Royal Habanos

Royal Habanos
Sells : Cuban Cigars
Based in : Cyprus
Online Since : 2006
Rating : -14 ( : 4, : 18)
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Description : Royal Habanos is a Cuban cigars retailer based in Cyprus.

34 Comments on “Royal Habanos”

  1. Experience:

    I purchased a box of Cohiba Siglo VI in August from Royal Habanos. It refused to ship the cigars in the original box (opened or not) or the original labels. It promised to send the labels and the box by regular mail immediately after sending the cigars. When I received the cigars, they looked like seconds – tears in the wrapper and discoloration. When I failed to receive the labels or box I emailed them several times. I finally received the labels – they were orange instead of the classic Cohiba yellow. I never did receive the box. I finally placed another order for Cohiba Siglo VI from a competitor – which I am sure are authentic. The competitor’s Cohibas were slightly shorter than the Royal Habanos Cohibas and had perfect uniform wrappers. Stay away from Royal Habanos cigars – they are definitely counterfeit.

  2. Experience:

    As a matter of fact, I worked in customer service for these 2 guys and they are nothing but scammers. The A. Y. from Kirgistan is the owner, they are located in San Jose, Costa RIca. He owns Royal Habanos, Solocigars, GoCubans and…all operating in Costa Rica in the same facilities and dealing only with counterfit cigars hand rolled in Costa Rica with nicaraguan tobacco. I haven been in his warehouse watching how cigars were labeled with fake rings and boxes before getting shipped. BEWARE because they are also using client’s credit card information in order to make ficticious charges in his brother’s Online Pharmacy.

  3. Dreamweaver_Turks says:


    Dear Friends,
    I am a member of Cigar Aficionado’s member and I want to say something that very important.

    these sites are the same company (not legal company)and fake sites. Why?

    1) Look at their advertisement photos. The same photos.
    2) Look at their sending email time. The time is the same.
    3) Look at their shipping info, it’s all the same.
    4) They take their some cigars photos with another online web site.
    Example: Bolivar Belicosos Finos (25)
    The photos belong to (its legal company). But they take it from without permission. They don’t put photos to their web site real and belong to them.
    5) All their web site’s price is just fake. Because their cigars are fake.
    Example; Cohíba Esplendidos (25): $341,00
    it’s their price.
    But the original price is $397,00 for company. This price is real price from INTERTABAK A.G or Habanos for their distributors. So if they take it $397,00. how can they
    sell it just $341,00 ?
    Because their cigars made in CostaRica. Not Cuba. And not real Cuban Cigars.
    6) They don’t buy their cigars with legal Habanos Distributors. They buy it’s from (it’s not real and legal company). If they buy their cigars from
    legal Habanos distributors, they have to give this information to all customers. Distributors’ name and telephone number. I want to know it.

    I want to say to them.
    Don’t bilk The people.
    I Will write their bilk in all cigars forums and also Cigar Aficionado’s forums.

  4. Experience:

    Ordered cigars from them and they were totally counterfeit. I had to jump through hoops to get a refund. I asked who their official distributor was and they wouldn’t tell me. Run from these people!

  5. Experience:

    Does anyone know a legit place to order Cuban Cigars from. I ordered from and had a terrible experience. After 1and a half months I recieved my cigars which are fake and never recieved theboxes and rings.So,if anyone knows a legit website please respond. Thanks

  6. Experience: Neutral

    I ordered from Royal Habanos. I can’t say if the cigars are geniune ( original). I know well that i can verify if they are original, from the HABANOS SA. Any way, the cigars are well in burning and draw.

  7. Experience:

    I ordered cigars from They arrived promptly but were shipped from San Jose in Puerto Rico instead of Switzerland which is what the website says. Also they are fakes, very elaborate fakes, but fakes nonetheless. Although the cigars don’t smoke too badly I’m still very angry that I paid for fake cigars. I woudln’t buy from them again.

  8. Experience:

    Ordered a box of San Luis Rey Coronas. The cigars these people shipped were obviously fake. The labels that were sent later even had certain colors “bleed” down the label!


  9. gregg miller says:


    BEWARE THEY SELL FAKES AND FAKES ONLY. The are part of SOLO CIGARS which specialize in counterfeits.

  10. Richard laugier says:


    2 months ago ,so in june 2012, i ordered for Trinidad robusto T,trinidad reyes,trinidad coloniales
    The shipping was realy perfect,i mean real boxes,with a silk ribbon inside,and ,i think,real rings.
    But it was my first ,experience with Trinidad cigars.
    Anyway when i have received parcels,it was written on:Sender: oleg and igor Yurencov,,san antonio de belem, Heredia ,costa rica !!!!!!

