Cigar of the Week: Nub Connecticut

Nub cigars were launched back in 2008 with a massive marketing campaign organized by Sam Leccia from Oliva cigars. The idea behind the concept is that every cigar has a 'sweet spot' and the Nubs, being rather short, are the very essence of this sweet spot. Available with multiple wrappers like Habano, Maduro, Cameroon and Connecticut, the blend received good press and was warmly welcomed by aficionados. Today's featured cigar sports an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper and is filled with tobacco from Cameroon.

Nub Connecticut

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  • Linus from Cigar Newbie says the Connecticut is definitely an enjoyable cigar, thanks to its balanced and 'inter-twined' flavors.
  • Barry reviewed it one year after the release and found that it still deserves a place in the humidor.
  • Scott at Cigar Command managed to stand the cigar on its ash and claimed it was a good cigar for the morning rotation.

Where to get it?

Available in the $4-6 range, Nub Connecticut is a good option when you're looking for a (relatively) short, full-flavored smoke.
Check out the prices here.

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3 Comments on “Cigar of the Week: Nub Connecticut”

  1. “Sweet spot”? It doesn’t make sense to me. If the middle third or so of a cigar is considered the point where the flavours most closely match what the maker intended, I would think the cumulative effect of the first third has a huge bearing on what happens at that “sweet spot”. Unlike with other art forms, you can’t just eliminate the overture and cut to the chase. Cigars are about taste, and that’s a continuum of sensations.

  2. The nubs that I have tried have lived up to the construction that we expect, ie: Yes you can stand them on their ash and they burn straight. Flavor? Well that is another thing altogether. I like them as a smoke to be used but they in no way could be considered “Premium” smokes. For the asking price I’ll take a CAO regular production any day. Each to their own though.

  3. I tried a Nub recently. I cant remember which one exactly but the wrapper was a habano. I had always wanted to try one because of the large ring on them and well the hype really got me interested. I have to say that it wasn’t very good. the burn was horrible and the flavour didn’t change very much.
    Maybe i had the one bad nub but i know i wont be rushing back for another.

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