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  1. Madurowoman
    September 20, 2014

    Very nice Cigar. They say this cigar is for the seasoned smoker ONLY, due to the spices, strength and explosiveness. It is very rich in flavor and aromas. I think I handled it quite well, actually. But I am sure the more seasoned I am, the more I will recognize its uniqueness. It does vary in flavor and gets tough. Somewhere in the center it kicks in flavor and aroma. The best way I can describe is, it had a hint of orange and other scents. I was thoroughly impressed because it is probably the most flavorful cigar that I have had.


  2. karl radek
    December 27, 2014

    Cigars are only as good as what the reviewer is looking for. In my case the edge lacks chocolate. Other wise I find it to be a very good cigar. At a slightly lower price point it would be a great every day smoke. It is better than the mentioned camacho as it is less dry and is more complex. It’s a RP 1992 without the vanilla but with the cream. Very satisfying with an imperial stout or Bushmills.


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