  11. Robby Whitaker says:

    Experience: Neutral

    I ordered vegas Robaina unico rated a 94 aficionado right out of my magazine from royal habanos. The first thing i noticed was the wrappers were different colors than the one pictured in aficionado and the smoke was too grey when smoking. It was a typical habano seed wraper from probably Diminican. You can look into Aficionado web site and it tells you there are millions of counterfit cigars in smokers humidors. NO LABLE, LIGHT SMOKE, TYPICAL LIGHT ASH, MADE IN COSTA RICA, ”Phoney”

  12. Experience: Neutral

    100% FAKE!!!

    Don’t listen to the 2 or 3 positive reports here, they are the owners of this counterfeit operation.


  13. beppi arsuffi says:

    Experience: Neutral

    Reading the last comment this morning I kind of think that while some positive comments might come from interested people also negative ones can come from people with opposite interest.
    I am buying regularly cigars from RH and I have no complaints (mostly Hupmann,Montecristo and Partagas). Sometimes I buy same cigars at local shops for comparison and I find no difference : either everybody is selling fakes or I am particularly lucky or incompetent.

  14. Hdownunder says:

    Experience: Neutral

    Ever noticed my fellow cigar lovers that these sites rarely if ever offer ATs! Dead giveaway that much harder to produce authentic ally tubes than sexton Blake cigars.

  15. Experience:

    Ordered a box of Partages Series D No4. I guess they think Im stupid. I was…they were not Partagas or any other kind of Cuban cigar. This company is a total rip off.

  16. Experience: Neutral

    I ordered 50 Partages Shorts. They were able to take the money they required, and that is the limet of the contact. Thee has been no promised e-mail, no cigars. Do not deal with this company.
    It has stolen my money without any cigars cuban or otherwise

  17. Experience:

    I am a bit baffled. I started ordering from SC awhile ago and since then have placed and rec’d 4 orders; all Cohibas. First of all the cigars are beautifully wrapped. All the wrappers, boxes etc…are in my opinion genuine.

    I’ve gone through the entire check list of what to look for and the cigars meet the criteria. I brought a box to a local reputable dealer and without saying anything showed him and even he said that the packaging was genuine. As far as taste, each one I bought met the taste test, the burn, the longevity of the smoke; e.g. Esplendidos 1 hr 15 min average.

    If these are fakes I tip my hat to the producers. At the end of the day the cigars taste great. I bought a Cohiba from his shop and found no difference so I don’t know what to say. I’m happy with them.

    For the price they are a long ways ahead of machine rolled El Producto Queens

  18. Experience:

    There’s enough red flags here to give you fair warning. Don’t believe the few positive reviews.
    Also, know this. Once they have any of your personal information such as phone number or email, they will NEVER EVER leave you alone. I’ve asked nicely, then firmly. Now I just use the most profane language with them.
    I’ve told them that I will never ever buy anything from them, I told them that don’t smoke cigars. Each time I’ve asked them to take me off their contact list.
    If you want to be hounded for the rest of your life, give them your contact information.
    This is not the conduct of a legitimate honest company.

  19. Experience:

    Ordered two sets of cigars from them.

    Set one “received” – opened box to find fungus growth. Could not bring myself to stick my hand in … looked like someone had scooped poop into the box !!!

    Set two was never shipped. They claimed it was “lost” and after some two months ended up in their warehouse. They CLAIMED they made a refund to me but never received the funds.

    At the end of the day, I was out of pocket some US$900.

    I STRONGLY recommend to stay away from these people.

    FRAUDS through and through.

  20. Experience:

    SOLO CIGARS, One they are and have been know as Counterfit.
    They will rip you off from jump street. NASTY, CHEATS, SCUM OF THE EARTH. So the above poster is correct they will hound you for life. Imagine you ask for a refund by a counterfiter , you send the box back lol, never to get your refund and your returned box goes out to anouther mark. What were you thinking. They rip you off and you send the box back. Please don’t go to the mail box to expect to find a refund.

  21. paul lumbo says:

    Experience: Neutral

    Ordered part series d #4 FROM SOLO CIGAR,total fakes

  22. Jordan S, says:

    Experience: Neutral

    Had similar experience from Elaborate fakes. Bought Cohiba Robistos. Shipped from San Jose, Costa Rica.

