Ramon Allones Superiores

Ramon Allones Superiores

Ramon AllonesOrigin : Cuba
Format : Grand Corona
Size : 143 x 18.26 mm (5.6 x 46)
Ring : 46
Wrapper, Binder, Filler : Cuban
Price : $15+- each

If I am not mistaken, the La Casa Del Habanos exclusive releases were started in 2004 and this is the 6th one of the series. There were originally 5,000 unnumbered boxes produced but I am sure they rolled another batch of these as they are quite popular. I am a big fan of the Ramon Allones marca and of the grand corona vitola. It was only right for me to do a review of this cigar.

Appearance : Rating: ★★★★☆
My sample is a great looking cigar. The wrapper has a solid appearance, without much sheen or oil.

Ramon Allones Superiores

Construction : Rating: ★★★★☆
It has a good feel in hand without any soft spots. The cap is nicely applied and it lets my punch go through easily. The draw is exactly how I like it, clean with some resistance.

Flavor : Rating: ★★★★☆
1st third
The Superiores is starting off slowly by giving me a nice amount of smoke. This is a medium-bodied cigar with silky smooth smoke. I get some milk chocolate flavors. It is almost like the powder you put in milk to make chocolate milk. The finish is short and light but pleasant. There is a nice creaminess to it that I really like. It shows some vegetal flavors buried in the back that hopefully will pop out later on.

2nd third
The second third is following up nicely. It has the same milk chocolate taste but adds notes of coffee and grilled nuts. This is great, tons of flavors and a good amount of smoke. It is still smooth and silky but the amount of smoke has thinned out. Maybe it is because the cigar isn’t burning properly. This cigar doesn’t have the Ramon Allones profile you expect find in a Specially Selected but it is pretty damn good.

3rd third
The body is picking slowly to a medium/full body. Still no sign of the marca’s signature stewed fruits flavors but a good mix of chocolate, coffee, hazelnuts and hints of vegetal notes. This is one to keep.

Value : Rating: ★★★★☆
I think these are great and well-priced. They come in 10-count boxes and are readily available. I have had 3 boxes of these with different date codes and they all have been consistent and great. You can buy a box of these and be sure they will be worth your dime.

Overall Rating : Rating: ★★★★☆
Here we have a good solid cigar that will only get better with age. Even now, they smoke well, so I can only imagine how the Superiores will fare with 5 years on them. This is not a true to the line release (what is these days anyways?) but a worthy addition to this classic marca. Now that I am thinking about it, I should buy more to keep for a few years…

6 Comments on “Ramon Allones Superiores”

  1. Nice review. I have a question though – you said the cigar wasn’t burning properly. How bad was it? Do you think it’s indicative of a construction issue?

  2. The Ramon Allones S reviewed here looks phenomenal. Thanks for sharing.
    You mentioned the lack of sheen on the wrapper though… I don’t usually think about that, but; nor have I ever seen that on any of the CC I’ve ever smoked. Great observation.

  3. Good review. These are not my favorite RA, but they are good cigars.

    It’s strange how I find RAs consistent within each vitola (all RASS have a consistent profile), I find them to vary tremendously from vitola to vitola. I don’t think that RASS share a similar taste profile with any of the special releases (Extras, Belicosos, Gran Robustos) and blind tested, I’m not sure I would identify anything other than a RASS or RASCC as a Ramon Allones. Despite this lack of a brand consistency, some of my very favorite cigars are RAs.

  4. @Semtex: It could be a construction problem but it wasn’t a major one. This cigar need so relight and touch up but nothing bad.

    @Splatttt: Sheen on a cigar shows it has oils in it and that to me means flavor. Lack of sheen doesn’t necessarily mean no flavors either. Plenty of CC have sheen in good boxes :)

    @Matthew: I agree with you on the special releases, they would throw me off in blind testing also! As far as regular production, I think I could put the Rass/Rascc and Gigantes in the same family. They have differences but also some family lineage in flavors imho!

  5. It’s not a Grand Corona It’s a
    Corona Gorda.

  6. @Joe: According to Trevor’s website Cubancigarwebsite.com, the common shape name for this cigar is a grand corona, the factory name is indeed corona gorda. I guess it depends which one you use more frequently :)

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