Cigar Shops Directory: approaching 1,000 reviews!

Over 3 years ago, we launched our online cigar shops directory which was designed to rate different retailers based on customer reviews. Since then, it has considerably grown and has become the second most visited page on We even had to implement a few security measures in order to counter abuse attempts. Our of curiosity, I counted the total number of user reviews currently available and was quite surprised to see that there are almost 1,000 comments! This is pretty impressive and I would like to thank you for your contributions. I hope that it has become a valuable tool in choosing a reliable cigar retailer.

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2 Comments on “Cigar Shops Directory: approaching 1,000 reviews!”

  1. That aspect of the site has certainly helped me to find reliable shops, and warn me of others’ bad experiences. Much appreciated!

  2. *It has! There were shops I was close to patronizing, then read the very valuable reviews about those shops and very likely saved myself a whole lot of headache!!

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