Padron 4000 Natural & Maduro

Padron 4000

After some endless difficulties I finally managed to lay my hands on a couple of Padron 4000, Natural and Maduro. I immediately smoked them and you can see the result in the group review at Keepers of the Flame, which is part of the Padron tastings.
Check it out!

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2 Comments on “Padron 4000 Natural & Maduro”

  1. I’ve smoked the 4000 four to five times a week since 2002 (I keep cigar journals). That’s about 450 to 500 tastings. I never tire of the sugary, chocolatey, spicy, leathery and earthy taste. I don’t know much about complexity or peanuts (?), but that should be enough said. It’s like coming back to an old friend each time…refreshing and soothing to the palate. I smoke a lot of other cigars as intros to the evening, but I always finish off with the 4000 because it never disappoints.

  2. Great stick….especially on the golf course. I smoked around for years but have finally married Padron.

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