San Cristobal Oficios from 5 Aniversario Humidor

San Cristobal Oficios from 5 Aniversario Humidor

Many thanks to Damien from for sending me these rare cigars. Check out his shop for a nice selection of Cuban and non-Cuban cigars.

This version of the San Cristobal Oficios (click here for the review of the regular one) comes from a limited edition humidor, released in 2004 to celebrate the fifth birthday of the brand. In fact, this was the first appearance of the Oficios vitola. Consequently, it is quite an aged cigar, with approximately 6 years of humidor time. Let’s see how this 5.3 x 43 corona smokes!

With its pale brown wrapper and several visible veins, this cigar looks very much like the Oficios I smoked half a year ago. Moderately firm to the touch, it has an easy pre-draw with surprising notes of peppermint. In the beginning, it is medium-bodied, dominated by wood / cedar flavors. The burn is simply excellent – slow and regular – resulting in a beautiful ash holding for over 2 inches. As I tap this first ash off, the flavors have slightly changed – a bit of leather is added to the bouquet and there is definitely some moderate spice in the back of the throat. Surprisingly, I have a sudden construction issue – first of all, the ash, not even 1 inch long, falls into my lap and then, when I’m done cleaning my short, the cigar goes out. Cursing quietly, I relight it just to find a very flavorful last third (I purged the cigar after re-lighting it), characterized by thick smoke with deep, complex flavors that, besides those that were mentioned before, include sweet coffee with milk and sweet chocolate.

Overall, a very interesting cigar, however, I am not sure that it is any better than the regular one. If you have a chance try it out – otherwise I wouldn’t go out of my way to specifically hunt it.

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