Prometheus Sencillos

Prometheus Sencillos

Origin : Honduras
God of Fire CigarsFormat : Piramide
Size : 6 1/8 x 54
Wrapper : Honduras
Filler : Honduras
Binder : Honduras
Price : ~$9 each
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Thanks to Prometheus Cigars for providing this sample for review!

The Sencillo line of cigars are Honduran puros produced by Christian Eiroa of Camacho and commissioned by Keith Park of Prometheus. Prometheus is the same company that sells the God of Fire line of cigars, one of which I previously reviewed here. Sencillo cigars come in 4 sizes: Robusto, Double Robusto, Short Churchill, and Pirámide.

Appearance : ★★★★☆
This is a aesthetically appealing cigar with a milk chocolate shade wrapper, and a classy but understated label. The wrapper was not very oily and was pretty veiny. It had a slight toasted tobacco smell at cold.

Construction : ★★★½☆
The draw was a little loose on this cigar, but wasn't really a big deal. The burn was good until the second half where it started to stagger to the point of needing a few touch ups. I noticed a large soft spot on one side prior to lighting.

Flavor : ★★½☆☆
This cigar started out with some bitter woody flavors, but had a pleasant sweetness on the finish. Its bitterness became more earthy as the cigar progressed, and had a funky mushroom like essence to it. It really was rather unpleasant in my opinion. However, this started to dissipate in the 2nd half making this cigar more enjoyable to smoke, even though its sweet finish was tapering off as well. I would describe this pirámide as being mild in the 1st half and creeping toward medium in the 2nd.

Value : ★★½☆☆
The MSRP on this cigar is $8.95, which to me seems steep for what you get. There are obviously better values out there, as this cigar didn't have the kind of complexity and smoothness you would expect for $9.

Overall Rating : ★★★☆☆
This was really a pretty average cigar overall. It had its good points and bad points, but really should have offered more considering its price. Even after it hit its stride at the beginning of the 2nd half, it was still boring and lacked depth. Alternatively, I don't think it is terrible either and someone who particularly enjoys mild cigars may feel differently about this cigar than I do.

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