point of view.

    On the cigars recently received however, NICE sticks! SCB put a plastic shrink wrap around the box (not a vaccuum bag), first time I have seen that from a vendor in that region, but they were LEs with a few years so maybe that is how they stored some boxes in 2010. The product itself though was packaged well for shipping, tracking was there(which is nice for a vendor you do not have a relationship with yet), and at a fair price.

    I recommend trying them out, I am glad I did. I will upgrade my experience to positive if I get the same results after a few more received shipments.

  30. Mike SEL says:


    I don’t know how Swiss Cigar Bank folks found the Limited Edition Partagas D 2010 but I got two boxes of them in good condition.

    I’d recommend Swiss Cigar Bank to anyone who is looking for quality online seller for fine cigars

    Thanks Guys!

    Mike SEL

  31. Experience:

    Great prices with a very nice selection. My order was shipped quickly and arrived perfectly. Would definitely order from them again

  32. Experience:

    Great communication and service. Shipped with tracking and well packaged. Thanks!

  33. Experience:

    Nestor is easy to deal with. Scored a box that is becoming more and more difficult to find.
    Good people at this site.


  34. Experience:

    Swiss Cigar bank was really easy to deal with. Cigars came to my door 5 days after shipping. Will do business again with them.

  35. Experience:

    Avoid these guys. They make all sorts of promises over the phone and via email to get you to place the order. 3 months since placing the order and it still hasn’t arrived. Painfully slow communication (it takes 4-6 emails from me before getting a reply, roughly 2-3 weeks later). I placed a relatively large order and now I’m worried this is money down the drain. Quite frustrating. I hope anyone reading this decides to use a more well known company. Will update if things improve…

    Update (Nov 15 2014) Following my review on Sep 5th, SCB contacted me the next day and reshipped an order 2 weeks later. Tracking was sent to me 5 days later. 2 weeks later I received the order. The boxes did not have the codes for me to check if they were authentic on the Habanos website. These codes were present on boxes from other Swiss retailers. I was told the 2nd order (non-cuban) was shipped mid October. A week later I was told to await the tracking number. It has been over a month and still no tracking number provided. No replies to emails. Despite months of notice of a particular deadline date after which orders can not be received, they still missed it. Very disappointing. Very frustrating. Not worth the trouble. Had I not been reassured over the phone about the details of the order, I would have not ordered – though I feel happy for those of you that did have a good experience. Will update if sticks show up.

  36. Charles Gianelli says:


    Swiss Cigar Bank is the best online retailers of the finest Cuban cigars.
    Fast service and great comunacation.
    It is such a pleasure to to business with Swiss Cigar Bank, I’m a customer for life.
    All the best,

  37. Experience:

    Subsequent to a recommendation from a good friend while visiting San Francisco, I was provided with the details of this vendor.

    Upon my first trial purchase, namely, Diplomaticos No. 2, I was forwarded details of how Swiss Cigar Bank serves customers through their Hong Kong warehouse in conjunction with their Swiss network.

    My order arrived very promptly and it was very professionally packed. The cigars are of OUTSTANDINGLY quality. To my surprise I received an email message the next day and they were inquiring if I had indeed received the parcel and if all was well!!

    This has been the very first time ANY online vendor extended their after-sales services as to inquiring whether all was safe and sound.

    In my experience, they are one the BEST firms out there conducting business. Fast, professional, conscientious and honest.

    What is there more to add!

    Update (Nov 13 2014) Yesterday, I received my second order to date from Swiss Cigar Bank, namely, a box of Montecristo Edmundos dated January 2013.

    The box was extremely well packed with outer shell bubble wrapped and the box itself vacuum packed.

    Upon opening the box, I was greeted with the finest cedar and Cuban cigar odors!!!

    The cigsrs were truly IMMACULATE – the best box of Edmundos I have ever had the privilege of beholding, really!

    Nestor did contact me two days prior to the receipt of the parcel inquiring whether I had received the shipment – exhibiting superior logistics follow-up and customer-oriented approach of the firm.

