Por Larrañaga Petit Corona

Por Larrañaga Petit Corona

Origin : CubaPor Larranaga
Format : Petit Corona (Mareva)
Size : 129 x 16.67 mm (5 1/8 x 42)
Ring : 42
Weight : 8.46 g
Price : ~$300 for a cabinet of 50
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I've heard a lot of mixed opinions about the Por Larrañaga Petit Corona and after reading Jason's review I finally decided to pick up a few. They were bought in Paris as singles so I don't have the box code. I can only tell you that they had a few months of humidor time.

Appearance : ★★★★☆
The looks are classic and discreet, the band is siginificantly different from most other Cuban marcas. I won't be surprised if the band suddenly turns red & gold in the years to come. The wrapper doesn't have any visible imperfections and the triple cap is accurately applied. The only reproach I have is that the wrapper is dry.
Construction : ★★★★☆
The construction is globally satisfying, the draw is never too tight, producing nice quantities of slightly greyish ash and the burn line tends to be straight. A couple of times I struggled to keep the cigar lit in the last third and had to relight once.

Flavor : ★★★½☆
The pre-draw brings a lot of spice. I didn't wait any longer and easily lit it with a butane lighter. The first pulls are simply amazing - the smoke is deliciously sweet & spice, with a nutty, almond aftertaste. A lot of reviewers talk about honey flavors at this point and I could swear I also detected some - not much though. In the second third, the PLPC deploys solid woody flavors with a spicy aftertaste in the back of the throat. The smoke is less entertaining but still enjoyable. However, in the last third the spice completely disappeared and I started getting harsh leathery notes that I didn't appreciate. I let it die slowly in the ashtray with about one inch left.

Value : ★★★★☆
At $6 each if bought in a cabinet of 50, they are not that expensive. It is a cigar worth trying.

Overall Rating : ★★★½☆
It is very important to determine the optimal aging time for the Por Larranaga Petit Coronas. Mine were obviously too young, I suspect they were from '08. 3-4 years of aging seem to eliminate the final harshness from these sticks. I would be interested to hear your opinions.

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6 Comments on “Por Larrañaga Petit Corona”

  1. Very nice review! Although I haven’t tried the PC, I’ve always liked the Por Larrañaga Panatela, and found it very enjoyable as a midday smoke! I might have to pick up some of these PC’s to give them a try. :)

  2. ehibbert says:

    Good review. I think if you tried a 06 your ratings would be much higher. A couple years on these makes a huge differance.

  3. Great review. In Canada these are widely available and one of the few cigars under $10, so I smoke them frequently. A very good stick for the price.

  4. This was one of only two Cubans I’ve ever smoked. And since it was gifted, while I have no idea how aged it was, knowing the gifter it was likely at least 2-3 years old.
    I think I would agree with your review – I thought the wrapper felt dry, as well, but not in a bad way – more like paper, as in paper-smooth, and no oils. As for the flavors and aromas, there was definitely a nutty flavor to it, with a hint at background sweetness that really made me want more of this cigar after I was done.

  5. These are my go to cigars. I love everything about them. While I am by no means an expert I really enjoy them. The always seem to burn perfectly, draw great and I love the fact they are round, in the cabs anyway.When the bands start to get that greenish discoloration it is a sign of good things. I am not into buying vintage cigars as I will just age my own. My oldest PLPC are 07’s and they are quite tasty but I even like the newer ones. I have always said, I I could only choose two cigars PLPC would be one of them. I hear they really come to life after 5 years, I cant wait!

  6. StevenSauce says:

    Woody, Earthy, very little spice & sweetness, pleasent. Lasted >70mins, what is loooong, i usually smoke petit coronas in 45-50mins.
    Not a great cigar because of its lack of deep flavors and complexity but a solid smoke for the money.

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