You Asked, We Listened: a printable Cigar Flavors Wheel!

Cigar Flavors Wheel poster

Last year, we published an article about the main cigar flavors, illustrated with a Cigar Flavors Wheel. The article has received some great feedback and one thing that a lot of you asked about was the possibility to print out the flavors wheel as a poster. At that time, it wasn't possible...

But we sat down and redrew the wheel in hi-res, so that now you can have it on your wall! We chose Redbubble to handle the printing/shipping based on their reputation. If you order, please come back here and let us know how it went. We are also open for other suggestions. Enjoy!

>>> Click here to order a poster with the Cigar Flavors Wheel <<<

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5 Comments on “You Asked, We Listened: a printable Cigar Flavors Wheel!”

  1. How about a .jpg so we can just print it ourselves?

  2. @druid
    This article contains a .png that can be printed out. It should be sufficient for A4.

  3. Aldo Mombello says:

    I agree the flavour cigars wheel complete and clear. Nevertheless flavour is one of the character of cigars. I think that taste and strenght are important as flavour. The difference is in my opinion that flavour is more subjective than taste and intensity that are more objective. So I think that a wheel for taste and one for intensity could complete the approach to a cigar for beginners and abitual smokers. Have a good smoke.

  4. The Cigar Flavors Wheel is missing “bitter.”

  5. I don’t find how to just print the wheel.

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