Cigar of the Week: Rocky Patel Olde World

To change things up a little, we decided to use some alternatives to our “Reviews of the Week” posts. One of them will be called “Cigar of the Week” and in these posts we will share links to several reviews of the same cigar.

With the Olde World line, Rocky Patel tried to enter the premium cigars market. Introduced in 2005, the cigar quickly gained popularity and is still among the most sold, with the Edge and the Decade. However, there have been complaints lately that RP’s cigars are dyed. What’s your experience with that?

Rocky Patel Olde World Reserve Corojo Robusto

Where to get it?

The average price for the Olde World is $8-9 per pop (robusto / torpedo), and slightly more for the toro size.
You can compare the prices online here…

4 Comments on “Cigar of the Week: Rocky Patel Olde World”

  1. I have smoked 90’s 92’s and now decade torpedos and have never had that problem unless they are confusing the natural oils of a cigar on their fingers and lips with dye!

  2. I’ve definitely had dyed OWR maduros lately. You could draw with them (and I did)! Those were the only ones I’ve found to be dyed. I didn’t notice the issue with 90s, 92s, decades, renaissance, or the winters.

  3. John51277_StogieBrew says:

    Definitely dyed. I believe RP said they were. Alot of the manufacturers do it to keep the color consistant. Love the site guys!

  4. Nice looking box, though.

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