    The firm is a bonafide expert in sourcing superior quality Cuban cigars and I have come to believe that they are a conscientious and honest process-oriented organization. It is clear that my first experience with them was not one-off and that the above details run deep within the fabric of their core values.

    Thanks Nestor.

  38. Experience:

    Only posetive experiense. (maybe a littel long deliverence), but that is ruled over ,with the posetive kommunikation, i have had………. and the product i got.
    It is not my last time, bying from SCB.
    Thank you ……….

  39. Experience:

    Ordered a box of Trinidad Fundadores. Although it took a little longer than what I was used to, they kept in constant email touch with me and it arrived solidly wrapped/packed. The box date was Nov. 2011 so they are ready to smoke this spring on the porch. My only disappointment was that I couldn’t order a different Trinidad brand with this box as they were sold out. I would recommend them for additional purchases.

  40. Experience:

    Nicely packaged and the cigars looked great. Shipping did not take excessively long. I would order again.

  41. Todd Hurst says:


    Great experience. Prices are good, communication is excellent and product is wonderful.

  42. Experience:

    I’ve ordered several tmes now from Swiss Cigar Bank. They go the extra step to deliver a good product and have even given me a few extra cigars free to say thanks. I will be using for all of my future purchases.

  43. Sergio Rodriguez says:


    Anyone can wrap some cigars and mail them….a true measure of customer service is when there is a problem with your order. First of all, these guys prices are excellent and are even willing to discount multiple boxes. My second order with them (the first for Tinidad Vigias was flawless) was a purchase of two boxes of Cohiba 1966 LE, not a cheap buy or readily available cigar but Swiss Cigar Banks price was simply unbeatable. After several months, I determined the order was LOST. Contacted Nestor, who promptly began investigating and researching ship dates, tracking, etc. After confirming box was lost, he made all arrangements to reship my boxes and personally track them each step of the way. He kept me updated via email of their progress and was gracious enough to apologize for the lost shipment although I know he was not to blame.
    Yes, any vendor can throw a box of cigars in a box and ship it. That’s the easy part. A true measure of how much the vendor cares about his clients is how they handle things when they don’t go as planned…and I can assure you, two boxes of Cohiba 1966 LE going missing is about as unplanned as you can get. My hats off to Nestor for resolving my issues and of course, this goes without saying, everything I have purchased from him is genuine without question. I will definitely be using them in the future.

  44. Experience:

    I just received my first order of Cubans from the Swiss Cigar Bank. I ordered two boxes of cigars, one Ramon Allones Specially Selected and a box of Bolivar Belicosos Finos.

    I ordered them on January 29, 2016 and on Sunday January 31, 2016 they filled my order and on Monday the next day they were sent to USPS and I was sent a tracking number. The boxes arrived in NYC in a couple of days and remained in NYC for a week going between several postal hubs. They arrived at my location on Tuesday, February 15, 2016. A great birthday present!

    The cigars arrived vacuumed packed and with peanut foam protection. When I opened them I verified the box serial numbers and checked all the seals and etc.. The cigars were the freshest cigars that I ever purchased and were perfect.

    In the future Swiss Cigar Bank will be my new go to supplier. They did what they said they would do and when they said they would do it. They kept me in the loop through the entire process.


  45. Experience:

    Great experience, amazing communication and response time. 11 Days from order to my mailbox. Box of PSD4 and BBF and they were pristine and smell oh so delicious! Oh and the price…VERY competitive. Nestor has a great thing going at the Swiss Cigar Bank. I would recommend him and will be buying from him again!

  46. Christian says:


    I have placed multiple orders here over the past month and each transaction has been fantastic. With each order the cigars have been well packaged and in great condition. I consider Swiss Cigar Bank to be a true gem.

  47. Ambassador says:


    Dealing with Swiss Cigar Bank is always a pleasure. They provide genuine Cubans at a reasonable price, with good service and prompt delivery…what more can one ask for? This is really as good as it gets!

  48. Experience:

    Great reactivity.