  23. andy bruchey says:


    I have had nothing but positive experiences from Royal Habanos. I own a gym in Austin, TX and in no way am I affiliated with them as people tend to assume when you leave a positive review. If they’re fake, they fooled me. I had “real” ones from puro express and burned them side by side, etc. There was no difference at all. These were the Uppman Magnum 50. Yes, they can be pests trying to get you to order, but they stopped calling when I asked them to so I get a few e mails per week. No biggie there.
    Ultimately, if they are fake, I really don’t care as I very much like the flavor of these cigars and the price is great. I pay roughly $6 per cigar for Uppman Magnum 50s. Go to a smoke shop with $6 and see what you walk out with. As far as boxes and labels, I always get the labels in the mail, though never have received an empty box. My friend requested everything ship as original at his peril and sure enough, they shipped a sealed box with labels intact… He also failed to receive his one time and they replaced it promptly at no extra charge. If they’re fake, I’ll still save some money and enjoy my smokes regardless.

  24. Experience: Neutral

    Andy, there’s a couple of comments you made that just don’t add up. “They can be pests” I is an understatement. And they never leave you alone, EVER! Believe me, I’ve asked dozens of times. If it was only emails, I can live with that. But they call me on the phone. I’ve had 6 YEARS of this. The only way to be rid of them is to change your number.
    If I was passing off cheap Costa Rican cigars as expensive Cohibas or Montes, my customer service would be excellent. If someone complained about not getting cigars or the quality, sure, I would send out another box for free. The profit margin’s through the roof.
    Worse yet, you “don’t care” if they are fake because you like the flavor and price. If the cigars are fake, why would you deal with a deceitful company? In the end, you are supporting a company that is willing to do anything to extract dollars from unknowing or naive consumers.
    There are a lot of non Cuban cigars for less than $6 that have great flavor. If the Cuban label is that important, put them on these, because effectively, that’s what Royal Habanos is doing.
    This is not a reputable company. Stay away.

  25. Experience: Neutral

    royalhabanos also appears affiliated with:


    Google “cigar Miramar Tower, 132 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong”

    Interesting to note also is that royalhabanos has the same address as solocigars! – just saying…..

  26. Experience:

    Fake as can be. Siglo Vi’s were awful and they will continue calling even after you tell them to stop. Finally have their number blocked from my cell phone.

  27. Experience:

    Please note this is a scam. While I have not confirmed my order, they harassed me by phone , sms and email several times a day hanging 2 months.

  28. Experience:

    got some robustos doesn’t smell or look right upe sept 12 both of the box

  29. Peter J. says:

    Experience: Neutral

    I have to agree with (Mike says) October 2014. All of the sites listed sell counterfeit Habanos also add to the list the following: Cuban Cigar Lounge, Swiss Cuban Cigars, VIP Cigars have the same address as Swiss. Purchased 2 boxes of Montecristo both counterfeit. Guarantee bar codes on the seals they were never printed with one them they claim they don’t know how that happened. Buyer Beware!

    Here is another one selling counterfeits Habanosofcuba. They are selling 3 boxes for the price of 1 at this time. They are to cheap to be real and they are based in Costa Rica.

  30. Experience:

    Ordered 2 boxes of Cohiba Pyramides Extra, received 1 box only. This box contained ten sticks of obvious compost, shredded tops and shredded tails, due to short lenght and bouncing around the box during transport. box seal had no bar code – one unbroken seal only. Deliery box was stuffed with packing material where the second box was supposed to be. RH claimed that all was legit stuff and i could send back -on my cost!- the compost. the imbeciles did not get the message that i cannot send back what i did not received. the one received got documented with photos but they did not care. No refund after 5000 or so mail with this imbeciles. Will reclaim money from credit card company. never ever again!

  31. Experience:

    Truly all the cigars were fakes, very white ash no triple caps ,I called to complain and they where going to send me information how to return them and never did I am trying to dispute the cc charges

  32. Experience:

    I order the behike special 2 for 1 56’s and 54’s. I also order the COHIBA Robustos. Sadly, there all fake. as previously stated on other reviews, no triple caps, the fill they use burns like garbage, and they continue to call me begging me to purchase more of their trash. If it’s to good to be true, IT IS! Let the buyer be ware.

  33. Experience:

    I receive fake cohiba robusto the tax have no barcode wtf

  34. Experience: Neutral

    Which site do you suggest for Cohibas

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