Perfect Cuban Cigars

Perfect Cuban Cigars
Sells : Cuban Cigars
Based in : Canada
Online Since : 2004
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Description : Based in Montreal, Canada with a humidor in Geneva, Switzerland, guarantees delivery worldwide, including the United States. As of now, it appears out of business.

10 Comments on “Perfect Cuban Cigars”

  1. Experience:

    A pleasure to deal with. Heard a lot of positive echos about the shop as well.

  2. Experience:

    *It may have taken awhile to arrive, but the cigars were SUPER. I had contacted them by email about my impatience in their arrival time…but they were very magnanimous in their response. WILL order from them again!

  3. Experience: Neutral

    I reside in Canada and i was wondering if anyone from Canada has purchased cigars from this website? Did you end up paying duties/taxes?

    Thanks and I appreciate your feedback

  4. Experience:

    Processing of the shipment took a little longer than expected. It took about 10 days before it shipped, and my order confirmation said shipping usually takes 24 hours. Once the package shipped everything was fine. Well packed, and vacuum sealed along with some free Swiss chocolate. Prices were fine, so I’d probably order again. The only negative aspect of the order was that after about a week of inactivity I sent an email asking if there was an issue with the order. I never received a response, but the package did ship about 3 days later.

  5. Experience:

    I had placed my order on 28nov and till today have not heard nothing from them. Email to them 3 times but no responses at all as of today.

    Not pretty sure will get my cigar or not.

    Update: I have instructed them NOT TO PROCEED with the order.

    After almost 1 month, not a single feedback from them…… totally wasted the precious time…

  6. Experience: Neutral

    *If I may, Wan, just to let you know when I ordered from them, yes, it took a very long time to get to me. They did answer my email letting me know that they were out of about 4 of the ones I ordered & were waiting for replacement. I had angrily emailed them that they could have let me know & I would have taken a substitute to keep from waiting. And also, I had gotten incensed with them & told them I’d give them (???) more weeks and to cancel my order otherwise. They did eventually arrive and I was VERY HAPPY with their authenticity & quality. I don’t know how long you’ve been waiting, but did want to share that with you. As mad as I was in my emails that might have accounted for their lack of response to me (as I had pointed out in my earlier comment on this company). We do have to hope your order was not in there with the “O’Hare-Swiss Tragedy” as that confiscation deal is now known by!

  7. Experience:

    Many thanks to you Jag,

    Very kind of you to share the experience with us.

    I shall see what will happen next and will update the outcome accordingly.

    Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone

  8. Experience: Neutral

    *Inspector – anybody know what’s going on with this company’s server?? And Wan – did your cigars ever arrive? That question has been plaguing me since my last comment to you!

  9. Experience: Neutral

    Either they are redesigning their website or they are out of business. As they haven’t informed their customers about the redesign, the second option seems more likely.
    I emailed the contact I had there, will let you know if I have an update.

  10. Experience: Neutral

    Jag-z, i did’t receive my cigars as the outlet did’t process my order. In fact, i have ordered from another outlet.

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