Cigar of the Week: CAO Gold Vintage

Wrapped in a leaf grown in Ecuador in 2004, the CAO Gold Vintage blend is a more powerful brother of the regular CAO Gold, a rather mild cigar perfect as a morning smoke. Manufactured in Esteli, Nicaragua, it uses Nicaraguan tobacco from Jamastran and Esteli. Two vitolas are offered - a figurado "Bouchon" (which means cork in French) and a toro "Cremant" (that's a drink similar to champagne but usually cheaper).

CAO Gold Vintage Crémant

  • Michael loved the CAO Gold Vintage Cremant and gave it 4 stars.
  • Rob from states that this is a cigar that one should buy and have in his/her humidor.
  • Finally, Barry AKA A Cigar Smoker gives the Bouchon an impressive 91 rating.

Where to get it?

CAO Gold Vintage retail in $7-9 range, which is a rather nice value.
Click here to compare the prices.

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