Rocket Cigars

Rocket Cigars
Sells : Cuban Cigars
Based in : Costa Rica?
Online Since : 2013
Rating : -1 ( : 0, : 1)
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Description (from the website) : With headquarter offices in the heavenly islands of St.Kitts and Nevis, and with warehouses in Spain and Switzerland, ROCKETCIGARS.COM was raised as an strategic location in Europe in order to reach cuban cigar key markets.

Warning: this website seems to be part of the Costa Rican network of websites selling dubious cigars.

One Comment on “Rocket Cigars”

  1. Experience:

    this site is a complete scam and people on here should know about it.
    they do not ship real cuban cigars, but costa rican cigars. they offer no refund either.

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