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  1. Mike Tomlim
    August 29, 2019

    I am not sure where the lower reviews come from. I have been smoking Punch for 35 years. My first exposure was I smoked a double corona and a David Don P in the 1980’s.. best cigars I ever smoked, included the Behike’s. The Punch 48 is a winner. Why. It is stronger and lasts a long time for the size. It started off super strong, medium to full. Perfectly rolled and no burn issues. A little bit lacking in the transitions although the pepper and a little orange peel in 2nd half. The cigar only gets better as you smoker. At first I thought it had the same taste, but much better quality than the coronations tuboa.

    This to me beats out almost all Nicaraguan and Dominican boutiques at same price point. It give this a 95 rating, just putting it in the exceptional range. Several box worthy straight out of the box.

    I can see this in the top 25 list at the end of the year. Calming cigar, and I feel many sites devalue the Cubans from the last few years, that have really are making a come back.

    Not the best punch I have enjoyed, but it is up there. I loved the extra power and smoke that it put out.

    Bottom line: extra premium cigar at a good price. I am proud of Cuba putting this out and a huge fan. If you like Paratagas P series, give it a try. We will be looking back in a couple years as some special. Enjoy.


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