Cigar Reviews of the Week #45 (Jan 24 2009)

Our weekly round-up of interesting cigar discoveries:

Illusione 88 Robust

Reviewed by Danny at  Stogie Info

The cigar blogosphere is growing everyday. Let me introduce Danny, who blogs at Enjoy this review of the Illusione 88.
Read the full review here...

Blind Reviews by Matt and Jamie

Matt at Matt's Cigar Journal and Jamie at Zen and the Art of the Cigar started a blind reviews series. They exchanged 3 unbanded cigars that they will try to review and guess the blend. Great idea, I highly recommend you check those out.
Matt's blind series post
Jamie's blind series post

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3 Comments on “Cigar Reviews of the Week #45 (Jan 24 2009)”

  1. Saint Jimbob says:

    I have found every Illusione to be tasty, and each vitola seems to reveal something new in the blend. The CG:4 and MK are my favorites, but the whole line is great. Now about the prices on the Cruzado …

  2. The Blind Reviews were a blast to do and had some interesting results. The wrap-up is here…

    Thanks for following the series, and I was glad to hear you enjoyed it.

  3. This was great. Not only did I enjoy the reviews, but I got to add some new blogs to follow. Thanks for the post.

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