    Cigars in perfect conditions and good organization.

    Best regards.

  49. Ambassador says:


    Swiss Cigar Bank offer genuine cigars at a reasonable price, backed up by good service and direct communication. I’m a loyal repeat customer which says it all!

  50. Experience:

    I have received a few shipments from SCB already. The cigars were in excellent condition. It may take some time for them to ship, but the shipments do come through promptly onced shipped. I am happy with their service and will continue to be a patron

  51. Experience:

    I in August 17th this year from the shop ordered two boxes of cigars, which are Punch Punch and Patgas, soon after I received a box of Punch Punch in August 23rd, but also has not received a box. I asked them why, they send me mail tracking number, I took the query code to track where I am the post office, no results. After I repeatedly contact with the shop, but there has been no results.

  52. Experience:

    Legit supplier with the ability to ship where others won’t – that’s a rare find. I’ve already made them my long term supplier for cigars.

  53. Experience:

    Nestor @ Swiss Cigar Bank has been a class-act all the way from communication to delivery. First order consisted of 5 boxes: 1) Partagas D4, 2) Montecristo Edmundo, 3) Montecristo No.2, 4) Hoyo Epicure No.2, 5) Ramon Allones Club Allones EL 2015. All boxes were delivered unmolested & factory sealed as requested. All serials checked out perfectly at I am a veteran smoker and am extremely well schooled in anti-counterfeiting (seen the best of the best that would fool 99%+ of normal smokers who are unaware of the ~15-20 counterfeiting checkpoints). All boxes received were 100% legit. Futhermore, pricepoint of this shop is extremely competitive. A new favorite vendor here – will definitely be buying on an ongoing basis…

  54. Experience:

    In my quest to find the best shop I give them a try. I was pleased with the results. The cigars came in perfect condition. The cigars were packed well with a Boveda pack. The cigars also looked good and not beat up…no broken feet or anything weird. Numbers matched perfectly. Completely legitimate without question.

    The cigars took a while to ship as some have said in the reviews above. when the hit my country they were also delayed, this was no fault of Swiss Cigar Bank I might add.

    The only thing that keeps them from being perfect is the lag that it takes for the orders to actually ship. I am going to give them another try with another box and go from there.

    I would highly recommend Swiss Cigar Bank based on the quality of the product.

  55. Gigar influencer says:


    Since placing my order, a week ago, I haven’t received any reply from the customer support for my multiple requests to provide a tracking number. Called multiple times too (swiss and US number) and no answer on the other end of the line.

    This situation does not look good at all!

    I will keep you folks posted on what happens next.

  56. cigar influencer says:

    Experience: Neutral

    Placed an order a week ago. Company does not answer phone calls nor do they reply to emails.

    I’ll keep you folks posted with the latest updates.

  57. Experience: Neutral

    I placed an order 10 days ago but didn’t get any reply or update from them. I wonder if they are still on the business or not.
    Can you let me know if you receive your parcel at the end ? if so, how’s the quality ?

  58. Experience: Neutral

    Swiss Cigar Bank are hackers — fakes. They produce a very nice looking knock off cigar in China and claim it to be a real Habanos. Don’t buy from these folks unless you’re interested in fooling your family or friends with a fake Habanos cigar. They look good and taste terrible. Tastes nothing like a real Habanos. Do yourself a favor, order real Habanos from LCDH. The folks at Swiss Cigar Bank are thieves. Be careful Padre.

  59. Experience:

    Swiss Cigar Bank are frauds. They sell fake Cuban cigars made in China. The cigars arrive in what looks like a Cuban cigar box with the seal cut. I ran the serial number through the Habanos SA verification website and the number is not registered with Habanos. Now I buy real Cuban cigars and run the seal serial number through the Habanos website and they always ID my purchase as real. These guys are a scam. Steer clear of them. A quality Cuban cigar provider is LCDH.

  60. Experience:

    Cigars arrived 21 total days, 15 business days after placing order. Authentic and cigars in good shape. Best price I could find. Will order from again.

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