Juan Lopez Obus VS Ramon Allones Especial (RE France)

Juan Lopez Obus VS Ramon Allones Especial (RE France)

Juan Lopez Obus Regional Edition France
Release : 2007
Format: Figurado (140 x 20.60 mm)
Price: 9.80 €
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Ramon Allones Especial Regional Edition France
Release: 2008
Format: Figurado (140 x 20.64 mm)
Price: 12 €
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Thanks to a friend, I managed to get my hands on those beautiful regional editions for France. Juan Lopez Obus was released in 2007 and the Ramon Allones Especial a year later, in 2008. I decided to do a comparative review of these rare smokes because I clearly found that one is superior to the other.

Juan Lopez Obus VS Ramon Allones Especial (RE France)

Appearance: Ramon Allones WINS
As you can see, both cigars look quite attractive. However, the wrapper on the Ramon Allones is definitely oilier and the pre-light smell is much more intense.

Juan Lopez Obus VS Ramon Allones Especial (RE France)

Construction: TIE
I found both cigars to be superbly constructed, it was a real pleasure handling those beauties. This is what I expect from a limited edition, unfortunately the rule is not always respected.

Flavor: Ramon Allones WINS
The Juan Lopez Obus is elegant, with dominant woody and vegetal flavors. It is a medium-bodied cigar and it leaves one wanting more complexity. Just what the Ramon Allones provides... it starts out with a pleasant spice kick and quickly deploys roasted coffee and cedary flavors. The time has already done much good to the cigar as it does not taste 'green', it is in fact quite balanced despite being powerful.

Overall: Ramon Allones WINS
2 euros more expensive, the Ramon Allones is still the better choice between the two. Juan Lopez Obus is a quality cigar, but it doesn't stand a chance compared to the RA.

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