Cigar Reviews of the Week #44 (Jan 10 2009)

Here is our first edition in 2009:

Rocky Patel Decade Robusto

Reviewed by Chris at  Nice Tight Ash

Always a pleasure to see a new quality cigar blog. Nice Tight Ash is run by my friends Chris and Charlie and definitely deserves a visit.
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Our take on the Rocky Patel Decade Lonsdale...

Panacea Connecticut

Reviewed by Walt at  The Stogie Review

Panacea is on the milder side, good smoke for a lazy Sunday morning.
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Also, please read this article from the Fumee blog about a new bill called Smoke Free Texas.

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One Comment on “Cigar Reviews of the Week #44 (Jan 10 2009)”

  1. Saint Jimbob says:

    I’ve got a pair of Decade robustos with almost a year of humi time on them. I’ll be busting them out Easter weekend, I think.

    The first one I smoked last year was okay, decent, but tasted a little young. So, with some aging time on these, we’ll see how they taste.

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