Cigar of the Week: Cuban Crafters Medina 1959

To change things up a little, we decided to use some alternatives to our “Reviews of the Week” posts. One of them will be called “Cigar of the Week” and in these posts we will share links to several reviews of the same cigar.

Cuban Crafters, a boutique company producing many blends, is well-known for its good budget cigars. With their Medina 1959 release, they wanted to enter the world of premium cigars – and, most of the critiques agree on that, this was quite a success. With a Sumatra wrapper and Nicaraguan filler, they are perfectly enjoyable.

Medina 1959 Miami Robusto

  • Nicky reviewed the Cuban Crafters Medina 1959 Robusto for and claimed it was one of the best cigars he ever smoked.
  • Johnny at The Weekly Cigar is very happy to have a full box of the torpedos (I bet it’s empty now).
  • The Stogie Guys extensively tested most of the vitolas and gave the robusto 4 and 1/2 stars.

Where to get it?

Cuban Crafters Medina 1959 are sold directly from Cuban Crafters’ website, ranging from $189 to $229 per box depending on the vitola. Click here to check out the whole selection.

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  1. 1959…why is that date so… familiar?

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