Cigar Reviews of the Week #48 (Feb 21 2009)

A few reviews that caught our attention this week:

Camacho Havana Monarca

Reviewed by Cigarfan at  Keepers of the Flame

The 40-year old blend gets a decent 83 rating from Tom.
Read the full review here…

Ashton ESG 20-year Salute

Reviewed by Fernand at  The Cohiba Club

Fernand reviews another $30-stick. Good job!
Read the full review here….

3 Comments on “Cigar Reviews of the Week #48 (Feb 21 2009)”

  1. I was expecting something a bit more amazing from the ESG. I have yet to try one but I had great expectations. I believe the rosado wrapper used for the ESG is the sun grown version of the leaf used for the Opus X. I still want to get my hands on at least one to give it my own judging. I am not saying that the rating and review say it is bad but it obviously was not the transcendental experience that we might be led to believe it is.

    Also 30 dollars a pop? That would easily be the most expensive cigar I have ever smoked.

  2. Saint Jimbob says:

    Both of these cigars are a bit of a letdown, but in different ways.

    Camacho Havana just isn’t their best blend, and I don’t say that because it’s their mildest, but that the blend just doesn’t do much for me. There are dozens of middle of the road Honduran cigars out there, and Camacho usually does better than this.

    The ESG on the other hand, is a great blend, but with a stupefying price. I’ve smoked one, enjoyed the experience, but if my wife ever finds out that I’ve burned $30 in one sitting, I’m a dead man.

    If I ever win the PowerBall lotto, I’ll buy a box of ESG, along with some other similarly, absurdly priced sticks. But until then, not a chance.

  3. As of late I am a big fan of Camacho and they have not disappointed me yet. I can see that this one may be a little lacking. It seems relatively light in complexity I have come to expect from Camacho.

    I get the feeling that the ESG suffers from the same issue of many cigars in the price bracket. They would be an amazing value and cigar with half the price tag and I would waste all my money on them.

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