Due to the increasing amount of comments and a few cases of abuse, these rules were introduced to make sure this resource remains useful to all cigar aficionados.

Please respect them.
  1. You need to enter your real e-mail address when you comment. It will only be shown to the administrator of the site who deletes all comments with fake e-mails.
  2. Please do not try to leave multiple positive comments for the same shop, pretending you are 2-3-4 different persons. This is pretty easy to detect.
  3. Do not comment on a shop that you haven't dealt with. Comments like "Wow great prices, gotta try them" do not really provide any value.
  4. When commenting, be ready to provide proof of orders with the shop at the administrator's request. This is especially true for Cuban cigars shops. This information will never made public and is only used to verify that you really placed an order.
  5. Be ready to provide pictures of cigars that you pretend are fakes.